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  1. Thanks! As for the forum, no idea- I never could keep up with forums for some reason. However, on battle.net i was rand(WOT), case sensitive and only one as such at the time. Also Dreynoch- a handle i ditched long ago after i spotted it being used by by people not myself in other games/ares of the internets. Being no longer unique, i let it go One of the lead officers of the guild was Nyn, but by the nature of the guild almost everyone had a WoT name! Seems another life ago, sometimes. May as well be- We still used ICQ back then haha
  2. Heya all. If you care to think of me as returned, it would be after +/- 15 years, but to 99% of people here i am probably New! I always want to think i can recall this website being created, but its difficult to be sure. If any here used to frequent Battle.net in Diablo 1&2 and Starcraft in the (WoT) guild (led by Mike / Shai'tan(WoT) on the old bnet) you may recall me. I was "lowercase r" rand back then AKA drey... 97~02ish, probably? Yeah, forever ago- when there were only 2 rands on the internet still. ;) I could be reaching too far once more, but i swear the "bela is best character" thing started in that guild.... ;) Anyhow, with the BIG NEWS for TV, I had to poke my head in and say hey...maybe see if i run into any old familiar screennames (faces) lol.
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