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  1. The smile faded and became a slight frown at Lillian's words. Arette hadn't even come to think that Lillian might be weary from her journey - very bad of her - and she didn't want to impose her company. The White had invited her in but it could be just because she had heard of the incident or because she was polite. "I could always come back later when you are rested. This is hardly urgent. I just wanted to chat." Not the most elegant thing to say but being social just for the sake of being social wasn't exactly her forte. "No, no, I wanted to talk to you anyway, come in." It was temptin
  2. Lillian clearly reacted to Arette's presence but she didn't seem to recognise her. She just kept saying the same thing over and over again. Light, what had been done to her. She needed to rest and get her strenght back. It was all just trauma and exhaustment since there was not a mark on her. "Of course you are, Lillian", Arette said gently and stroke her hair the way she soothed her daughters to sleep. "You are Lillian Tremina of the Purple, I mean, White Ajah. You are safe and alright now." She wasn't certain if Lillian had even heard her as she still whispered the mantra almost in
  3. A great beginning again, Arette remarked with disgust. Once she had been able to feel at least some pity for Marden but he was truly dangerous, a prime example of a rabid male channeler. Let the man spout his ‘truths’ and condemn himself even further. She knew his life story so it was easy to listen expressionlessly. The events had gone quite typically, with old friends being horrified by what he had become. Even though she had hardened her heart, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for the male channelers in general. It was the joy of Saidar and pleasure of learning that you could channel
  4. This really was the heaven on earth and Iussi Dyfelle couldn't have been more satisfied. Well, maybe if they had had done it the normal way but this novelty had certainly been unexpected and quite pleasent. He had just had to make sure that Telcia got her pleasure too. They would have to start quarreling more often if it had results like this. Not that he really wanted to argue with his wife, or make her upset, but the different ideas they had of politics and how the society worked caused problems sometimes. Even after all her years in the Tower, Telcia was still used to how things were in Ara
  5. The amusement built on from what echoed through the Bond from them both until Annais laughed out loud and decided that one of them had to stop it before it would get totally out of hand. It was kind of bad to chuckle at your own jokes but it turned into a wince and outright exclamation of 'ouch' when Mia thwapped her. She hadn't been exactly gentle and Annais rubbed the aching spot with an accusing glare. Mia had felt it too, so they now had some idea how physical feelings would carry to the other when they were so close to each others. Her fresh Warder was completely non-chalant about it
  6. The response was simply a smile and a nod and Annais could read nothing but confidence from Mia's face. It was more than she felt. She was confident that she could do the weave, she had been to quite a few Bonding ceremonies over the years and watched the deed performed. No, it was more what would come afterwards, having Mia in her head and vice versa and how being so intimate with someone would feel. It would be even closer than being in love and making love. She rubbed her palms a few times on her thighs and licked her lips before deciding that it was just best to get done with it. They
  7. She had done it, she had really went and asked someone to become her Warder. Hundred and ten years she had worn the shawl without someone to share everything with, and now Annais had made the offer. Excitement and dread alternated and she doubted if she had really made the right choice. Mia could get under her skin too easily and now she was giving her even deeper access. They didn't even know very much about each others yet and Mia knew more about her than she of Mia. Still, with some people you just knew it. You felt comfortable around them instantly and there was a connection, a feeling of
  8. Annais was about to reply Mia right away but she thought it best to let her finish first. Her stance on having lovers, no, rather the blunt way how she painted it frivolous and selfish, didn’t sit well with Annie. She regarded the Tower Guard through slightly narrowed eyes. “That is why are having this conversation, to clear out what our views on bonding are. There seem to be differences and we have now moved onto another topic, how we carry out our duties. I know very well what mine are and I have no intention to falter. However, I am not on duty every hour of the day. If I was, I wouldn’t be
  9. Anyone from the White Tower going to the Black Tower would make Brent's position harder, Annais admitted with an inner sigh. But they would have to start getting used to it. The only way the relations between the Towers could improve was by regular exposure. When you really got to know the 'others', it usually helped to shift attitudes toward mildness at least. "You're right, I wasn't thinking", she admitted meekly. But that was what friends were for, they would correct you and you didn't always have to be so careful with what you said around them. "And obtuse, hmm? I guess that I can be
  10. Veniso's reaction was no real surprise and with an attitude like that, he would ruin any chances of redemption. Arette's lips curved in a fraction of smile that held no mirth. The whole thing was travesty that shouldn't be happening. The Black Tower should have seen this coming, and if they intended to harbour a murderer, they shouldn't have brought him to Illian. Unless it had been planned from the start but she couldn't see how it served the Asha'man. Or perhaps there were those of darker loyalties among them who wished to cause trouble between the Towers. The school in Far Madding foun
  11. Mia's anger was gone and with it had alot of her energy had left. Annais watched with worry how she got herself to a chair but didn't even try to help since likely she would be rebuked. What came next was quite unexpected. Mia had had a long and definately respectable career in the White Tower and Annais agreed with her assesment of her precedessors. But Mia's opinion of her was very surprising and humbling. Of course she wasn't allowed to bask in the praise as the Tower Guard went on and listed her failings which were also true. It was an honest speech and to say it out loud was a lot br
  12. The Queen's Palace in Illian was slowly becoming familiar to Arette as she had visited it a few times in the past few days and she guided Con toward the room where the hearing of Marden Veniso was arranged. Thankfully they wouldn't have to go down to the dungeons where Marden had been kept. He certainly couldn't protest being treated badly as he mainly just slept there and was allowed to be outside heavily guarded and meet the Asha'man. It annoyed her that he tried to paint himself some kind of a suffering martyr by accusing her of burying him alive just like in Far Madding. He was a murderer,
  13. Sana's answer was a relief, even though Sahra hadn't really expected him to be the eager Warder-to-be type. She quite liked the fact that he didn't socialize too much with the Aes Sedai and how possessively satisfied the fact made her was a surprise. Tower Guards were much better company anyway but she in no way thought less of the Warders for getting Bonded. It was just the same than when Sana was sleeping with someone else. And even then she could be fairly certain that it would be a passing flame. But a Bond would be forever and in many ways it was much more intimate than a having a love re
  14. The smile was more showing teeth than a friendly gesture and Arette prepared her defense. She would better be ready to embrace Saidar in any heartbeat now. The other woman begun to look quite strange: quickened breathing, feverish eyes and hands fluttering nervously. She actually sweated and was that steam that she emitted? Frightening. She despised herself for actually feeling worried for her for a moment. That was what a good Wisdom did but insane pyromaniac wilders weren't worth wasting concern, they just needed to be stopped. But not yet, she'd need backup. So she needed to keep talki
  15. The music began and even though he would have prefered to take Sahra upstairs, he wasn't about to ruin whatever expectation she had for him for the night. He smiled as she began the dance and shook his head, wondering if there would ever be a time when Sahra wasn't so strongheaded. He didn't think so and he could hope not. He cared for her far more than he allowed himself to admit and he knew he'd have to face up to his emotions sooner than later, but Sahra was who she was and seeing her wait for his move made him smile in response to her challenge. He walked calmly to her side, and withou
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