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  1. Kedyn was smiling to himself as Miria led him away, recognizing the look on his face and his blood was already beginning to heat with anticipation. He was surprised that she was being so bold, his usually shy lover showing a different side of her. The darkness created a world for just the two of them, the trees around a curtain to protect them from the outside world. Miria stepped into his arms, their world, and her touch was like heaven to have once again. And now, he would never lose her. His lover, his betrothed now. She stepped away from him and Kedyn stood still, his face shining with the love and joy of having Miria, his blood burning with lust as she began to remove her clothing. Her actions were slow, sweet, as if they would last forever. The moonlight seemed to illuminate her beauty for him and him alone, his heart beast loud enough that Miria must have been able to hear it. And then she stepped foreword and slowly began divesting him of his clothes, he stood still and let her do so alone. This small token of love. "I love you too Miria. We will be together forever." And he drew her closer, pressed their naked bodies against each other and kissed her slowly. The stars and the trees were the only witnesses to their lovemaking. Slow and sweet, each taking their time to marvel in each other. It was such sweetness, their hearts beat as they sealed their engagement, the joining of their souls as they joined their bodies. Kedyn pressed his lips against the golden crown of Miria's hair as she nestled her head against his chest, both slick from the exertions of their moonlit interlude. He smiled as he watched her finger trace over the scar on his shoulder. The actual act that had caused that scar seemed so far away now, it almost seemed trivial when compared to the hear and now. Now he was engaged to the woman of his dreams, now he had gone one night to sleep alone in a forest with only his depression and anger to company him to again sleeping under the trees but with his lover in his arms. She looked up at him and he kissed her forehead softly. "If you love me that much I'm surprised your heart hasn't burst yet." Kedyn couldn't help his teasing tone to bring out the light blush of Miria's pale cheeks that had smiles uncountable to his face. "But I believe the question we need to answer is now, is when. When do you think we should have the wedding, I will admit my planning capabilities are lacking when it comes to something like this. And I do say, seeing you in a dress will be quite the change." Kedyn mused on the topic, completely devoid of any worries any cares, as he temporarily lost them to the imaginings of his future with Miria. Kedyn
  2. Rion's eyes were riveted to the newly exposed flesh off Jocelyn's chest, only moving to Jocelyn's face when she whispered his name. Regrets? There wouldn't be regrets! The way she was sitting on top of him was enough to tell him that...but somehow in his inebriated state he was able to keep his hands to himself for the moment. "Jooocelyn...." He groaned, his body aching and lusting for the further touch that she would not give. There had to be some way for him to get her to agree with his ache...he knew she wanted it as well. "Then marry me Jocelyn, if that's what you're worried about." In his inebriated state Rion had no idea what he had just asked, and he was far too gone for it too bring him back to his senses. If he knew he had just proposed to Jocelyn, and really for no other reason than to get her to sleep with him, Rion would be appalled with himself. But sex was all that his drunken mind could think about, his hands once again sought Jocelyn's body but she grabbed them to force him to stop. Jocelyn finally rolled off of him as she finally got her dress into place and had pushed his hands away. He reached his hand out once more and groped Jocelyn's rear that was now facing him. His eyelids were going heavy for some reason though, though the images that were running on his eyelids was ones of wonderful nature. Maybe it would be best to just keep his eyes closed and imagine what he wanted while his hands continued to roam across Jocelyn's body, pulling her towards him again as her resistance faltered again. Jocelyn's back was pressed against his chest and Rion hands were roaming across her front as his eyes refused to open once again. And then his hands started to slow..."I love..." Rion yawned inexplicably..." I love you Jocelyn." And then passed out into the blackness of sleep, his arms still draped over Jocelyn's body. Finally falling into the drunken stupor that had been looming behind him for hours now Rion
