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New or Returned, hard to recall!


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Heya all. If you care to think of me as returned, it would be after +/- 15 years, but to 99% of people here i am probably New!  I always want to think i can recall this website being created, but its difficult to be sure. 

If any here used to frequent Battle.net in Diablo 1&2 and Starcraft in the (WoT) guild (led by Mike / Shai'tan(WoT) on the old bnet) you may recall me. I was "lowercase r" rand back then AKA drey... 97~02ish, probably? Yeah, forever ago- when there were only 2 rands on the internet still. ;)

I could be reaching too far once more, but i swear the "bela is best character" thing started in that guild.... ;)  Anyhow, with the BIG NEWS for TV, I had to poke my head in and say hey...maybe see if i run into any old familiar screennames (faces) lol. 

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As for the forum, no idea- I never could keep up with forums for some reason.

However, on battle.net i was rand(WOT), case sensitive and only one as such at the time. Also Dreynoch- a handle i ditched long ago after i spotted it being used by by people not myself in other games/ares of the internets. Being no longer unique, i let it go

One of the lead officers of the guild was Nyn, but by the nature of the guild almost everyone had a WoT name! Seems another life ago, sometimes. May as well be- We still used ICQ back then haha

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Welcome (back) to DM.


I'm rather new to the site, but wanted to say "hello".


Not sure what the place was like when you were here, but I've heard there have been changes over the years. Folks are friendly here, so feel free to wander around and ask questions. It's a fun place to be, so hope you enjoy yourself.

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Welcome back ! I have been here since 2005... but I don't think we met :biggrin:


Anyways, don't hesitate to ask us all the question you may have nor to have a look around !

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