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  1. Actually speaking to the man did nothing to affect her curiosity, in fact she found she was more intrigued than ever. Everything about him was dark and mysterious, from his clothing, to his hair and those deep brown eyes that seemed to draw you in, leaving you drowning in their depths. Maicey blinked and dropped her eyes. Mother's milk in a cup, what was wrong with her? "Right away, my lord." She stammered, snatching the gold coin out of the air with habitual coordination and nigh on running away from him. Get a grip, she berated herself as she was met by the overwhelming heat of the kitchens
  2. It was a hot night, the kind of humid evening that caused beads of perspiration to decorate the faces of even those in relative cool of the streets. Bandar Eban was like this too often, and the weather was made a hundred times worse by the heat coming from the large ovens in the kitchen of the Giggling Ass. Maicey wiped the sweat from her brow to no avail. The inn wasn't the most reputable, and with a name like the Giggling Ass she wasn't surprised, but the Innkeeper gave her good honest work, which counteracted the sometimes rowdy crowd. And the crowd wasn't all that bad, given the reputation
  3. Marriage? Now he mentions marriage? Jocelyn could have groaned again in her frustration. She had been waiting for him to propose to her for months now, and at last he does it, half naked and drunk. Talk about your least romantic scenarios. No, he was not thinking clearly, evidently, and Jocelyn refused to accept it. She would not become his wife merely so he could satisfy his alcohol induced lust. Rion's hands reached for her again, but Jocelyn determinedly removed them, rolling away from him and rearranging her gown so it returned some semblance of modesty. What did she do now? Was he w
  4. Light but Rion didn't help her vow of chastity when he looked at her like that, with raw lust burning in his deep blue eyes. His wife...oh but she wished it were so, then she would not be in this dilemma, torn between what was right and giving in to her own desires. Catching her off guard, Rion managed to pull her across his half naked frame, causing Jocelyn to inhale sharply as she felt his strong hands roaming to places he'd barely dared touch before. Why did the creator torment her so? Rion was inebriated, common sense told Jocelyn that she should pull away, but when Rion's lips found
  5. Name: Edvar al'Given Age: 25 Nationality: Andoran; Two Rivers Appearance: Six foot tall, Two hundred twenty lbs., dark brown hair, blue eyes, tanned skin, athletic build. Personality: He has a deep sadness in his soul from not knowing his father and because his mother had been a broken woman after being disinherited by her parents and then losing his father, the reason for the disinheritance. Because of this, he takes his work very seriously. Too seriously most times. While he can be very charismatic and people respect him, he has few friends, and finds little joy in life a
  6. It probably wasn't the smartest idea she'd ever had. After all, most women didn't propose marriage to a man after just accusing him of loving someone else and sleeping with a tavern worker. But this was the only way she knew of to show Kedyn how much she loved him, that nothing else that had come between them mattered. Still, not her greatest move. She loved him, the light knew she did, and it was in this moment of clarity she knew she wanted to be by Kedyn's side for the rest of her life, for better or worse. She knew Kedyn loved her, too. Still, those moments of silence were some of th
  7. Miria closed her eyes, listening. He wasn't trying to hide his approach, yet he was still quiet. Even had he been silent, Miria would have known he was there. She felt his presence, as though her senses were attuned to him, and in a way they were. He was the other half of her soul. She had been foolish, so very foolish. Nothing else mattered but that they loved each other. She wanted to turn and throw herself into Kedyn's arms, to apologise, to tell him she didn't care about anything else. That she loved him, completely and unceasingly. But she waited, needing to hear what he had to say.
  8. *Pins dramatically* Welcome to the next tier of madness! ^_^
  9. Jocelyn tapped her chin as though considering the proposition, though in truth it was more to make Caelen wait and wonder than anything else. One thing she missed about home was the fun - she used to always be dancing, and usually flirting and drinking too. As much as she loved Rion, and would be happy wherever he was, she really wished there was a little more lighthearted fun around the farm. "Name my price? Once upon a time I would have asked only for a kiss, but likely Rion wouldn't approve of that." Her cheek dimpled as she smiled wickedly and again attempted to bat Caelen's hands awa
  10. Light above, but Rion was rolling drunk. It was amusing for sure, watching as her shy love grew bold and giggly, not to mention more than a little unsteady. She had figured Rion wouldn't be able to keep up with her father, but nor had she counted on him trying so valiantly. Partly her own fault, to be sure, but as a trickle of the spilled wine ran over the edge of the table and onto her lap she decided it was time to wrap up the evening. Smiling, she gently extracted Rion's goblet from his hand. "I think it's time we we retired for the evening, don't you love?" The question was spoken gen
  11. Miria couldn't believe the nerve of the blonde buffoon. What right did he have to intrude in the bedchamber SHE shared with Kedyn, and refuse to leave? What right did he have to call Kedyn family?! A scathing retort rose to her lips, but she was silenced by Kedyn walking to the door, blocking Carnhain's path. Why wasn't he standing up for her? Was this murderous fool more important than the woman who loved and cared for him? Bitter tears stung her eyes but she refused to give them rein. This was ridiculous, and it grated on her to hear Kedyn put Carnhain in the same category as her. What
  12. Jocelyn eyed her sketches critically. Art had never been her strong point, though she had in mind the gown she wanted to fashion from her new bolts of material. It was just a matter of putting the design onto paper. It wasn't a fabulous drawing, but it would do. Frowning slightly, Jocelyn smudged the charcoal and altered the neckling, lowering it a fraction. It was a special occasion, after all. She was startled by a pair of strong, masculine hands lifting her to her feet and embracing her in a way which was awfully inappropriate, given she was publicly linked to Rion, even if it wasn't o
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