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  1. Actually speaking to the man did nothing to affect her curiosity, in fact she found she was more intrigued than ever. Everything about him was dark and mysterious, from his clothing, to his hair and those deep brown eyes that seemed to draw you in, leaving you drowning in their depths. Maicey blinked and dropped her eyes. Mother's milk in a cup, what was wrong with her? "Right away, my lord." She stammered, snatching the gold coin out of the air with habitual coordination and nigh on running away from him. Get a grip, she berated herself as she was met by the overwhelming heat of the kitchens once more. She was behaving like girl after seeing her first handsome boy - like a flaming idiot. Distracting Master Toern from an argument with the Head Cook - a regular occurrence - Maicey explained the stranger's request for some of the better wine. A quick look out into the common room and Master Toern started hounding Maicey, demanding she give him only the best. The wine she had never seen him give anyone else before. He must be important. Leaving as the kitchen stirred to an even higher frenzy to acquiesce the wishes of their guest, Maicey set about fetching the wine. Who could possibly be important enough to warrant bringing out Master Toerns vintage Murandian red? Maicey puzzled over it as she found the right bottle, hidden behind the counter lest anyone sell it by mistake. He didn't deny being a lord...perhaps he was actually royalty? Not Domani though, in fact she didn't think he had the look of the borderlands to him, though light knew he appeared hard enough. How would old Toern know a royal anyway? Maicey mentally shrugged as she collected a clean goblet, polishing the silver finish to a shine on her half apron before placing both bottle and goblet on a tray and moving back out into the fray to deliver the wine. Mere steps away from her goal, everything came undone. Two inconsiderate louts made to brush past her, but instead knocked her and jostled the tray to the floor with a crash. Glass and wine sprayed in every direction, saturating the bottom of Maicey's skirt and feet. Several shards of glass pricked her skin, but she paid them no heed as she surveyed the horrific scene. Maicey stared at the ground, wide-eyed, watching the blood red wine spread further across the floorboards. "Master Toern is going to kill me," she breathed. The man in black moved beside her, bending to help with the mess. Light, she'd even managed to get drops of wine on his boots, she noticed distractedly. "He's really going to kill me." Maicey dropped to her knees, picking up shards of glass with shaking fingers, causing several more nicks on her hands. A firm hand on her shoulder made her look up, straight into those fathomless dark eyes she'd been mooning over only minutes before. She blinked, staring, before realising he had spoken to her. "Pardon?" "I asked if you were alright." "Oh. I don't know." Maicey blinked again, clear blue eyes slightly dazed. She looked away, taking in the mess and the very expensive bottle of wine staining the wooden floor. She wouldn't be able to afford to replace it in a year. In ten even, knowing Master Toern's taste. He would have to let her go. And then what would she do? She had nothing to her name save several work dresses, no family, few friends. For all she know, that monster that had 'won' her was still looking for her. Maicey looked at her hands and rubbed at a small cut, smearing blood over her finger. She didn't really notice. What was a cut when her life was over, yet again? "No, I don't think I am." She whispered. "Master Toern will let me go...I'll be lucky if he doesn't whip me before he kicks me out..." Hurriedly Maicey clamped her mouth shut on what was likely turning into a whiny tirade. She must think positive, she reprimanded herself. She had survived thus far, she could start again. "I will be fine." She said with some conviction, despite the fact that it was getting harder to ignore the tiny pricks of pain in her hands and ankles. Maicey
  2. It was a hot night, the kind of humid evening that caused beads of perspiration to decorate the faces of even those in relative cool of the streets. Bandar Eban was like this too often, and the weather was made a hundred times worse by the heat coming from the large ovens in the kitchen of the Giggling Ass. Maicey wiped the sweat from her brow to no avail. The inn wasn't the most reputable, and with a name like the Giggling Ass she wasn't surprised, but the Innkeeper gave her good honest work, which counteracted the sometimes rowdy crowd. And the crowd wasn't all that bad, given the reputation the place had for it's brilliant native cuisine. People from all over came just for the food, and stayed for the ale and pretty girls. Not that anyone really noticed the small Saldaean next to the lush beauty of the Domani. They were all tall and willowy and lithe, whereas Maicey was, well, short, curvy and not all that graceful and simpering and bronzed. She made a face. She had been too long in this humid pit of glorious flowers. Leaving the kitchen with a plate in each hand was a relief from the blinding heat, though the press of bodies certainly kept it warm in the room. Winding her way between tables, Maicey found herself on the receiving end of several fumbling gropes, but easily deterred them with a quick step and an easy smile and delivered the plates to two appreciative men wielding sursa with practised ease. Maicey still hadn't managed to completely master the blasted sticks, thinking them more a form of Domani torture than eating utensils. She declined the offer to join them with