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The Last Book Tour

  • Harriet and Team Jordan will be going on one last Book Tour to promote the upcoming Wheel of Time Companion and Dragonmount founder Jason Denzel's upcoming Mystic novel. Get all the info here.

Tor Books announced today a book tour to promote the upcoming Wheel of Time Companion, as well as Jason Denzel's debut novel, Mystic.  Harriet McDougal, Alan Romanczuk, and Maria Simons will be on the tour for Team Jordan. 


Here are the dates and locations:


Nov 3Mount Pleasant, South Carolina / Barnes and Noble (Also joined by our friend Michael Livingston, promoting his book, The Shards of Heaven) , 7:00pm

Nov 4Seattle, Washington /University Bookstore (Held at University Temple), 7:00pm (Ticketed event. See website for details)

Nov 5San Francisco, California / Borderlands, 6:00pm

Nov 6Petaluma, California / Copperfield’s, 7:00pm (Ticketed event. See website for details)

Nov 7Los Angeles, California / Vroman's, 6:00pm

Nov 8San Diego, California / Mysterious Galaxy, 2:00pm (Ticketed event. See website for details)

Nov 9Las Vegas, Nevada / Las Vegas County Library, 7:00pm

Nov 10Santa Fe, New Mexico / Jean Cocteau Cinema (Hosted by George R.R. Martin)

Nov 11Houston, Texas /Murder by the Book, 7:00pm

Nov 12Chicago, Illinois / Anderson's Bookshop Naperville, 7:00pm

Nov 14Sacramento, California / Barnes and Noble (Natomas), 2:00pm (Jason Denzel only)

Nov 15Elk Grove, California / Trent's Bookshelf, Time TBD (Jason Denzel only)

Nov 21Raleigh, North Carolina / Quail Ridge Books & Music, 2:00pm (Harriet, Maria, Alan only)

Nov 28Davis, California / Avid Reader Bookshop, 7:30pm (Jason Denzel only)


We hope to see you come and attend the Last Book Tour for the Wheel of Time, and also help launch Jason's book!  For those of you who can't attend these locations, have no fear, you can always attend JordanCon and meet the same people each year.

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i am so confused as to lack of NYC tour dates. I was a tower guard for the gathering storm tour date and it was great. Please add NYC to ur list, this is the last tour.....

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The stop in Raleigh on the 21st. Will that include Harriet as well or just Alan Romanczuk, and Maria Simons for Team Jordan?

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It  looks like a California Book tour. You have Chicago as the only city in the Midwest and Raleigh and Mount Pleasant as the only stops in the south and no stops at all in the Northeast!

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Whoever designed the stops for this tour, needs to be locked up in a room wonder trio whining about men.


But seriously, no North East stops only one mid-west stop? and six cali stops?!

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Seriously?  Once again the Colorado/Utah/Wyoming/Montana areas are being neglected.  Way to go California, with SIX stops!  At least New Mexico gets a mention, but only because G.R.R.M. is hosting?  What about New York?  Denver?  St. Louis?  The person planning this must have been throwing darts at a map trying to make a smiley face.  Must have struggled with California, and then ran low on darts for the Midwest and northern East Coast.

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