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  1. The stop in Raleigh on the 21st. Will that include Harriet as well or just Alan Romanczuk, and Maria Simons for Team Jordan?
  2. I went back to the Eye of the World. Chapter 1 actually states the Winespring as having a red tiled roof, river rock for the 1st floor and whitewashed stone for the 2nd. It looks like it is the Stag and Lion as chapter 13 (Choices) states it is a 4 story building, just like it appears in the picture. Knowing that when the party left The Stag and Lion Nynaeve had joined them (which would be 8) and then the removed Dannil (Ive never heard of this character before) would make 9. Mystery solved. Thank you all. Has been bugging me for a few days now.
  3. Hello all, so Ive been doing some work for a side project. I have several copies of the Eye of the World and I am having trouble finding information on the interior cover of The Eye of the World: I know Darrell K. Sweet is the artist for this image (by the initials by Mandarb's hooves). Im trying to figure out where in the story this image is from? From what I can tell, I assume this would be from Chapter 10: Leavetaking, as they head out from Edmond's Field to Tarren Ferry. Also in that chapter, only 7 people leave on horseback (Rand, Mat, Perrin, Lan, Moiraine, Egwene and
  4. The fact that these 2 authors are book series are intertwined is awesome. So we know RJ read Game of Thrones...I wonder if George R.R. Martin ever read any of the Wheel of Time?
  5. So far I have gotten lucky. Ive got books 1-5 and book 9 came in yesterday. Books 6,7,8 and 10 will be here Tuesday. I decided to keep the smaller copies of tGH. The 2nd copy I got had no dust jacket but the book was immaculate. So I took the terrible other copy, pulled the dust jacket and found it had been sealed in plastic and actually was in good condition and I just moved it to the good copy hardback book. So far, I think my copies of fires of heaven and winters heart are first edition first printings? I took some pictures. I only paid $5 for each and they are in mint condition. Are the
  6. Hello everyone, this is my first post and I have a terrible problem right now with my copies of The Great Hunt (hardcover). I bought the books 1-3 in paperback, and I liked the series so much I decided Im going to get them all in hardcover and start a good fantasy book collection. For about 2 months now Ive been buying books off amazon. To save a few dollars, Ive been buying them used. So far, I have books 1-5 in hardcover. My problem is, my books for The Great Hunt, is about 3/4 the size of the rest of the books. The first order I placed for The Great Hunt came, and even thou
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