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Hi I am new


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Yep, that we do!  ;D


Nice to meat you and Welcome to DM!!


Have a good look around, after a little while you'll know where everything is.. I know it's a little confusing when you first get here. Just make yourself at home and if you have any questions, ask here, PM someone you think looks helpful, or whatever.. we're happy to answer what we can.


Hope you have fun here!!

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Hey Naelpac, welcome to DM, you've defiantely come to the right place if you love the series ;)


Please have a look round and pop into the orgs, we all love to see new people around, especially at this time.


I would like to recommend the Wolfkin though, we are a friendly bunch and just love newbies, well anyone really. We are the Nature Org and home to Chilli, TQ, Pirates and Cheerleaders. So pop along and we will try to make you feel at home. At the moment we have a special welcome thread going on here in the newbies especially for you new guys so please pop in and see us. ;D


The band is the the place for travel and music. The odd brawl, and brew can be found here (well maybe more than a few), but its great fun and we even have out own game.


If you love TV, Films and Games then the Seanchan is definately the place for you too.


Just have fun where you can. Hope to see you round the boards.

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Welcome to DM!


Do you have any ideas about what you want to do? Meet friends? Discuss the books? Descend into RJ's world by RPing?


To second Talya, one place to check is the Band of the Red Hand ORG. We are DM's music and travel ORG, and we always have much going on, so you'll never be bored!


But whatever you end up doing here at DM, have fun!  :)

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You two are making me want to join !  ;D


Welcome, Naelpac - I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say it gladdens our hearts to have people join, ESPECIALLY now. 


It might be a good idea to tell us more about yourself, your interests and talents - then it would be easier to direct you to the place(s) which would most likely interest you  :)


Just as a point of interest *innocent face* - the Red Ajah LIKES men  ;D

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Guest Stefania Sedai

Welcome to DM, Naelpac! We are thrilled to have you join us. And since Corki seconded, let me third the invitation to come and check out the Band of the Red Hand! (That's where all of the cool people hang out!) We would love to have you come and join in all of our brew-induced brawling! Have fun on the boards!

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Welcome to Dragonmount! Dragonmount is a wonderful community place where people from all over the world really enjoy coming together. I’m Aleita and am the newest Wise One Apprentice of the Aiel Org. The  organisations are a really wonderful way to get to know other members here. So please pop by and say hello to us! We’re a very friendly bunch.


Aiel Link


If you have any questions or queries about the Aiel or Dragonmount in general please feel free to send me a PM. :)

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Guest nephitess

Welcome to DM!!! We’re glad to have you….please make your self comfortable. There is lots to do here and you’ll quickly learn your way around. I promise. *winks*


Make sure you check out he White Tower Org…visit the Reds, they’ll give you lots of Snugglebites. 


Also the Illiuminators Org is amazing!!! I love it because that is where all the creative people hang out. There are place for those who like graphic design, writing, or crafty stuff like candle making or soaping!!


So please check everything out and find were your comfortable!!


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