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  1. You gotta remember though that the Creator determined from the beginning of time who could channel and who couldn't... Apparently there are a finite number of souls and everyone is simply reincarnated over and over, so it's not something to given or taken away...It's a part of who you are, not a physical characteristic, although apparently having the spark is genetic... remember the Ayyad women were only allowed to marry the sons of women who could channel, and look at Elayne...her mother and her paternal aunt (Moiraine) could channel.
  2. I disagree, simply because he made 3 books out of what RJ had only intended to be 1...RJ definitely had started dragging out the plot, but apparently the last book was supposed to be really action-packed Just going by the foreshadowing that was fulfilled in TGS and TOM, I'm not sure how it would all have fit into one book and include the Last Battle. Now, you could definitely make an argument for TGS and TOM being streamlined into one book, but you could say that about several books in the series. I remember RJ being quoted as saying it was gonna be 1 book even if Tor Books had to invent a new way of binding the books or if it had to have it's own library cart, lol
  3. Nynaeve got frelingd from ter'angreal, but it was non-specific...In KoD, it's revealed Aviendha can tell you exactly what one should do...Yes we know Elayne will eventually equal Egwene, but that's not useful right now...As for Egwene, several times we see her invent a weave on the spot (most notable is when they meet in TAR in book 13 and she invents a weave to trick someone into trying to eavesdrop, Elayne and Nynaeve look at her in amazement). I just meant her best moments didn't involve channeling...she goes into battle with other channelers twice, and is defeated both times by women who are much weaker, and the second time she was using an angreal that made her twice as strong as Nynaeve... Nynaeve lacked Egwene's ability to innovate, but she was able to duplicate any weave she sees once. yes, Elayne was talented in Cloud Dancing, but that wasn't unusual in of itself... Moiraine was talented in this area too (remember the fog in TEotW?), and apparently there weren't no living Aes Sedai who could match the Sea Folk...I'm not saying she wasn't talented, it's just that at some points it's shown that even though she was gifted, a more experienced channeler could overcome her in a contest, even if she was much weaker. As a side note, according to the Companion, Nynaeve was pretty close to her full strength...(she'd been Channeling for 7-8 years, remember)? But they never tell how close Elayne is.. Even Aviendha, who matches her potential, is listed as 11(+2), so we know exactly how close she was to her potential. Yeah, I often reread my favorite books (lol)...I notice something new every time....
  4. Yes, that's what I meant by practical application...True, her potential matched Egwene, but Egwene was stronger right now, and hadn't reached her potential...It usually takes until about age 30 to do that, and apparently Egwene was already close to hers and wasn't 20 yet. That implies a big difference in actual strength. I guess third wheel wasn't a good way it put it, but its true that other than her unusual OP strength and her ter'angreal-making, most of her notable achievements weren't related to Channeling, and one things that add to that is, whenever the three of them were together, Egwene was the one who did most of the channeling (she was the most skilled) except when involved Healing or needed brute strength, then there was Nynaeve(she was the strongest), so where does that leave Elayne? It just always seemed she wasn't made out to be as amazing as the other girls....Even Aviendha was able to match her and Egwene, was good with weather, could tell what a weave should do just by reading the OP residues, and had the totally unheard of Talent of being able to tell a ter'angreal's purpose just by touching it. I feel that RJ only made her powerful because it contrasted with her mother's weakness and it meant that she'd be high-ranking sister ,plus it advanced the plot by giving our spoiled Elaida a reason to have enmity towards her.
  5. Yeah, but don't u think it would be odd to work in tandem with someone today and have them bitterly oppose u tomorrow...(think LTT and Latra Posae, if u know who she is, apparently she was the Egwene of the AoL My guess us that was pretty common, since It's not uncommon to agree with someone on one issue and not on another. Also have to remember when the fight was being lost people would become more and more desperate probably tossing out wild ideas. This is off topic (sorry), but do u think if she (Latra) had gone along with LTT's plan that both saidin and saidar would've been tainted? I ask because Rand used a totally different method than what LTT was planning.
