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Why I like,....


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Admittedly, I am driven to post here, becasue I have an agenda.  I have noticed a recent negative turn in the attitudes of many longtime posteres to the WOT discussion boards, myself included.  My agenda here is simple and falls under the maxim of childhood, "If you can't say something nice...."  So without further ado, I propose this thread be used to build up our fellows.


I like RobertAlexWillis, because he is thoughtful about his opinions, and because he is conciderate of others feelings.


I like Luckers becasue he knows alot about the series, and brings excitement to the discussions.


I like GentledBen because, I've NEVER read a mean or sarcastic comment from him.


I like Anonymous!, because Anoymous! is smart, and has a really clever username.


I like Maj, becasue Maj is stubborn.


I like DemandredFO because, DemandredFO says whatever he thinks.


I like Cadsuane, becasue Cadsuane has legs.


I like YoungKing, becasue YoungKing has the courage to throw himself at an argument.


I like BrainFireBob, because BFB once offered to become a woman and have my children. 

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I like loki because he's weirdly funny.


I like the dude because he's a great friend.


I like boyo because he makes me smile. all the time.


I like reyler because she is never ashamed to bite someone's nose off.


I like clog because I remember how smart he was... when i knew him.


I like sooo many dm'ers for so many reasons. this is a great idea.

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I like RAW.... becasue well I have to cause he knows where I live... and ya know he's my brother.


I like 12th for his avy, procrastinators will rule the world.... someday


I like loki, well mainly because I have yet to figure him out and puzzles are intruiging to me.


I like alys because she's easy to talk to, even if you're not the brightest bulb in the package at times..


I like danya, cause she took me under her wing when I first got here, and made me feel welcome.


I like empy, well because frankly he's one of the funniest people I've ever had the pleasure of reading their posts.


ummmm.... the rest of you are great too! I know left people out but my fingers are tired.

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hmm.. i'm afraid i'll forget a bunch of people now, but if I do, its not cause I dont like you!


I like Boyd because we have lots of things in common, but at the same time we're competly different  ;D


I like Kadere because of his hidden cameras 


I like Reyler cause she's Reyler


I like GoodGreif because she has amazingly funny posts


I like Barmacral because he's funny and we have umm certain things in common... haha.. inside joke  :P


I like Jhae because she's so smutty


I like Paet because he's jsut great


I like Kellan because of alot more reasons that I care to list here.. lol


I like Raena because she always comes back to where she belongs ;)


hmmmm I like lots of other people too.. but there's too many! I'll definatly come back and write some more.. lol.. but its too many for one post. lol


blah.. silly reasons, but my brain is mush and Boyd is impatient  :P

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As contrite as it sounds, I like everyone on these boards for the robust help I've received the two times I've asked for help.


I like the fact that everyone is willing to share their opinions, and that debates are waged over weeks, months and even years.


I like that the community here is so strong that Robert Jordan (god rest his soul) hosted his blog here -- a testimony to those that ran the site.


I like that I've only been reading the books for a little over a year, but because of the dedication of many people, I already feel like I've found the right home to discuss this amazing series of books.






edit: spelling.

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I love Jason, for giving us this place to call home.


I like kathana, for all the work she puts in to make this place work (and for being the kind of person who constantly rocks your socks)


I like Kivam, for being the kind of person who I could yell at all day about the things we disagree upon, but at the end of the day, we could happily go and grab a beer and be the best of friends despite our differences.


I love Raeyn, Karana, Emperor, Yveva for being family.


I like...Ah, to hell with it, I could write something about each and everyone of you crazy people.

I like all of you, even if we don't always see eye to eye. We all come from different places, in temrs of geography, age, education, work etc. And still, we can disagree, argue, yell at eachother, but somehow we almost always manage to find something we can also agree upon. To people who does not know about Dragonmount, I often describe this place as a dysfunctional familhy, and that kinda sums it up.


I think that people I really dislike, that must be below ten. And considering that the members of dragonmount are enough to make a small town, that's pretty gosh darn amazing.

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