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  1. Quick question -- Is Stephen R. Donaldson's Thomas Covenant series the one about the guy that has leprosy and gets transported to another world when he gets hit by a car?
  2. This was a "review" I found online about Terry Goodkind's "The Sword of Truth" series: What do you all think of these reviews ... Its this type of thing that makes me wary to read a series, I don't particularly want to get involved in a plot only to have it fall off half-way through and barely be readable.
  3. Couple things! Topic 1: More and more great suggestions! Of the major authors, I've of course read Tolkien (numerous times) and loved his work. Between what he wrote and what his son Christopher has edited and released (Silmarilion among other collections) is one of the most fleshed out universes that is there. Rowling is a fun read, but as it was originally meant for children, its a great romp but in the end about as satisfying as most Salvatore's work (though the Cleric quintet was quite good). I've read some Terry Brooks in the past and couldn't get into his stories for some reason, though I can't remember why, maybe I'll have to pick one of those books up again. "Sword of Truth" (Terry Goodkind) & "Memory, Sorrow & Thorn" (Tad Williams) seem to be a couple that I'm going to look into. I've heard mixed reviews about some of the Sword of Truth books, how they seem to slow down a little (some say the same of RJ's WoT books 6-8 -- but I loved them just as much as the rest) and was wondering what you all thought of that. I ordered Kushiel's Legacy book 1 to check it out and we'll see where that goes. Thanks for all those suggestions, it's really helped broaden my horizons for finding something to read! A good side note that people should check out is the Myst (Rand and Robyn Miller) series of books. If you liked the games at all (and even if you didn't) you can really get a feel for the world that they created. There are only three books in the series (no more are planned as far as I know), and they must be read in order. ------------------------- Next topic: What about science fiction? I (like probably many of you) love both fantasy and science fiction. Personally I've read almost all of Issac Asimov's works (yeah, I know, its quite a library) along with the Dune series (old and new). My personal favorite are those that seem grounded in real science, however far in the future. This is another genre that I'm always looking for new authors and/or new books to read. The following are a few of my favorite authors: Asimov -- Like I said before, Asimov was a genius and pretty much any of his works are golden. His short stories are wonderful along with both his Robot series and (my personal favorite) his Foundation series. Other than these series there are numerous other stand alone books (Like Nightfall) and single books set in the same universe. If you've never read Asimov, you'll be surprised how many other authors and movies have borrowed ideas from him! Greg Bear -- He's got a couple of series that are good, but he's a difficult read sometimes -- this is true hard SF. His Darwin series (Darwin's Radio, Darwin's Children) is quite good, and one of his easier reads. Its set in the near future with the human race evolving before our eyes. Radio is a much better read than Children, but if you really enjoyed the first book, then the second is more of the same, and its great to see the same characters return. He also has a series that is a bit older (first published in 1985) that begins with Eon. This series has a true 'cold war' mindset to it. Like I said before, if you like hard SF, this is a great series for you. Orson Scott Card -- His Ender series is great, though gets a little weird as you approach the end of the series, much the same as his "Homecoming" series (which is apparently loosely based on the Book of Mormon -- not being religious myself, I didn't pick up on anything). James Alan Gardner -- If you can find his books, they're all very standalone but are set in the same universe which fleshes itself out more in each book. I like his style of writing, and his books are a little shorter 3-400 pages making for a quick read in a universe that seems to have much more depth than you see in each story. He hasn't written anything in a while that I could find, but I hope he keeps writing. These are a couple great SF authors that you folks can check out, and if you know of one that is a must read, let me know!
  4. Someone mentioned this at work the other day ... this is the book series the television show is based upon, yes? Also, thanks for all the suggestions so far, I'm going to have to start reading up on some reviews... For those of you that have not read George R.R. Martin's "Song of Fire and Ice" I suggest you do (first book is "A Game of Thrones"). It is very much an Adult oriented explicit book though, so you know.
  5. So, I've read The Wheel of Time (1-11) twice now in the last year since a friend of mine told me about it, and have loved every page both times. I got turned onto "The Song of Ice and Fire" (or Fire and Ice ... whichever) by George R.R. Martin and have read all four books that have been written in that series so far ... and loved them. Now, I'm looking for more suggestions on what series to try out next. Since you folks have pointed me in the right direction before, I thought I'd start here and see if anyone has a suggestion. I've already read the staples of fantasy ans Science Fiction (Tolkien, Asimov, Herbert, Bear) as well as most of R.A. Salvatore's stuff (great fun to read, but not really deep). So, have at, and thanks in advance!
  6. n3cr0

    Why I like,....

    As contrite as it sounds, I like everyone on these boards for the robust help I've received the two times I've asked for help. I like the fact that everyone is willing to share their opinions, and that debates are waged over weeks, months and even years. I like that the community here is so strong that Robert Jordan (god rest his soul) hosted his blog here -- a testimony to those that ran the site. I like that I've only been reading the books for a little over a year, but because of the dedication of many people, I already feel like I've found the right home to discuss this amazing series of books. (thanks!) -n3cr0 edit: spelling.
  7. From a story standpoint I wish the three oaths would be removed because I think it would be awesome to see what some of those AS are really capable of (meaning both in terms of their actions and in terms of their use of the power). Also, I think that the white tower (specifically the green and red ajah's) would benefit from the added freedom to research weaves. From a novel standpoint, I think they should stay in. If give the AS a major drawback to all that power. In role playing games its like the negative status effect from a great attribute or trait. It helps balance AS out and give good reason to why they haven't taken over the world.
  8. This isn't on any of the posts mentioned above, but its something that struck me when I was reading through for the first time as a possibility: What if Cadsuane isn't bound by the three oaths anymore? It could account for her long life, as we learned that the three oaths seem to have a detrimental effect on an Aes Sedai's life-span (Knitting Circle). This might also explain why so many other Aes Sedai are surprised that she is still alive and kicking. What do you guys think?
  9. Yeah, I saw the 4k x 4k map there, that's the one that's along the right lines, but a little small just the same, also, its a little busy. I may end up just getting my girlfriend to copy the map in the book and make it gigantic in photoshop or something, she's decent with that stuff.
  10. That's along the right lines, but i think I need something even larger. I'm trying to create an interactive map that can be searched and marked easily (probably using Google Maps IP) ... we'll see how it works out! Thanks BTW!
  11. ... Well the topic says it. I'm looking a huge, digital, high-resolution map of Rand-Land. It could be of only certain parts of the world, or the whole thing (I can always splice multiple maps together). If anyone has seen something like this online and could point me in the right direction, I would be greatly appreciated. Also, if we can't find one, if anyone would be willing to work with me on creating one that would be awesome. -n3cr0-
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome! (and the list!)
  13. I recently got turned on to The Wheel of Time novels by a friend at work (who I didn't expect to read fantasy .... but goes to show!)... Anyhow, I've read through the 11 core books over the last couple months, and once I catch up on my other fiction I'll be re-reading them, what an amazing universe. Discussing the world with this buddy that turned me on to these books, he mentioned a few times that there was a very active community online, so I set out to find it, and I landed here. The one questions I have is this: Is there a list of acronyms somewhere, you folks sure do use a bunch, and it'd be useful to have a cheat sheet! Anyhow, thanks in advance! -n3cr0-
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