  3. Rion's muffled thoughts were slowly becoming more focused as Jocelyn helped him undress and forced him onto the bed that they had been given for the night. His mind was focused on one person, Jocelyn and the rising desire in his blood. She looked so...beautiful, so desirable, and she was right there. He grabbed the hand pressed against his bare chest and brought it to his lips, kissing her fingers. "My wife sure looks beautiful tonight." Rion shook with humor at his comment and gave Jocelyn's arm a tug so that she fell to be sprawled on top of him. The wine made Rion bold enough to act in such a way, in a way that he never would have if he was sober. His actions belied his beliefs, and his hands roamed to places they never would have gone without the wine urging them on. He had never wanted Jocelyn more than he did right then. His lips sought hers as his fingers slowly worked at the buttons to her dress. For the moment at least she seemed to welcome the embrace, and Rion used that to try and undress her like she had just done to him. "I love you Jocelyn," Rion giggled again, "My wife." "Perhaps you can show me all those things you promised love, I've always been most curious about them." Rion couldn't stop giggling to himself as he gave Jocelyn a light slap on her rear, making her jump in the most delightful of ways. "But you'll teach me now won't you? I would just love that..." Rion gently bit Jocelyn's lip like she had done to him so many times before, his body pressed against hers his inebriated mind just wanted her to teach him everything. Rion
  4. Surprise was not something Kedyn handled well, but this...even if by some miracle he could have foreseen this exact event he still would have been surprised. He had gone from fearing that he would lose Miria forever to having her kneeled in front of him asking him the question that by all right he should ask her. His mouth clicked audibly as he shut it, blinking constantly as his mind raced as the shock of the question coursed through him. The reaction that came to him first was to pick Miria up, kiss her soundly and resolutely say yes...but his tongue held back, his feet stayed firmly where they were. Fear rose up inside of him, anxiety mixing with happiness to make a concoction of doubt that grew from seeds planted when he had first fallen in love with Lavena and again with Miria. Would a marriage between the two of them be a good idea? The rational person that Kedyn was shouted that they were both soldiers, that their lives were as soon to become forfeit to an enemy attack as anything else. It had hurt so much losing Lavena, what would it be like losing the person you were married too? But at the same time this was all Kedyn could have wanted. A wife, perhaps someday even a family. The same rational side that shouted no, also argued that they could always leave the Band if need be. They could leave, become something else entirely and make a family together, in peace. He knew Miria would not be so against that idea, she had no love for the soldierly life, and Kedyn's dreams of being a father and having a family were greater than those of his following his father's soldier footsteps. Would it be so bad to say yes and become so happy? Kedyn sank to his knees so that he was level with Miria, wrapping his hands around her smaller ones and squeezing them tight. He had started this by saying what he truly felt, not what would make Miria the most happy. He would not go back on what he had just said and omit the whole truth to make things easier. "Are you sure about this Miria? That this isn't a thought you may regret when you've had more time to think? You have no qualms about marrying me when next week we could both be called away and end up like all these crosses around us?" There was no hesitation in her movements as she shook her head rejecting the questions that Kedyn had just posed her, none. And that fact was enough to solidify the resolve in Kedyn's heart. A smile bloomed on his pain stricken face, he spread their hands apart, moved closer to her and kissed her as an outlet for all the relief and love that raged inside of him at that moment. In one resolved shake of her head Miria had taken away what doubts he might have had about anything. She would be his, and he would be hers forever. And although the words were in something resembling a whisper the words resounded in his ears as he broke from the kiss. In front of the symbol that marked the loss of his first love, Kedyn said the words that would pronounce to the world his final love. "Yes, I will marry you Miria." And unable to resist, he kissed her again. Kedyn
  5. This was a rather precarious situation to say the least...Kedyn's eyes drifted from Carnhain shooting hateful glances at Miria and Miria doing the same thing at Carnhain. But he was tired of all of this, tired of his lover and his best friend hating each other for reasons that he couldn't see or understand. He didn't feel like defending either of them. They were both...bah close minded fools to say the least on this issue! He rolled his eyes at the exchange they had and waited intil Miria had set down the plate she was carrying with their food on it. Kedyn got up and walked towards the door with the confused looks of the two people he cared for the most in the entire world. He stopped himself from leaving the room as his hand alighted on the door. He was sick of this and just wanted to scream, but thankfully he stopped himself. He turned around in front of the door so neither of them could storm out without going through him. "Why do you two hate each other? I can't understand how the two people I care about the most can hate each other this much. And don't try and lie to me and say that you don't. So please can someone try and explain this too me? I'm sick and tired of trying to step around between the two of you." Kedyn crossed his arms over his chest and waited, trying not to scowl at the two of them. Kedyn
