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Want some fresh points?

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Both were right. I will add points when I have my laptop. I will also check if there are some lines left. It will have to wait until tomorrow though. After a night of three hours of sleep I need to go to bed now. Zzzzzz...

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5 songs left. I have edited the first post to show which has been guessed already.

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Correct. :)


Cindy - 5 + 1

Illian Tear - 3

Basel - 1

LZM - 1

Ithi - 1

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12 hours ago, Nikon said:

: I just can´t sleep, I´m so


Crazy by Brittany Spears 




11 hours ago, Mrs. Cindy Gill said:

I need somebody


help, the Beatles 


Not the one I thought of, but it´s okay. 

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That means that we are done!


1 point = 5 BT points

1 red point = 2,5 BT points



Cindy - 35

IT - 15

Basel - 5

LZM - 5

Ithi - 5

Nikon - 10



Thanks for playing!

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