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Old Man River, He Just Keeps Rollin' Along


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Buenos Dias Y'all, from Fort Stinkin' Desert. That'd be the Valley of the Sun to thems that don't know. I'm old, in case yer' wonderin'. I joined up here just a couple weeks after Herself, (waitforit, she'll be along any time now, nudge nudge wink wink). But ...I joined the Band a couple weeks before her ... so I got that goin' for me.
Pretty much a miscreant if truth be told and I have issues there, if one believes the rumours. I have no idea who's about this pop stand these days other than Herself and the ever lovely and gracious (that'll be a 'tener yer majesticness ? ) Elgee whose moniker I've seen tossed about as I've perused these 'intro' posts. I suspect there's still some about who I'll recall and 3 or 6 who'll remember their prior misfortune in making my acquaintance. Any road... that's me. Crossin' the threshold once again. We'll see how long this visit lasts ?

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