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Anyone above the rank of Lightful may claim one of the new first-levelers for their very own "cookpot". Granted, only Trollocs truly have a cookpot, but who are you to tell us that our game is wrong and innacurate?



The Rules :
1. Any member 2nd level and above may claim a Ful. The claimer is designated the "Chef", and the claimed is considered "Food".
2. Each member may only cookpot ONE ful at a time. Likewise, multiple members may not cookpot the same ful.
3. Any member that has more than 100 points cannot be tossed into a cookpot.
4. When the ful reaches level 2, the person that claimed them gets 50 points.
5. The Chef may empty their cookpot at any time and choose another Food.
6. The only other way this arrangement gets dissolved is if one of the members goes inactive.
7. A Cookpot with a Purged Ful will be deleted, and the chef will not be informed.


Anyone who is 2nd level or above may cookpot any of the people who join who are not on the points page here




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