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dELFcember 2020


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Oh and for challenge 21 here are last year's prompts



And in case someone descided to pick prompt 18 of last year, here is the list for 2018 (good thing this only the tird year total or this could go on forever)


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for those wanting help with christmas elves ?


 i found this tutorial that can help with geting started with how to make a face at least ? which is my general worst weakness 

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Thank you! Movement is hard for me too, and I'm trying to push that a little more. 


I really like all of your healers! I'm happy to see a staff in @Hayl3y's!! I had thought of something similar but went elsewhere in my doodle., so it makes me happy to see it in someone else's. ? ?

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So cute! 


I'm a little behind, but i've been fighting a migraine for the past few days. Cross my fingers it goes away. (today is better, but not quite...)


I also got some shiny new red colors I want to try out, so perhaps some mixed media next! 


ugh.. drawing men... I may jump to an earlier prompt... though I love my idea for the elven king.

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