a laughing rebuttal and moved away to serve other customers. She was just returning from another foray into the kitchens when she sensed a change in the room. It was subtle, just a slight hush near the doorway. Turning to see, Maicey found herself staring at a man clothed all in black, including a coat. Light, he must be sweltering! Maicey was not dressed after the Domani fashion, wearing a somewhat faded rose coloured dress that laced up the front, over a simple white chemise. Because of the heat, she had left the laces loose at the top of her gown, revealing a hint of her charms, but this man had his coat buttoned up to his chin, and two silver pins caught the light on his collar. A lord, perhaps? He certainly didn't look like a foppish, preening Domani dandie, instead he seemed to ooze a silent power. Maicey understood why the people around him hushed without even realising it, and how he managed to procure a table on his own, despite the crowded room. Dangerous, she thought. But in control. Suddenly his eyes collided with Maicey's as she continued to stare, causing her breath to catch in her throat and a blush to stain her cheeks. Curses, why couldn't he behave boorishly like those around him, instead of just stare at her in that manner, nothing revealed on his face save a slight upturning at the corner of his mouth, as though he smiled inwardly. Despite her better judgement, Maicey was intrigued by him. A hand snaking around her waist from behind drew her attention and Maicey jumped, whirling to slap the offender's hand away. Innocent, tepid grabs she could handle, but she would not be manhandled by a drunken lout. "Watch yourself or I'll have you thrown out on your ear!" She snapped at the man, pushing him so he toppled easily back into his chair, the smell of gin strong on his breath. Ugh. Maicey moved on, only to find her gaze drawn back to the mysterious man in black. Letting out a small yelp, Maicey blushed and turned away again when she found him still looking in her direction. He had caught her staring! Or maybe he was just pleased with what he saw...Maicey nearly scoffed out loud at that thought. She barely held anyone's attention, not with the beauties on display in their barely opaque dresses. Unless he hadn't been looking at her? Risking a glance over her shoulder, Maicey saw him glance around the room before returning to her again. Oh. He was signalling her to come over, which was only natural for a patron that wanted some service, with all the tavern maids occupied. Blood and ashes but she was a fanciful fool. Tucking a stray near black lock of hair back into her rather dishevelled bun, Maicey again wiped her face on a sleeve and moved over to assist the man. How did he not look overheated, like everyone else? He wasn't even sweating! Maicey hid her surprise and greeted him with a smile. Master Toern was insistent all his girls smiled at the customers and suffered their clumsy pats and lewd jokes. "Can I get you anything, my lord?" Maicey
  3. Marriage? Now he mentions marriage? Jocelyn could have groaned again in her frustration. She had been waiting for him to propose to her for months now, and at last he does it, half naked and drunk. Talk about your least romantic scenarios. No, he was not thinking clearly, evidently, and Jocelyn refused to accept it. She would not become his wife merely so he could satisfy his alcohol induced lust. Rion's hands reached for her again, but Jocelyn determinedly removed them, rolling away from him and rearranging her gown so it returned some semblance of modesty. What did she do now? Was he waiting for some kind of a response? Fortunately Rion solved her dilemma by pulling her back against him, and light knew she didn't want to stop him. Perhaps he would stop in a moment, saving them both from an act that they would regret in the light of day. Rion's hands shaped her curves through her gown and Jocelyn shivered at the intimate caress, a liberty Rion had never taken before. Clearly this was the drink talking and acting. Just as she gathered up enough self control to push him away, he stilled, his breathing slowing. Thank the light, he was going to sleep. "I love you too." She murmured, listening to the sound of his steady breathing by her ear, tickling the fine hair at her nape. Oh Rion, she thought, you have no idea just how close you came to tarnishing your purity. It was getting harder and harder to restrain herself from expressing her love physically. Indeed, she hadn't gone this long without physical release in years. Waiting a little longer, Jocelyn made certain that Rion was in a deep slumber before slipping away from the warmth of his body, padding softly across the room to the small dressing room beyond it. She was not going to sleep in this dress, instead opting for a sheer shift of white linen. Rion may not remember much of the evening, Jocelyn reflected, but she would make certain he did not repeat them. He would be very sorry in the morning, she mused. Slipping the shift over her naked body, Jocelyn slipped quietly back into the room where Rion's soft snores could be heard. There was no way she was sleeping on the floor because he couldn't keep his hands to himself. Just let him wonder what he'd been up to when he awakes next to her, practically nude with her not much better. She would get a proper proposal out of him if it killed her. Smiling to herself at the thought, she blew out the thick candles that had been left burning for their arrival and slipped back into the bed beside Rion, pressing her back close against his chest once more and slipping his arms back around her. Between the headache he would have and the shock of what he may have done, Jocelyn did not envy Rion. Yawning herself, Jocelyn too resigned herself to the depths of sleep. Jocelyn
