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The Beers of the Red Hand

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We tried this one yesterday. Only 5 %, it was quite light and refreshing. A bit sour compared to other brands.

I really liked the picture on it XD



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Over the last year, I have had to transition to being gluten-free. First because we found out my daughter has Celiac (so our house is now free from cross-contamination), and second because as we did research, I discovered 100% of my undiagnosed health problems fit Celiac and went away when I stopped having gluten.


That said... anyone have any beer recommendations that are gluten-free? If you know of any, especially if they aren't on the dry end of beers or are flavored (ginger in beer... yum!), I'd love to try it!

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Gluten free ? oh my ... that mustn't be easy :(


I haven't tried these but I really love the other beers made by these factories.


First the Vagabond





Then the Grisette



Not sure that these are available everywhere in your country though :(


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Oh nooo, but beer! Yeah, I've gotten worse at drinking beer in the last year or so. It's the only fizzy thing I ever drink and I don't think my stomach can handle it in large quantities anymore. Well. In vast, speedy student qualities. That's ok though, I'm just gonna drink yummy beers and good summer beers because it's disgustingly warm here. 

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