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  1. Welcome, welcome! Enjoy yourself here on our public boards while I get your request for private board access into our... Um... Locksmiths!
  2. Welcome to our group! I see the drinks and welcome committee is already on top of things so I'll just get to requesting your keys (access) be made.
  3. Huzzah! Two new members to add to our ranks! I'll get those access requests in and, in the meantime, enjiy your welcome threads!
  4. Not just any joust... A HP joust!
  5. ** hopes the little trollic doesn't bite the trigger of his leg protector brace that shoots a dagger out from his boots. **
  6. Yeah... But with a thestral your opponent may not see your mount unless they've seen death first hand so gives you a possible advantage.
  7. Takes a seat amongst all the audience members, close to the bar. Takes a swig from his goblet. This should be quite interesting! Thoigh Chae, I half exprcted you to ride in on a thestral.
  8. If you get permissions soon this one... Can usually catch up pretty easily as long as it hasn't finished and we are just starting.
  10. Happy ....

    Happy belated V-Day all... Hope it was a good one!
  11. Extra tainty... plus many other tainted treats to enjoy!
  12. Or click Categories in the smileys menu and choose the other (non-default) list.
  13. You've seen it but for official sake... Your welcome thread! Your access request to our BT member boards has been submitted and will be processed soon(ish).
  14. Howdy Y'all!

    Welcome to the site. Not familiar with that game personally but best of luck! As others have said, when you have time please check out the many social groups and RP groups here on the site or ask questions about them here for one of us to try and answer.