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Hey Inola ! I love your avvie :biggrin:


Don't hesitate to look around and ask us all our questions !


I am Chae, member of the Band of the Red Hand, the White Tower and the Wolfkin. I write some RPs as well ^^

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I think most of us suck a little at intros, though some people do amaze me with their eloquence. Well, and make me jealous ... lol ...



Aaaanyhoo ... welcome to DM! How far along in the series are you now? Any people / groups in it that you particularly like / dislike?


Which friend, btw? That person deserves a thank you from us *grins*

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Elgee, her handle is Jagen Sedai. I just finished book three, but I started with New Spring. There's a few I like; I find the Aiel interesting, and the Ogier, but I really fell in love with the Tuatha'an and the Wolfkin. I wasn't overly impressed with the Domani or the Seanchan, in fact I had stopped reading in the second book until my husband - who has been a fan since he was a kid - promised it would get better. He was right, the ending was most satisfying. 


Chae, thank you! I love foxes. 

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If you're sfill reading for the first tike be careful of spoilers, especially in the discussion boards.


The Social Groups are generally safe, especially if you mention that you are still reading the series and let the other members know where you are currently at in it. They're also a great way to meet the other members of the site!

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