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The Tainted Times - March 2018

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And again!  A day late, but hey... if the roll call ain't up yet, that just means I'm the BEST STAFF MEMBER. :wink:

You love me.  You know you do.  :dry:




No brave souls faced the insanity in March - alas!  





Staff is still discussing the suggested change to promotion requirements.  Stay tuned!





The February Saidin Class has extended into March (and April).  If @Nikon hasn't been eaten by eels, we look forward to completing the class and having a few newly informed Soldiers to boss around.  





Darthe's About A Girl mafia game (located in the main mafia board) is still looking for signups - if you are a mafia addict, or a recovering addict, or a gullible sucker who just can't say no, your signup is welcome!





What's new since the last Tainted Times:

Mashi tells us about her Asha'man coat

Ithi trained DJ in the ways of the One Power Battles (private board)

Leyrann and Illian Tear continue to be frustrated by the OP rollers at every turn (private board)

Niniel has set up a predictions game for the new Avengers Infinity War movie... come earn points!


Not so new, but recently active:

Discussion continues on the Marvel Universe

Is it spring yet?  The argument over weather vs. astronomy continues.

Leyrann's The Way of Kings thread has morphed into discussing all things Sanderson, and also random other reading material.

The 250,000 post thread is still alive and kicking.  Very slowly.

February's Saidin Class marches on!  (private board)





The 250,000 Post Thread Update (because we're masochists):

          As of March 4, 2018:              237,437 replies

          As of April 2, 2018:                 237,662 replies


We're up 225 from last month - can we make the goal by the end of 2018? 


The Battle for Spam Supremacy:

          Black Tower:                          711,499 posts (up 468 from March 4)

          General Discussion:             982,634 posts (up 759 from March 4)


General Discussion has slowed its roll a bit, but the Tower continues to fall behind in its effort to reign as Spam Overlords of DM.  Will April prove to be more spam-filled?  ONLY TIME WILL TELL.





Yours till the brownies run dry...

~ Tress, Storm Leader of the Light

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2 hours ago, Songstress said:

We're up 225 from last month - can we make the goal by the end of 2018? 



Gonna take about 4 years at this speed.

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