  4. Light but Rion didn't help her vow of chastity when he looked at her like that, with raw lust burning in his deep blue eyes. His wife...oh but she wished it were so, then she would not be in this dilemma, torn between what was right and giving in to her own desires. Catching her off guard, Rion managed to pull her across his half naked frame, causing Jocelyn to inhale sharply as she felt his strong hands roaming to places he'd barely dared touch before. Why did the creator torment her so? Rion was inebriated, common sense told Jocelyn that she should pull away, but when Rion's lips found hers she was lost to the raging torrent of desire surging through her body. Everything else seemed to fade into insignificance, and Jovcelyn leaned into the kiss, returning it with fervour, allowing herself this one little thing before she pulled away. It felt so good to be held and caressed, knowing that at long last her torturous dreams were coming true. This was the man she loved! What was wrong with surrendering to their passions? Jocelyn smiled. She did like the way he called her his wife. If only he'd make it so for real! "I love you too," she murmured, stroking his cheek softly. Obviously he just wanted to enjoy a kiss, they had many times before, after all. This was no different. Well except that he was half naked. And they were alone on a bed. And everyone believed they were married. It wasn't until she felt the sharp slap and jumped that Jocelyn realised half of her bodice was undone, threatening to expose her charms to Rion. Not that she was overly concerned, but she had made a promise to herself that she would not take advantage of him, not until they were married. But light, it almost felt like the tables had turned, and Jocelyn was nigh powerless to stop them. Especially when he nibbled her lip like that, and spoke in that deep sexy voice... Jocelyn groaned audibly. "You are going to be the death of me, you know that?" She buried her face into his neck, well aware of his body pressed intimately against hers and of, well, other things as well. This was not helping. "You know how much I want to teach you my love...but we aren't really married, remember? I would hate for you to regret any of your lessons in the morning." Jocelyn pushed herself up with the intent to roll to the side, until she saw Rion's eyes riveted on the newly exposed swell of her bosom. She swallowed with difficulty and attempted to casually tug the material of her dress back in place. "Rion?" She whispered, scared that if he touched her in that moment all threads of her remaining control would dissipate. Jocelyn
  5. Name: Edvar al'Given Age: 25 Nationality: Andoran; Two Rivers Appearance: Six foot tall, Two hundred twenty lbs., dark brown hair, blue eyes, tanned skin, athletic build. Personality: He has a deep sadness in his soul from not knowing his father and because his mother had been a broken woman after being disinherited by her parents and then losing his father, the reason for the disinheritance. Because of this, he takes his work very seriously. Too seriously most times. While he can be very charismatic and people respect him, he has few friends, and finds little joy in life aside from the pride he finds in a job well done. He is a man of honor as well, and as such, will often do the right thing, no matter how much it hurts him. He does have a heart though, will not be a harsh on those few he calls friend as he is on himself. Also, being born in the Two Rivers and having spent much of his adult life in the borderlands, he will not harm a woman except in extreme circumstances, and even then, it will tear him apart. Strengths: Strong in body and the Power, mostly Fire and Earth. Very charismatic, good leadership skills. Good at reading people. Weaknesses: A "perfect weapon" except for the fact that he has a conscience. He has very few real friends because he is a workaholic. No real skill in anything not battle related, except for Daes Daemar. History: Born in the Two Rivers halfway between Watch Hill and Taren Ferry. His father died of a wasting sickness when he was very young. His mother was the daughter of the Lord of Baerlon, but was disowned for her love of his father. When he was eighteen he journeyed to Baerlon with his mother, who sought to reclaim her rightful inheritance for him. On the way they were attacked by bandits and his mother was killed. Edvar escaped by setting the bandits on fire. He only realized later, as he ran for his life that he had used the One Power, tainted saidin. He became a merchants guard and quickly learned the use of the sword. Through the next six years he roamed with merchants caravans, hiding his identity and running whenever someone suspected that he might be different. He spent much of this time in the borderlands, picking up some of there ways and occasionally fighting Trollocs and even Myrddraal. In the early years it was after these battles that he was forced to flee and seek employment elsewhere, for he almost always used the Power without thought to give him the edge he needed against the Eyeless. Then he heard that a true Dragon had surfaced and taken the Stone and fabled Callandor. He knew then that the Last Battle was coming. He started to rethink his life, and for the first time he began to hope that he could do something more with his life, something worthwhile. When Jarron al’Tanin, the Dragon Reborn, announced his amnesty to men who could channel, he made his decision and never turned back, leaving his old life behind completely and going to join the Black Tower.