  6. John sighed softly as he threw his back pack onto his bed and fell into the chair that sat in front of the desk with his small laptop on top of it. He shook his head to himself and forcibly made his hand lay down the lighter that he had barely turned off for the entire day. This entire thing was just wierd...he couldn't have been imagining it..could he? No..of course not, the image of the flame growing to a level that could only have been done if he told it too rose in is mind. Better now to distract his mind and think about the whole thing later on. Homework then? Jonathan snorted at the prospect of actually doing his homework early or at home. He had learned well how to finish his work sometime in the small hours of the morning and at school whenever he had the chance. Instead he pressed the power button on his laptop planning to see what he could find surfing around the internet. On instinct he signed into the messanger he used, before realising the mistake. He wasn't really in the mood to talk to anyone, but when a conversation window popped up he simply turned his status to busy so no one else would bother him. At least he did enjoy Ella's conversation. Dreamerell says: Hey freak, what's burning? Pyrofreak says: Freak? Well I can see that I'm surely loved :p Just trying to distract the mind, been a wierd day John couldn't help rolling his eyes for the countless time at his rather childish name, he had picked it when he was a lot younger and had just not wanted to go through the hassle of changing everything to another name. Still it worked though, and the irony it had with his current problem. Pyrofreak... But he didn't really want to talk about it even with Ella so he attempted to change the where the conversation was heading. Pyrofreak says: So when's the big date? I'd bet you're just going to end up stuck at a football game ;) It was pretty terrible of him to keep teasing Ella about being asked out again, but he couldn't help himself. He did so enjoy teasing her, though it was only because they were so close. That and he was rather interested in how it had all transpired. Jonathon found it passing odd that out of the blue someone like Matt would ask Ella out when Jonathan thought he barely glanced at her before, and with his small opinion of the man he wouldn't hold it over him to ask Ella out as a joke. But even as he thought about it he berated himself. Ella had put it correctly, maybe his thinking was just from a small pang of jealousy that arose at the thought. Jonathan
  7. Kedyn walked slowly through the forest that he had fell asleep in, the shadows were waving in and out of focus as his bare feet grasped the ground beneath him. The pain that he had felt earlier was gone, the soreness of his muscles were non exhistant. Though that was normal when one was dreaming. Still, while Kedyn was sure he was dreaming he could not wake up. "Why would you want to wake up so soon Kedyn?" Kedyn didn't have to turn around to know who it was, nor did he turn as his dream image spoke with his own voice. "Why is it Jenna...that in these kinds of dreams my first mistake is the one to taunt me about the ones I have made now." "Because brother, the red painted all over you makes you such a pretty target." Kedyn finally turned to face the sister he had abandoned for the military so long ago, the green eyes peircing deeply into his. "What do you want to throw at me this time Jenna? Wish to continue to point out what I have been doing to make my pain worse." "I don't think I need to rub it in any more Kedyn, I think you are capable of doing that all to yourself rather well. I'm just here to remind you of what you left behind to pursue all this pain you are grumbling about." Kedyn shook his head and diverted his gaze to the ground beneath him, his gaze following the blurring lines of the scenery around him. "I don't think I can fix this Jenna." "Well that silly, is because it's not yours to fix." Kedyn jumped lightly as he was jolted out of sleep by a loud sound behind him, but it was only some animal scampering by as spooked as he was. He groaned softly as he rose from the ground, stretching his sore shoulders out as he straightened his overly creased clothes into some semblance of order. His body was sore from running, from sleeping in such a strange fashion no matter how used to sleeping on the ground he had become while being a scout for the band. But it was his chest that was the most sore, a combination of both the emotional trauma he had felt as well as the physical. Kedyn did need to go back to the Citadel, he needed to face Miria, this problem could not be fixed by doing nothing and letting it stir. He and Miria would have to solve their problems or fall apart permanantly. And while Kedyn was not sure whether the first or second would happen in the end. "Well no use putting it off." Though Kedyn planned to make one stop first, there was something he had to decide how to deal with first to