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Welcome to the Halloween auction ...its been some years since the last but Auctions are back at DM


The way to bid is to post the name of the sig or sigs you want to try to win, and a number between 1-500 thats not been posted already for that sig. 


Ex I want to bid for Mistral - 368, and Trick - 429


you can bid on as many or few sigs as you want, and obviously its up too you if they are for you or a gift for someone that you know would apriciate the sig.



Starscape Adams (will be replaced by handle) by Liitha



Mistral (will be replaced by handle) by Liitha



Mistral2 (will be replacedby handle) by Liitha



Frost by Hayl3y



Witch by Hayl3y



Happy by Hayl3y



Trick by Hayl3y



Monster by Liitha



Bewitching by Lava

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Ok it's open, there may still be a couple strangler sigs arriving later today

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Starscape Adams - 421
Mistral         - 333
Mistral2        - 111
Frost           - 031
Witch           - 266
Happy           - 357
Trick           - 213
Monster         - 100


I am so open to swapping/trading/giving sigs I win, just let me know why yer need it more than I do 😉

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Mistral         - 93
Mistral2        - 152
Frost           - 198
Witch           - 402
Happy           - 7
Trick           - 369


Fantastic work everyone!  Happy Halloween  🙂

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4 hours ago, Phaedra said:

Dang it! I missed this! These are all lovely sigs! Ya'll are amazing creators!

There are more in premades


And I am sure we will see more premade treads soon enough also new auction in a lil over 2 weeks

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