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*sneaks in, and pokes everyone*


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Hey, all!


I'm finally back here at dm, not sure if you know me or not...saw Drea, Daemon!

So, seem to be some old friends around ^^

Anyway, I'm use to be a warder named Jozan, and some other character's here.


Not sure I left, but guess got busy with school and such. ya know how it is.

But now I am back, at least for some time.


*Dances around again, feeling the familiar atmosphere.*


Sneaks out, same way he came. 

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Raena, I'm from Sweden yes! ^^


Hiya, Damane! Thanks, Narina, nephitess, amethea! I'll visit both, but I'm not going to have much time for for more then two characters right now, already got a glee-woman at the WT site, and planning on making a sea folk here.


See you all around!  ;D 

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waa, you're from Sweden too? coolness, I'm at the moment in a small village called Mellansel in the north, near Örsköldsvik!


Corki, you can always try hehe! Anyhow, I'm a bit busy with school, so not sure I would have the time for it. Sorry mate!

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yea, sorry! hihi!

Oh, I study mostly English, Swedish, some math...history, religion. *bläää*

Oh, some music too and Korean on my own though.


Hey, and thank you redffern! ^^ ~ hehe, yea wasn't it good! *pokes again*


see ya!!

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Hey Jozan, Welcome to DM...


I'm sure you will fit in here just fine,  ;D


I would like to recommend a couple of orgs if I may...


The Wolfkin are a fun loving, relaxed and a friendly bunch of guys, just longing to meet new people. We are the home of Chilli, TQ, Pirates and Cheerleaders. And we love anything to do with Nature. So why not pop along and get a freindlt welcome. In fact you can have one now...*dunks Jozan in chilli and licks clean* :D


The Band of the Red hand is also a great place.


And the Seanchan is there for any TV, Films, Games you wish to discuss.


And we have an organised games boards, with many forum games on the go including our very own mafia styled games.


I'm sure you will enjoy anywhere that you go. And should you have any questions please ask

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haha, Talya! Thanks for the *hot welcome! ^-^


*sneaks in and rearrange, their supply of chilli with salt instead*

Tastey matey ey! ^^


see ya around the boards Talya!

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