be able to mend the gaps between his new lover and him. --- As always the walk through the Citadel to the mass grave of those who had fallen in service to the Band was long and fraught with memories both happy and painful. Images of Lavena flitted through his mind, but so too came memories of Miria now, the two seemed to be linked. But it was a surprise beyond anything he would have expected to see Miria seated in front of Miria's cross. The light around them had not yet begun to rise in earnest and Kedyn could just barely make out her form but he knew it was her, there wouldn't be anyone else. The night around them was quiet and Kedyn moved just as loudly as he came up behind her. He was silent for a few moments as he thought of what to say and failed to think of anything, instead just opening his mouth and hoping what came out would suffice. "I never did get to say goodbye to her. Never got to see her after she died, in the confusion of the battle no one could remember where she fell...and we never found her. The last thing I ever said to her was the order that got her killed. I blamed myself for a long time, and I think that's why it's been so hard to completely let go. Light know's I've tried...well..." Kedyn wasn't sure whether or not what he was saying could be making their situation worse but he couldn't stop himself now that he had started. He had never told anyone but Miria that he had blamed himself for Lavena's death, it sounded foolish to him even as he said it but he could not shake the feeling. "And in the end that fact ended up hurting you in a way I never wanted to happen." "Honestly Miria I don't know what to say...standing here, making myself come her was hard enough. I hadn't expected to meet you here, I had wanted to collect my thoughts and try to think of what to say but now that you're here...I just don't know, and I don't think I would have anyways." Honesty was all that Kedyn could come up with as he forced the words out in a tired tone, his voice low in the silent gloom around them. Neither of them had moved as he had started talking, neither of them had started to move either. "What I said yesterday...I don't even think an apology can set things right so I won't even try to form the words for it because they could not express how much I want to take back time and do over the mistakes of yesterday. What I said I said only to hurt you...because well, it hurt to think that you do not trust me. That you think I love you so little as to take any girl I see to bed with me is harder to take sometimes than any physical wound could do." Kedyn tried to take in a deep breath and make sure his voice and emotions remained calm, only allowing the deep seeded sorrow and pain that all this had caused to leak into his voice for he could not control it. His heart had shattered once, and while Miria had put the pieces back together he could not help but fear that it was falling towards the ground again. "I didn't think I would ever have to do these things again, fall in love, feel the pain and happiness both that come from that. Devote myself so entirely to another person. I fought for so long to keep the walls up around me, and then you came into my life and pestered me into a smile that shattered the walls and gave me back something to live for, someone to live for. You saved me from being consumed by my grief, and you showed me that there is reason to live and love in this world after I had forced myself to beleive there wasn't, and for what had seemed the oddest reasons to me at the time I loved you because of it, because of everything you are and everything you are too me." "Miria I can't say that I am perfect, I can't say I have only ever had you in my heart and you alone, because I can't lie to you, I love you too damn much to say anything but the truth to you. I pushed the love I had for Lavena into a corner of my heart while the love I have for you grew to outshine and dwarf that part of my heart...but what you said yesterday was right, in the end it's not the whole. But don't assume that changes in the least how I feel for you. I would do anything for you, if you asked I would go to the ends of the world for any trivial thing just to see you smile for a brief moment, to have you in my arms. I wouldn't change the past now that I have you, it's only you that I would ever want now. You just the way that you are, with whatever it is you may think I see lacking in you to make you believe that I would run to another woman...whatever it is I love that about you, for no other reason than that it is a part of you. Any hope I may have for my life has you in it, and changes to have you as a part of it." Kedyn took another deep breath as he prepared to say what he was thinking, not really wanting to hear how Miria would respond...he wasn't sure he would like it. "But I can't ask you to be with me if we cannot trust each other, if we're not willing to tell each other everything, no matter what it is. And if you do not think that I can fully let go of Lavena then maybe this is it...I don't want to hurt you any more. I am trying to convert my entire self to you, that is why I cam here. I fooled myself into believing that there was a chance she would come back and it's taking longer to unlearn that lie than it did to convince myself of it. This is me Miria, I wish I could say differently, say whatever it is you want to hear..but as I said, I love you...too...damn...much." Kedyn's head slumped a little as he let out the final breath, finally falling silent and waiting, dreading, hoping, wishing, praying, that Miria would speak to him after. Kedyn
