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OUCH!!! My Eyeballs!!!

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Do they make glasses for not being able to see my reflection in the mirror?


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3 ain't terrible. I can manage that. If it was like 7 or more.......then I'd be snorting any and all painkillers I could get my hands on

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Wait are tri-focals an actual thing?

Yes. I am considering getting some. They are bifocals with an extra strip for viewing computer screens. 


I lost track of a lot of threads playing mafia, and this was one of them, so I'm catching up now.


I second Dar'Jen's question--how are you doing now, LZM?

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    • SI__ING / EGG / NOG   No A, T, D, R
    • S____NG / EGG / NOG   No A, T, D, R
    • I'm so glad there's at least some progress for you, hon!   My ex, who's currently living in Tallahassee, sends his regards. They seem to be back to normal there.
    • You mean during WW1 and 2 where we had concentration camps for Japanese US Citizens? That has nothing to do with criminalizing languages that weren't English and everything to do with us being at war with them. A really damn big war.   You find me something like this that A) isnt from over 100 years ago and B) isn't from the same time period where we jailed US citizens based on nationality, still didn't allow black people or women to vote and weren't at War with half the world, then you will have a point.   As is? That's an out of date example based on a world changing event. Other countries with official languages didn't do that, so why does America with no official language doing that prove that having an official language will cause it to happen? Simply, it doesn't.   The precedent argument is ridiculous. You can't set precedent for criminalizing something by making one thing required. They are two independent things and by your own examples, we don't need to have an official language to criminalize other languages. Your own examples showed them to be independent of each other.