  6. It probably wasn't the smartest idea she'd ever had. After all, most women didn't propose marriage to a man after just accusing him of loving someone else and sleeping with a tavern worker. But this was the only way she knew of to show Kedyn how much she loved him, that nothing else that had come between them mattered. Still, not her greatest move. She loved him, the light knew she did, and it was in this moment of clarity she knew she wanted to be by Kedyn's side for the rest of her life, for better or worse. She knew Kedyn loved her, too. Still, those moments of silence were some of the scariest of her life. What if he said no? What if he rejected her? She would look like a fool! Besides, what if he was offended by the notion of a female doing the proposing? And it wasn't the most romantic of locations, in a cemetery, by the marker of his dead first love. Light, she was such an idiot...her thoughts were silenced as Kedyn knelt in front of her, his warm hands enveloping her own. Even now, he was thinking of her. She had never been more certain of anything, but she knew she wanted to marry Kedyn. She didn't hesitate in the slightest when she shook his head, her eyes searching his for the answer she sought. It was like the sun coming out after the rain, seeing Kedyn's magnificent smile bloom across his face. It warmed her heart, like it always did, and she returned it with one of her own, and then she was in his arms, where she belonged. All of her pent up emotion spilled out and Miria clung to Kedyn, leaning against him as they kissed, her hands in his hair as he held her close to him, as though silently vowing to never let go for so long again. Tears of joy were pricking her eyes when Kedyn finally lifted his head long enough to whisper the words that made her heart soar and her blood sing through her veins. She was smiling and crying, losing herself in the arms of her betrothed. Miria rained kisses over his face and down his neck, laughing and crying her joy. She lifted her head and smiled at him as Kedyn tenderly wiped the tears from her cheeks. "I love you." She murmured again, resting her palms on his chest to feel his heart beating, beating for her. "Come let me show you how much." Smiling slyly, Miria stood, tugging Kedyn after her. She laced her fingers through his, smiling up at him. "Come with me." Miria felt like she was walking on air as she stepped between the white markers, the sky still dark with the light of the fading stars shimmering above them. It seemed right, somehow, that they make up and confirm this new revelation out under the stars. They were scouts, and the darkness and wilderness were their friends. It was out here that they had met, that they had developed their friendship and love had blossomed. It was dark and cool beneath the thick copse of trees, the sound of water surrounding them from the nearby stream. It was there that Miria halted, turning to admire Kedyn in the dim light, her fingertips tracing his cheeks, his nose, his lips, relearning him by touch. "I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you, like this." She whispered, stepping back from the circle of Kedyn's roving arms. She smiled, a mysterious, unusually bold smile, and slowly stripped in the failing darkness, removing all that would separate them, letting Kedyn admire her nakedness before stepping close once more to divest him of his clothing with unhurried desire. She wanted to savour this moment, to take the time to renew their love, to show him how deeply and desperately she loved him, only him. "I love you, Kedyn." Miria
  7. Miria closed her eyes, listening. He wasn't trying to hide his approach, yet he was still quiet. Even had he been silent, Miria would have known he was there. She felt his presence, as though her senses were attuned to him, and in a way they were. He was the other half of her soul. She had been foolish, so very foolish. Nothing else mattered but that they loved each other. She wanted to turn and throw herself into Kedyn's arms, to apologise, to tell him she didn't care about anything else. That she loved him, completely and unceasingly. But she waited, needing to hear what he had to say. Light, her heart was breaking anew, pain at her idiocy and thoughtless cruelty tugging at her chest. She didn't know how it had been, how deeply it had impacted Kedyn. Well she knew, but not to this extent, the fact that he never even got to say goodbye, never recovered her body. How could she expect him to just forget his past and replace it with her? It was heartless, and that was not something she ever wanted to be. She had to show him she was sorry, that she did trust him...but how? She still had not fallen pregnant with his child, maybe