  8. Jocelyn seemed to love tormenting him again and again no matter where in the world they were nor what situation they seemed to be in. Rion was always blushing more than anything else when Jocelyn was around, especially when his heart was fluttering with Jocelyn wrapping his arms around him and he only blushed deeper as she gave his backside a light smack. "Would you mind love? Rion shook his head and immediately reached out and took Saidin, almost as glad to help Jocelyn with her dress as he was for the small respite from the growing redness on his cheeks. He wove thin threads of fire and air to smooth out the wrinkles of the dress that Jocelyn was holding out, concentrating more than was perhaps necessary in an attempt to be careful with one of Jocelyn’s belongings. But it was the request afterwards that had his heart racing and cheeks heating up once again. Help her with her buttons?? Rion wasn’t about to refuse such a simple request though…and part of him was eager for it. So his hands shook a small amount as he slowly undid the pearls holding the pieces of fabric together, his fingers occasionally brushing against the warm skin of Jocelyn’s back. Rion let out a long breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding in once Jocelyn had left to change, and tried to calm the blush on his cheeks before they were to leave for dinner. -- Rion shivered lightly as he swallowed yet another glass of wine. He was feeling…odd…he was not going to stop drinking as long as Jocelyn’s father was, too afraid of insulting him and gaining the displeasure of his beloved’s parents. He was feeling very lightheaded at the time and Rion was having the most difficult time sitting still, swaying lightly every few moments. “So how do you like your wine lad?” Rion smiled rather foolishly and couldn’t help but chuckle lightly as he tried to form the words to answer. “Isht…very good.” And Rion again had to struggled from keeping himself from breaking out into laughter, “I don’t think I’ve ever had sho much…” Rion continued smiling a little stupidly as he reached out and tried to take Jocelyn’s hand, instead knocking over the glass that he had just set down. “Oooops.” Rion continued to laugh rather stupidly as he fumbled with the glass to get the thing upright. They really needed to make those things more sturdy, they just wouldn’t stand up straight. “Thish food is delishous I do say, I feel like I’m going to burst I’ve eaten so much. I don’t think I can eat anymore.” He said as someone was setting down yet another plate of exquisitely crafted cuisine. Burst…Rion chuckled. That would be a little funny to see, look down and watch his stomach simply blow up because it had too much food inside of it. But Rion was quick to take up his recently refilled glass of wine once he saw that that Norden had taken up his own. More warmth flooded through his body following the wine. Rion continued to smile and chuckle, turning and swaying in his chair once more as he grinned at Jocelyn. What had gotten into him? But that thought wasn’t important, Norden had taken his wine back up! So Rion did what he thought he was supposed to and took up the wine again and drowned the rest of the cup. Rion
  9. Kedyn recoiled visibly from the shock of Miria's hand connecting with the soft flesh of his cheek, it flamed angrily as it began to stun as he could tell turn red with the imprint of her fingers. It hurt...oh Light did it hurt. Kedyn who had been stabbed across is torso to the point where there seemed as much scar as skin, Kedyn who still bore the faint scar on his kneck from when his best friend had tried to choke him to death. All of that paled in comparison to the hurt that one small hand was able to inflict upon him with one strike. This hurt was worse than any physical pain, Miria had struck him. He had pushed her to the point where instead of words only physical actions could give over to her true anger. One hand rose to touch the stinging sensation on his cheek as he took in all that Miria had been holding back, his words had broken that damn and it was a flood of anguished words that he met with. A piece? Did she really only think she had taken a piece from his heart? And who was she to beleive that she was the only one who lived and breathed only because of the other...Miria had become his reason to live, his reason to survive and that had not changed. Miria stormed away, tears streaking down her cheeks and Kedyn could only stand there in silence, fuming still though his anger had subsided into a cold rage...tempered by the pain that he had caused Miria but too strong for the moment to be squashed entirely. "Kedyn..." But Kedyn was not in the mood to speak, not in the mood for words. Not in the mood for anything but solitude. It was not in