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  1. I’d say weekly, wanna enjoy the show for as long as possible
  2. i am so confused as to lack of NYC tour dates. I was a tower guard for the gathering storm tour date and it was great. Please add NYC to ur list, this is the last tour.....
  3. Congrats to all selected! be Proud. ill see the memory keepers in feburary. until then enjoy the book.
  4. imma head to Philly if any1 wants to group up lemme know
  5. the early release, in my opinion, was caused by an internal leak of the chapters anyway. maybe they will give us another chapter come december.
  6. ordered it on amazon. shipped to my moms place in NY. FO SHIZ!!!!!
  7. man it took me a while to catch up. it seems that we have agreed to disagree on a lot of different decisions that Egwene makes. I'm happy that we r handling it like adults. back to the topic. Egwene, in my opinion, should take the test at some point. why? because i feel she must. my problem is this. once she stops being Amyrlin at some point while she is alive, does that make her Accepted again? then she would have to take the test, if it is still in affect, and ask an Ajah for her to join.
  8. this has been probably asked before. can u channel both TP and OP simultaneously?
  9. There was no requirement for the Amyrlin to be Aes Sedai prior.Do you believe it to be so because a)it went without saying that only an Aes Sedai would even be considered for the position or b) because they saw the prospect of rising a non-aes sedai to it ? Aes Sedai accept her, true.Still, she never took that test, for a tittle she claims. True, just like I give my own opinion.Unless this is a private convo in which case, sorry for intruding. I don't really see your point. Obviously, they never considered that a woman who was not Aes Sedai would be considered for the Amyrlin Seat, and that is where the loophole came from. However, it also clearly states "The Amyrlin, as Aes Sedai..." which is the basis for her title as Aes Sedai. She is Aes Sedai by virtue of being Amyrlin, and that is made quite clear in the books. I am sure you are aware of it. Because of that, she does not need to take the test in order to claim that title; it is hers by right as Amyrlin Seat. Again, what does it matter if she ever takes the test or not? No, it is not a private conversation, but I asked him to clarify his statement, not for someone else's interpretation of his statement. which statement did u want me to clarify, cause I don't remember if i did clarify or not. lol hahaha. please be nice. no prison shanks into anyones kidneys please. LOL
  10. this is the main reason she can't do it, maybe she will get rid of the testings completely. i don't know, but i feel she should have done the testing. and state that she does it, because she is Aes Sedai and she needs to do it for the betterment of herself and for sake of tradition. look at what Nyneave gained by doing it. Nyneave knows that the tower comes after Lan. it might give Egwene some more perspective.
  11. it's not right and she knows it. then she becomes self serving. but, i know she will take it......eventually. but i doubt we will see when she does.
  12. Well first, so? And second, what proof do you have that she will not take it? Her thoughts, as highlighted in bold text in my quote, indicate that she intends to take the test someday. Sorry, I thought I had quoted the relevant post when I responded the first time. hehe, np. my last post was supposed to say YET at the end. i do feel that she will take the test but not now, because its not good for her right now. she should close that loophole and take the test and end it.
  13. lol, ty. i totally forgot that. but, she has not taken nor will she take the test for becoming Aes Sedai.
  14. she is not power hungry she is power needy. as in she needs more power to complete goals, whether they by the WT's or hers.
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