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Hi newb member


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Hello all. :D My little sister told me about this site. Strong fan-base.


I'm from Ireland and have been reading RJ's books for over 10 years.. god I'm getting old.


Looks like there's a helluva lot going on here :D


- Oisin

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Welcome to DM Oisin, so is your little sis hear too...


And you're never old as long as you think young.. ;D


Pop along to some of the orgs and say hi.


I would recommend the Wolfkin, full of fun people, TQ, Chilli and Lake Monsters, cheerleaders and me


or the Band, full of brawls, brews, mayhem, discussions on music and travel and of course me ;D

The seanchane to help fed your TV, Films and games addiction.


And if you like games (espicailly mafia games) pop along to the Organised games board and sign up for our newbie game.


wherever you go please have fun...and that an order ;)




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Welcome to DM!


Looks like talya has stolen most of my thunder.... actually all of it. ;)


So I'll just second a couple things.


1- Love to see you at the Wolfkin.  We like to boogey down and get funky.... or just party whatever you're up for.


2- Come on over to Organized Games and get you play on.  Right now Mafia is our main attraction, and we have openings for a newbie game right now to show you the ropes!  And we've got a Pict-o-phone game getting started so come on over and join in the competitions and fun!

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Guest nephitess


Welcome to DM!!! We’re glad to have you….please make your self comfortable. There is lots to do here and you’ll quickly learn your way around. I promise. *winks*


Make sure you check out he White Tower Org…visit the Reds, they’ll give you lots of Snugglebites. 


Also the Illiuminators Org is amazing!!! I love it because that is where all the creative people hang out. There are place for those who like graphic design, writing, or crafty stuff like candle making or soaping!!


So please check everything out and find were your comfortable!!


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Welcome to Dragonmount! Dragonmount is a wonderful community place where people from all over the world really enjoy coming together. I’m Aleita and am an Initiate of the Aiel Org. The  organisations are a really wonderful way to get to know other members here. So please pop by and say hello to us! We’re a very friendly bunch.


Aiel Link


If you have any questions or queries about the Aiel or Dragonmount in general please feel free to send me a PM. :)

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Guest Stefania Sedai

Welcome, oisin, to DM. I hope that you have lots of fun. And let me add my invitation to come on over and check out the Band of the Red Hand. We are the music and travel org, but we also have tons of fun with our brawls and brews, too! (Plus, we're where all the cool people hang out! ;) )We would love to have you join us!

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