him in the moment to try and lighten the mood in the room, it was not in him to do anything. He could feel his heart straining and breaking beneath the anger seething inside of him. This wasn't how it was supposed to happen. "No Mari...just...no. Not right now." And Kedyn followed Miria's angry example and walked slowly from the inn. He turned towards the gate of the Citadel and just began to walk. He couldn't be around people right now. He forgot his duty, left it behind for the time being. He couldn't bring himself ot care, it was irrelevent in comparison to the pain and anguish that this fight with Miria was causing. He left the Citadel through it's wide open gates and sped into a run, following the path he had taken countless recruits through, memorised to the point that even in his dilapidated state it was an easy task to follow. Kedyn didn't stop until he was surrounded by the tall trees of the woods in the area around the Citadel, he breathed slowly as his heart began to slow back to it's normal pace and he simply stood to listen to the sounds of nature around him. His anger had subsided to a dull feeling of pain in his stomach. He was glad he had decided to leave, he had to think and he couldn't do so around other people. His duty? What was duty when compared to love, what did it matter if he lost Miria? Nor would he have wanted to face Miria again that day when his anger had been so high and her pain had been so immense that there would not have been a cool word between them. No, better for them in Kedyn's opinion to seperate for now. Let there anger and enflamed passions subside even if it meant that the absence may create a little more pain between them. No, it would be worth it. Better to create a little bit more now in order to fix what gaps had been created. Kedyn sighed softly and lowered his tired body to the ground, stretching out upon it. His body ached, his heart ached, his soul ached. He didn't feel complete, the figurative and literal absence of Miria from his life had created a void in his chest where his heart should be. So it had been Lavena all along..but what could he do? How could he helped what he felt....how his heart lived. Ah love...forgive me for what I must do. I will love you forever but...I cannot seperate my heart for Miria, she deserves so much better. I fear after so long it is time to let you go.... And Kedyn's weary eyes closed as the land around him began to lose the light of day, sinking into the darkness of sleep as the world around him did the same. A respite...for the moment. Kedyn
  10. Rion tapped his lip thoughtfully and slowly slipped the book he had been reading into one of hte many deep pockets he had had sewn onto the inside if black coat. He twisted his lip wryly as he thought about some of the things the author had been saying, debating with himself..quite literally actually..about it. I don't know...I think the idea of where King's originated from was stronger from the human perspective not the power one. Power and human are the same thing boy. A man should desire power above all other things and be willing to do anything to gain that power. One is not completely seperate from the other. Yes it is human nature to want to assert your power, but at the same time it is also human nature to want to have a leader and feel protected. Quit your bickering. I wasn't bickering! You sound like that woman you let into our head now. Rion shook his head and forced the two voices inside of his head to the rear of his consciousness, he accepted them and even used them now. He had lost his fear of going insane, he could not currently change it so why worry? Well...he wasn't completely fine with it, but Rion feared a lot of things, it helped that Jocelyn did not seem to have a problem with it. Rion smiled to himself as he turned his head in the direction he knew Jocelyn was, the training yard again it seemed, the shining radiance of her emotions flowing from the bond to him made Rion just the more joyous that he had finally plucked up the courage to ask her. Marraige...well that would come soon enough, for now being Bonded suited perfectly. But it was when a strain of panic, and a hint of fear maybe, jumped to the forefront of the bond that Rion himself let a knot of worry form in his stomach. He turned his head and began a quick walk that broke into a slow run after a few steps. Rion was not overly worried that something was happening....but it never hurt to be careful now did it. Rion forced himself to refrain from reaching out to Saidin as he came into view of the training field, forced down the pang or irrational jealousy that rose up when he saw this strange man grasping Jocelyn's wrist. He wouldn't be like that anymore...he had learned his lesson...Hah! Rion waked up next to Jocelyn and casually reached out to take her hand in his. I see that jealousy angle still needs a little bit of work. Jocelyn turned and looked a little surprised that he was there. "Hello love...I was just walking by and thought I'd say hello before the next class." Rion's smile faded somewhat as he turned his gaze to what he could now see was the soldier in front of him, "Who's this?" Rion Crazy Jealous Boyfriend.....