she never would. One thing was certain though. As mad as she had been, as hurt as she had felt; she loved Kedyn so much it was hard to breathe. She could smell his faint scent on the breeze, his purely masculine essence, tugging at her heart and stirring her blood. She was a fool to let something so trivial as a deadwoman to tear them apart. He didn't deserve to lose his love twice, and yet she was forcing him to, reliving the pain of losing Lavena again, and then her. But he had come looking for her, like he had Lavena. This time, he had found her. He loved her, and she well knew it, could hear it in his voice and actions. She had to make this right. Kedyn fell silent, and Miria stayed still for the moment, studying the white marker. I will take care of him, and love him as you would have, given the chance, she promised silently. Miria turned at last to look at her lover, wiping away the last of her tears. He was so beautiful, she thought, and not just because of his incredible frame. He was a kind and dedicated man, honest and loyal, loving and noble. There was no one that could come close to comparing to him. In that instant, she knew what she had to do. Miria took a deep breath, and met his clear blue gaze. "Kedyn, I am so sorry. I was hurt and acted foolishly. I trust you, I would trust you to the end." Slowly she stood, stepping closer to him and looking up into the face that she so loved. She took his hands in her own smaller ones, turning them so she could kiss his palms. "I realised tonight that I had made a most dreadful error, one that nearly cost me all the happiness I'd ever known. I love you Kedyn, and it was selfish of me to say the things I did, to envy Lavena. I could never understand what you went through." Miria rasped as she tried to keep her tears at bay. "I don't want to lose you, not now, not ever. If you will have me." Miria hesitated only a moment. She was sure, despite how unconventional this may be. Dropping to one knee, she kept hold of Kedyn's hands and looked up into his eyes, love and sincerity shining in her own. "Kedyn, will you marry me?"
  8. *Pins dramatically* Welcome to the next tier of madness! ^_^
  9. Jocelyn tapped her chin as though considering the proposition, though in truth it was more to make Caelen wait and wonder than anything else. One thing she missed about home was the fun - she used to always be dancing, and usually flirting and drinking too. As much as she loved Rion, and would be happy wherever he was, she really wished there was a little more lighthearted fun around the farm. "Name my price? Once upon a time I would have asked only for a kiss, but likely Rion wouldn't approve of that." Her cheek dimpled as she smiled wickedly and again attempted to bat Caelen's hands away, not that she was bothered by it, but Rion tended to prove extremely jealous where she was concerned. "But luckily I have something else in mind...something secret." She lowered her voice at the last, and gave him a conspiratorial wink. "If you do well in your first lesson, I will tell you." With that she gathered up her papers and turned, beckoning Caelen to follow. "Unless you want your fellow asha'men to watch, I suggest we go to my house to practice." Caelen held the door for her as she walked through it, and Jocelyn paused as he followed, taking the arm he offered happily. She didn't consider many people in this place friend, but Caelen had fast become one. The home she shared with Rion was by no means large like Dashiva's, but it did afford some privacy and a rather roomy living area, once the table was pushed to the side. "This will likely prove tricky without music." She mused, hands on hips as she considered Caelen. "How about you tell me what you know? Or better yet," She smirked, "Show me." Jocelyn
  10. Light above, but Rion was rolling drunk. It was amusing for sure, watching as her shy love grew bold and giggly, not to mention more than a little unsteady. She had figured Rion wouldn't be able to keep up with her father, but nor had she counted on him trying so valiantly. Partly her own fault, to be sure, but as a trickle of the spilled wine ran over the edge of the table and onto her lap she decided it was time to wrap up the evening. Smiling, she gently extracted Rion's goblet from his hand. "I think it's time we we retired for the evening, don't you love?" The question was spoken gently, but the command was evident, though Rion didn't seem to be able to pick it up so well in his inebriated state as he reached for the goblet once more. Pushing it out of his reach, Jocelyn leaned in to hiss in Rion's ear. "Enough!" "Mother, Father, we bid you good evening, I'm sure you understand how weary we are after our travel." Jocelyn's