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Question About the Forsaken


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Exactly...TAR and the real world intersect there... Imagine if u and I were in the same home, but standing on opposite sides of a wall... You'd be able to hear me, but not see me..in order for u to see me, we'd both have to be standing in a spot where we were "lined up" with the "doorway", so to speak...Imagine if someone had channelled open a gateway into TAR, which we know Rand, Egwene, and the Forsaken know how to do, except the doorway drilled all the way through into the DO's prison. Creates a problem, right? How do u close the gateway when the DO is trying to hold it open? We know also from the books that holding a gateway open is possible, but is something that only incredibly powerful individuals such as Rand, Demandred, and Semirhage, can weave.

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trollocs; found the scene last night.

Shadow Rising; at the Stone, after Rind picked up Callandor from his room.



do not recall it happening to any human character.

In book 3, when the girls are kidnapped and knocked unconscious, they wake and proceed the kill the Myrdraal that arranged it...Horrible death..He was simultaneously burned from the inside out, crushed to the size of a basketball, and balefired.


went through that scene last night.    the internal combustion affected just the 3 myrddraal; the humans were already killed by the Aiel.



Balthamor and Aginor are trapped "near the surface of the Bore" and thus are affected by time, becoming extremely aged, etc.


But Ishamael, who is only partially caught when the Bore is sealed, does not appear to be ravaged with age.


Why the difference?


some possibilities besides channeling strength::

-Ishamael's use of the True Power; not entirely sure on that.

-some kind of protection from the Dark One; not sure what that protection would be.



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The bore is not at Shayol Ghul, it is everywhere but the pattern is thinnest at Shayol Ghul so that is where the Dark One has the largest effect on the world.


It would make sense if Shayol Ghul was where the bore was drilled, but nothing in the companion says that was the exact spot. 


After the breaking it became a mountain in the Blasted Lands, where the DO's prison lay close to the world.  More preciously, Shayol Ghul was a sort focus point, a place where the Dark One's prison close to the world - there was a thinness in the pattern, allowing the bore to be detected - so the focus of the Dark One's strength was there.


So Shayol Ghul is where the bore is the easiest to detect. 

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Yeah, going back to the OP, I gotta say, this was handled kind of weird. I feel like I'm missing something because Jordan is usually so good about connecting his details even when he's trying to rehash things for new readers or readers who might have forgotten what happened in previous books.


But at the beginning of The Dragon Reborn, right after Rand strikes off on his own, Moiraine is having a conversation with Perrin and the others about how the seals are starting to break on Shayol Ghul and some of the Forsaken might have gotten out. And Perrin is disbelieving at first and everyone's kind of like, "No way." I literally just read through that part today.


What? Dudes, y'all already heard about the seals breaking and ended up facing two Forsaken at the end of The Eye of the World! I was so confused in that moment, because though I know that Jordan kind of shifted his grand plan for the series after EotW, I mean, Nynaeve even has that whole face-off with Aginor when she is going through the Accepted test in The Great Hunt. So in the very next book it is like ancient history that no one remembers or something? What happened there?

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