  11. Jon could say he was surprised at the idea and had no hesitance to show it...the fact that he did so in an over obvious and slightly theatrical way..well that's how he was around Ella. "Well then...I would have expected.." Jon switched to his most outrageous snobby accent he could muster.."Master Connely the Third." Jon laughed and gave Ella a little nudge to know he was joking by the redness creeping onto her cheeks. Beneath his teasing and dislike for the guy he knew that it would make Ella happy and because of that he would put a bright face upon the idea. She had never judged him, nor had tried to stop him, so who was he to do anything but that same? Jon turned his gaze over to Damon for the moment trying to think of what to say back the smaller boy. He had thought Damon to be a little odd at times..but then again he wasn't exactly normal either, and could never understand why he had the liking for the guy as he did. He had some odd and unexpected friendships all around the school it seemed, this just happened to be one of them. "You should at least give the guy a chance Damon, we may not think too highly of him but he may turn out and surprise us." Jon gave Damon a wink and leaned in closer but didn't bother with lowering his voice. "I mean the poor guy lost enough sense to ask Ella out on a date after all..." Which earned him a full forced smack over the arm from Ella and a very womanly glare at his little poke at her. "But don't go beating him up for his err in judgement I think, no offence bud...the football team would likely snap you in half afterwards." Jon shook his head and shot Ella friendly smile to make sure his little tease was smoothed over and she knew that he was happy for her. And he was, it was good to see such a good friend get what she wanted from a guy..for the time being at least. Jon
  12. There was always a danger in baiting a wild animal into action, a trouble that there reaction may be rougher and more aggressive than you would expect. Love seemed to bring out the natural instincts in men and woman, their inner animals rising as the primal emotion that Love was tore through one's senses and intelligence, forcing words from mouths that were both loving and spiteful...unfortunately enough Love was never always just love, it's siblings hate and jealousy could not escape from the familial tree that Love made bloom. "Why should I even argue with you know Miria?" Kedyn's voice was louder than he had expected, dripping with the anger that Miria had in turn baited out of him. How she could be so...how she could think..."WHY?? All you'll think of me is the worst. I can't say that anything you are saying is untrue because why would you beleive me? You can't seem to beleive me when I say that I love you so then WHY should I even care what you think now??? As ludicrous as it is all you're going to think about is that I just finished putting my pants back on when you walked in. At least I don't suspect that every man you look like is having as much fun with you as he likes at nights." Kedyn's jaws were set like stone and he was not backing down, if it was a shouting match the two of them needed, that hurtful and angry apple from Love's tree, then Kedyn was not afraid to take a bite and force away the bile that would come with it. He was tired of stepping on glass to try not to excacerbate the unknown hurt that Miria was carrying around that he knew she had, tired and fed up with it all. They're long relationship sat upon the edge of a knife for Kedyn...if after this Miria could not be strightforeward then maybe the love that they were so admat to share was destined to fail anyways. "So what Miria do you want me to say? Because I have no idea what you want to hear, or if I really want to say what you want to hear. Apparently I can keep some things secret too, hurts doesn't it." Kedyn's last words were coated in as much sarcasm as he could muster, dripping with malcontent and intended hurt. Kedyn kept asking Miria why, but he didn't stop to ask himself why...why was he trying to make things worse. Even the tiniest flame can light a mighty tree on fire and fell it inevitably, Kedyn was likely playing with fire. But fire was sometimes soothing to play with, burning away at the pent up emotions that walking on glass may bring. Kedyn