mother nodded mutely, a hint of a smile tugging at her attractive face as she rose, similarly removing a bottle of wine from the clutches of her husband. "Yes of course dear, we will see you on the morrow." Getting Rion back upstairs to their room was a little difficult, and Jocelyn was forced to slip under his arm, giving him the support of her frame lest he stumble on the stairs. It was rather bitter sweet, at once loving the close contact, yet frustrated by the reason and Rion's obliviousness. Still, there was no doubt her father would be pleased with the evening. Jocelyn just didn't envy the headache Rion would have in the morning. "Come sit down love, I'll help you with your clothes." Rion was obedient at least, flopping onto the bed and staring up at the ceiling with that same goofy smile on his face. Shaking her head with a rueful smile, Jocelyn sat next to him, and began to tug off his boots, letting them drop onto the floor by the bed. "Sit up, let's get that jacket off." Deftly Jocelyn unfastened the buttons and pushed it off his shoulders, swallowing as Rion grew still, his gaze on her mouth. Her heart was pumping rapidly in her breast as she tried to ignore it, her fingertips brushing Rion's chest as she pulled his shirt over his head. Light, she would never maintain her vow if he continued to stare at her like that, half naked and so close she could feel his warmth and smell the sweet wine on his breath. No, he was drunk, and she should move away, though Light knew it was hard. Gently she pressed her palm to his chest pushing him back onto the bed. "You sleep Rion." She whispered, biting her lip and fighting the wave of desire that rose at his smile. Jocelyn
  11. Miria couldn't believe the nerve of the blonde buffoon. What right did he have to intrude in the bedchamber SHE shared with Kedyn, and refuse to leave? What right did he have to call Kedyn family?! A scathing retort rose to her lips, but she was silenced by Kedyn walking to the door, blocking Carnhain's path. Why wasn't he standing up for her? Was this murderous fool more important than the woman who loved and cared for him? Bitter tears stung her eyes but she refused to give them rein. This was ridiculous, and it grated on her to hear Kedyn put Carnhain in the same category as her. What had he ever done to earn such devotion from Kedyn? Besides try to kill him, and act like a pompous goat, that is. Miria shot Carnhain a deathly glare from under her lashes, before folding her arms sullenly. She had already contemplated leaving the room herself, but Kedyn's stern glare was implacable. Miria moved to sit on the bed stiffly, arms still folded beneath her breasts. She had very good reason to loathe Carnhain, and if he had any shred of love for Kedyn he'd hate himself too, but what she had done besides protect the love of her life was beyond her. She'd love to punch him again right now, trolloc-loving idiot that he was, but she was smart enough to know that Kedyn would not take kindly to that. At all. Instead, she fixed her blue eyes on Carnhain. "Well, Carnhain? Enlighten us both. What did I ever do to you that you did not deserve?" She referred to the day she punched him, a light punishment considering he had almost succeeded in strangling Kedyn the day before the confrontation. Let him deny that had been deserved, she practically dared him. Miria
  12. Jocelyn eyed her sketches critically. Art had never been her strong point, though she had in mind the gown she wanted to fashion from her new bolts of material. It was just a matter of putting the design onto paper. It wasn't a fabulous drawing, but it would do. Frowning slightly, Jocelyn smudged the charcoal and altered the neckling, lowering it a fraction. It was a special occasion, after all. She was startled by a pair of strong, masculine hands lifting her to her feet and embracing her in a way which was awfully inappropriate, given she was publicly linked to Rion, even if it wasn't official. Well yet, anyway. She was working on that. Prepared to wrench herself from the strange grip, Jocelyn paused, noting finally who it was holding her, and she relaxed slightly. Of she feared anyone in the tower, Caelen was not one of them. With a gentle insistence, Jocelyn pushed away his hands and took a step back with a smile. "Did I save you a what?" She asked, bending to shuffle her papers and hide the secret gown. She enjoyed Caelen's company. He had a wonderful if strange sense of humour, but Jocelyn couldn't recall him asking her to save anything for him. "If this is another request for a kiss my answer hasn't changed." She gave him a teasingly firm stare which she ruined with a smile. Jocelyn
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