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  1. Hi....I have two theatre shows coming up, and will be tied up with those for the next few months. I will be LOA until the end of April. I may check in periodically, though. As I am responsible for the monthly anniversary thread, could someone cover me for the time being?
  2. Actually, I've been thinking on this one :). I feel like I'm decent with words, but it does take me awhile to collect my thoughts sometimes. I'll be replying soon!
  3. I know Annie Wilkes was defeated by the author guy she captured in Misery, but I can't remember his name! Ugh! Dr. Octopus was defeated by Spiderman.
  4. I've been percolating on this one for a couple of days. The past year has not impacted me the way it has many others, and I carry a bit of guilt for it. Granted, I recognize it is ridiculous, and I do keep it in check, but it doesn't change the fact I still feel it sometimes. I spent a lot of time last year feeling like I need to give back somehow, because so much was given to me, but taken away from others. And since COVID limits in-person things, it was difficult for me to find ways to balance this within myself. So I decided to support as many local businesses as I could by buying local, as
  5. Draco? best answer ever XD Agreed....BEST ANSWER EVER! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
  6. Looks like a snake.....but I can't think of a constellation that is snake related ๐Ÿ˜„.
  7. I have so many things that light up my life: feeling the wind on my face as the horse beneath me gallops across the arena; hearing the gentle slaps of waves on my thighs as I wade fish for that trout; smelling the salt air as I wiggle my toes in the cool sands of the beach; tasting that first sip of orange spiced coffee as the rays of the morning sun kiss my face; seeing the face of the one I love above all others. The energies of nature, the Universe, and love is what makes the world brighter for me.
  8. This is SO beautiful, and the timing could not be better. I look forward to the event!
  9. I'm so here for you Lily! Over the course of the last two years, I've lost about 40 lbs...20 of that within the last 6 months. I'm 5'3", and was at 174. I am now at 133. It's so hard for me to be transparent about those numbers, but I'm making an effort to be accountable and open, as it helps me be real and honest with myself. I, too, am alone in this journey, and even now, though I feel I'm in a good routine, it's still hard sometimes (a lot of times) when the husband eats whatever in front of my face, especially knowing I struggle with weight. So yeah, I get it. It was pretty muc
  10. Today, I am getting a crown for my back molar. Fun. Then I'm going to run 4-5 miles afterward.
  11. I've been working on an oil pastel for over a year for my sister, and all I got done last year was a rough sketch. I WILL finish it this year!
  12. My goals are to: A. Finish the WoT series B. Do as many of Piper's goals as I can fit between rereading WoT. ๐Ÿ’™
  13. As much as I try to think about things before I say them, I have said some REAL dumb things in my life. As soon as they were out of my mouth I instantly put my head in my hands, and am SO embarrassed by them (obviously as they are burned into my brain), but they are funny nonetheless. 1. I had a friend introduce me to a woman with twins, male and female. And I said, "oh, you guys are fraternal twins, right?" And before I could even register everyone's reaction, I rolled my eyes and said "Of course you're fraternal twins..." I felt so dumb. 2. I was at work, and a commer
  14. If I were a character in this world, Arad Domon would definitely be where I'm from (though, I for sure don't have the coppery skin...unless I spend some time in the sun, as I actually tan well). As a matter of fact, it's what I'm planning to cosplay at JordanCon.
  15. ...the anniversary of the following folks! Happy Anniversary to all those who joined in the month of January! @AesSedaiGuy @Alira @Auren Lifelong @Bursius @Crystal Tipps @E James Todd @Isaboe @Kaylynn @Kylie Abel @Lenlo @Lethira @Mollmoll @OlwenaSedai @proctermma @Selleck @Sunrise Lord @VianneSedai @Whosangie
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