  13. Jonathan snapped his lighter closed and jerked his head up as he was torn from his little world of fire, he stopped and turned his head enough to see that it was Ella running up behind him, he smiled lightly in response to her own as she came up next to him. "Ahh sweet, thanks Ella. Probobly need these for the test on Friday...which means I'll actually have to show up on Friday." Jonathan rolled his eyes and muttered a few curse words for his opinion of English. He didn't really do anything while he skipped English, he just didn't want to go. "Get up to anything interesting today Jon? Light anything on fire?" Jon chuckled lightly to himself and flicked his lighter back on. It was an interesting question, he hadn't lit anything on fire really..had just found out an interesting new way to do that..."Unfortunately no Ella..though I wouldn't mind setting a few things in Ms. Walsh's room..." He gave Ella a sly wink as she rolled his eyes at him. Jon smiled to himself and let his gaze fall back to the flame in front of him. He let himself forget for a moment that Ella was there beside him and he forced it to grow and shrink a little. He lost himself a little in the fire and it wasn't until Ella gave him a little nudge that he realised what he was doing, how rude it seemed. "Oh sorry Ella, just a bit distracted today it seems." Jon shook his head and gave his old, albiet strangely paired, friend. "So I heard something rather interesting today..who's the new boy? ehh?" Jonathan gave her a little teasing nudge and forced a smile at that prospect. Jonathan
  14. Jonathan quickly flicked open the top of the lighter he was carrying in his hand, producing the small column of fire that he had intended to create. He watched the flame sway lightly in the light breeze outside the school, passing his hand in front of it he forced it to grow, to move to his whim. Jonathan Page smiled. It gave him a rush every time he used this new found power, this ability to control fire as easily as he breathed. Though he was also trying to hide it, he held the lighter casually..to those around him it wasn't strange, they all knew how much of a pyro he was...walking around with a lighter was normal for him. He passed a hand over the flame and idly snuffed it out as he walked..and then another wave and the flame grew taller than it had been when he first lit the thing...amazing. Jonathan sought thrills and danger like a moth to well...a flame, and the ability to control a flame was both right at his own finger tips. Though it was distracting this day, his shoulder connected with someone elses in a hard collision..."Watch it buddy." Jonathan barked out a laugh and stretched himself up to his full height, looking at the preppy little rich boy right in the eye. "Why don't you, go ask your daddy to buy you the sidewalk if you don't like other people walking on it." The other kid took an aggresive step foreward...Jonathan matched, fortunately neither of them really wanted to do anything in front of the school where they could be caught so easily. Pity..Jonathan was hoping he would have gotten to 'defend' himself. Instead he got to shake his head and turn around to continue walking, pulling out his lighter and flicking the light back on..trying to see if he could get it to move without having to use his hand this time... Jonathan Page Pyro
  15. It was Mari who first made Kedyn realise that someone else was in the room, he noticed her head jerk, a look passed over her face. Trepidation, anxiety, worry, all those looks seem to pass over her face and Kedyn felt a knot of worry form in his stomach as to who could have walked in to make Mari look like that. His heard turned quickly and he was far from surprised at to who was standing there, now knew exactly why those emotions had passed over Mari's face. Miria and Mari were not the most compatible people in Miria's current state. Jealous and clingy, Mari would of course be afraid of what Miria would think about the two of them, even if Miria did not know about them..after all Mari did not know either way, though Kedyn was sure she did not. But Kedyn was not inclined to worry so much, and at the moment he didn't care all to much what Miria thought. By the look on his lovers face she was not happy, and if she was prepared to get angry at him for spending some innocent time alone with one of his female friends, if she had no shred of trust for him then she deserved to be angry a little because he was angry as well. "Oh hello love, I didn't think you were going to be finished for the day so quickly. Mary and I were just having a few drinks and reminiscing about a few things, I was planning on finding you after we had finished, actually I had thought you were going to be done later or I would have come to meet you." Kedyn would ahve regretted his words after he had said them if he had not had a little irritation flowing through him at the moment, how they sounded they could be taken in a multitude of ways. He finally rose from his chair and turned with a smile to match Miria's dark glare. "Is something the matter?" Kedyn
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