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  1. Ah, another pub to dri... i mean patronize... I'll take some rum... My weight you say... Better make it a keg!
  2. RWBY & Sword Art Online eh... Sounds like fun since both are excellent series.
  3. And now that Mafia game I had once brainstormed based on the Pick of Destiny is back in my head.. thanks!
  4. Ah but dice, the actual greatest and best song they sang didn't actually sound anything like that song... That was just a tribute!
  5. Was it the milk Luke drank in this newest Star Wars... cause yeah... That scene honestly felt a little wrong but may just be my mind going somewhere it shouldn't.
  6. Just finished some diet tea (I know tea shouldn't need to be diet but as most stuff here in the US... it probably isn't completely real tea like I make with tea packets).
  7. Wow, this is really exciting! *Sips his brew* Can't wait for the site wide joust... Been wanting to participate in one for a while.
  8. Awesome, I'm trying to get my desktop working, doesn't want to load my desktop at the moment, then I'll get to the first lesson.
  9. Lol... Last place but still fun and super easy... Thanks for hosting it!
  10. Welcome, welcome! Enjoy yourself here on our public boards while I get your request for private board access into our... Um... Locksmiths!
  11. Welcome to our group! I see the drinks and welcome committee is already on top of things so I'll just get to requesting your keys (access) be made.
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