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Star Wars Week: Prediction Thread!


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Welcome to the Star Wars Week Prediction Thread! You've come to the right place to discuss all your predictions for the newest movie in the series: Star Wars Episode 7 - The Force Awakens!


While there are many predictions floating around on the internet, including a collection of terrible ones on cracked.com here (caution: language), we want to know what our fellow DMers think the latest entry in the Star Wars saga has in store for us! So please participate here and tell us what you think will happen in The Force Awakens! 

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Hmmm.... Will R2 still be around? I don't remember seeing him or PO in the previews..... O.o


Lucas once stated that R2 and 3CPO will be in all the films, and there's a 2 second glance of R2 and (suspected luke) in one of the trailers.

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I think we will find that Staff is a Siths weapon.


I think Chewbacca will die    gods i hope not....!!!!!!!!!!!


I am not a weapon.


Whether or not the Staff are Sith is an open question...


*Uses the Force to throw something at you*

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