  6. Yeah, but don't u think it would be odd to work in tandem with someone today and have them bitterly oppose u tomorrow...(think LTT and Latra Posae, if u know who she is, apparently she was the Egwene of the AoL
  7. Has anyone else noticed that although even though the Tower considered Elayne, Egwene, and Nynaeve to all be geniuses in things concerning the OP, Elayne seemed to be the least talented of the group? All three were remarkably strong and had different skills and weaknesses​, but somehow she had the short end of the stick when it came to practical application. Nynaeve was the strongest, able to match Moghedien in raw strength and trying with a past Amrylin as the strongest woman to call herself Aes Sedai since the AoL, only had to be shown a weave once, and was unmatched as a Healer amongst female channelers. Egwene was an amazingly fast and dexterous weaver and was unmatched in her ability to innovate and create new weaves as needed (her ability in this area even amazed Elayne and Nynaeve), and also , like Nynaeve, was equally strong in all five Powers (something that was almost unheard of), and, due to being forced by the Seanchan, was gaining her strength that had never seen before. Where does that leave Elayne? True, her potential matched Egwene's, but in actual strength Egwene haf far surpassed her. She was a quick weaver, but admitted that Moiraine probably could weave faster in her sleep. Egwene was supposedly only average at Healing (although she was good enough to impress the First Weaver of the Yellow Ajah), but Elayne could barely Heal a bruise. Other than her strength, her sole claim to fame was her ability to make ter'angreal, which admittedly​ hadn't been seen since the AoL, but the other girls each had done something that hadn't been since since the AoL. Is just me, or waz she kinda the 3rd wheel? Even Aviendha had some unusual abilities... Does anyone else agree?
  8. I always thought it was odd that he never mentioned anyone relieving themselves, but he mentions that Elayne's menstrual cycle had synchronized itself with Birgitte's... That was something I didn't really need/want to know...
  9. Thanks. I don't think be ever visited that site...It's not in my browser's bookmarks.
  10. It doesn't sound like the ajahs were defined groups the way they are now, more committees to deal with an issue and once that issues dealt with the group dissolve and join other groups or go it alone for a while I don't actually know anything about this though You're right, the groups were temporary. You're weren't permanently aligned with a particular group...Once a solution was reached on whatever this issue was, they went their separate ways and when they next came together, it might be for a different purpose, and some of the original members may be a part of an Ajah that opposes the original one...Sounds very flighty to me.
  11. Yeah. That sounds like the same as in the 3rd Age, except with Aes Sedai who basically changed Ajahs whenever it suited their purpose, imagine if Nynaeve chose to be Green when it came to decision that affected her personally, but Green @ other times, or Egwene choosing to Blue when dealing with the Hall, but Green the test of the time...Sounds even worse and more complicated than the 3rd Age system, never knowing who was siding eith who on what day of the week...I think Leane was the only person to have done it since the founding of the White Tower.
  12. They did...at one point one of the male Forsaken (I don't remember which one) made a comment about the Ajahs (it was in lowercase caps, so I'm guessing it means something in the Old Tongue), saying in so many words that they were pretty much the same as in the AoL. He meant it as a compliment, but the was speaking of the political machinations and manipulateness of the current Aes Sedai.
  13. You could still have been white...Lanfear was.. I think most of the others were Green...Mesaana and Moghedien were Brown... Demandred, Lews Therin, and Sammael were Green... Semirhage and Graendal were Yellow...I don't know about Be'lal or Balthamel. I don't think Asmodean was Aes Sedai, even though he was a powerful channeler, and his mom was Aes Sedai... Everyone was tested @ 10 yrs old during the AoL, so I don't think there were wilders. Imagine it.. Channeling was probably taught in school, probably like classes for "gifted" students or something... As a side note, IRL most people that know me would probably think I would choose White though...
  14. Actually, I like Alanna...I'd would be a Green myself if I were Aes Sedai. I've always thought, some of the Ajah felt that the real world as chess pieces. Green live their lives (they marry, and some even have children). But living your live includes making mistakes. .
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