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The First Age: Charity Event


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Like so many battles, it was over quickly. Everyone seemed okay, except the other Atharim on the ground. Jared flipped him over, pulling out his first aid kit as he did so.  This was the reason why he always kept one with him. He had seen Nox had shot him, and wasn't sure he approved, but understood the reasoning.  Nox had probably saved the man's life by shooting him. Jared also didn't care that this man would judge him for his magical abilities.  Jared protected people and saved lives, he would do what he could.


Bullet wound to the knee, there wasn't much he could do about it, but he could stop the bleeding. Jared moved with proficiency.  He had done field medic duty before.  Eliot would need a hospital though. "I've done what I can for him. He'll need a hospital."  He turned to Nox.


"You, shirt off." Jared said as he pulled out the sutures from his pack.  Jared had some healing ability and he would use it, but despite Martin's response to Nox's use of magic, he didn't want to openly use it here.  He didn't want to risk his son being on the Atharim's lists. "And if you don't mind - sterilize this."  Jared held up the needle.

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Barry was quite alarmed to learn that Dorian and nox we're both hunters. he needed to be careful, but with the fact that he wasn't dead already showed that he could trust Dorian a little.

When they entered barry saw a fireball fly from nox... " what in the blue moon!!" Barry could smell the burning monster as if he was an inch away. He heard of a legend. He never thought it could be true. Still in disbelieve he spoke softly to dorian. "Just a illuminator right. .. (with a nervous chuckle)"


" i think ill wait by the corridor here while you go check on him". Yes yes better to be safe then sorry he thought. He wasnt sure what exactly was happening. Barry should be terrified for his life right know. There were four.. four Atharim in front of him!!! While he knew he should be careful' his hands trembled, not from being nervous though, oh light they were trembling from excitement!


Barry had always thought of himself as a good man, helping were he could. Which is one of the reasons he had come back to help nox he thought. No good person should have to die when he could prevent such a thing.

if he didnt die here jeffrey was sure to ring his neck.




"I will wait back here Dorian, for now" he would be listening at a distance

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**** Nox ****


Nox was worried about Martin's reaction, but he knew he wasn't going to shoot him first, even if only to look him in the eye before he shot him in the head.  At least he'd survive the battle, but the choice was made.  And Martin surprised him, he had known for a while and that was shocking. 


Dorian looked at him with concern, he knew it looked baf, he could feel the blood drying and oozing everywhere.  He didn't want to look down, and Dorian hadn't actually touched him.  Knowing fully well it would sap what ever strength Nox had left.


Eliot lay crumpled on the ground, Nox watched as Jared tended to him.  


Martin turned to Nox, "Shooting him, completely necessary?"  


Nox grinned, "Actually if he didn't want to be paralized for life, yes.  The dreyken was swiping at Eliot's back, shooting him had been a mercy."  He had really enjoyed shooting Eliot though.  "And well worth it in the long run, he may limp now but at least he'll walk.  I saved him a sentence worse than death for a hunter."


Martin nodded, "Figured as much.  I know you don't like him but I didn't think you'd shoot him out of spite."


Nox laughed, "Oh I'd love to.  And the feeling is mutual, for every much I dislike him, he dislikes me just as much."


Jared turned to them with instructions to take Eliot to the hospital.  "The medics will take care of him.  Thank you for your assistance."  Nox thanked the soldier.


"Sterilize this."  Jared said.  


Nox turned to look at what he held up and Nox paled as he took an involunatry step backwards.  "You touch me with that and you will lose a hand."


Jared turned and looked at Dorian, Nox looked at Dorian and he saw the conern on his face.  Nox watched as Dorian took the needle from Jared, "I'll do it."  Nox walked backwards until he hit the wall, he swallowed hard as Dorian tucked the needle in his pocket.  This wasn't the first time they'd had this particular fight.  Dorian walked slowly towards Nox with his palms up and facing him.  Nox knew what was happening he hadn't relaxed.  But Nox knew it had to be done, he could cauterize the wound again, but it would still be bad, this was better, he knew it, but that didn't help him overcome the irrational fear of needles.


Dorian reached into Nox's coat pocket and pulled out the lighter that was a continual part of his arsenal, explained fire if you have a lighter and some handy dandy burning liquid, which also was always in his pocket.  The lighter was actually Aria's, she'd given it to him once to use, and he never had given it back.  And she had never asked after it despite the fact he used it regularly when he unted with her.   


Dorian took the needle from his pocket and handed it to Jared with the lighter.  "You can steralize it with this."  Nox's eyes never left Dorian and Dorian never stopped looking at him, but Jared took the thing that Nox was most afraid of and spoke calmly, "I'm sorry, Nox."


Dorian carefully removed Nox's shirt, Nox shook uncontrollably underneath his fingers.  His fists were clenched and Nox closed his eyes.  "Cariño, we can do this the hard way or the easy way."


Nox laughed uneasily, "Easy for you maybe."


Nox could hear the tender smile in Dorian's voice, "Just relax, we'll get through this. Together."


Nox whispered quietly through the fear loud enough only Dorian would hear, "Always and forever."  


**** Dorian ***


Dorian grinned at Barry's observation, he didn't comment though, he'd seen what everyone saw when they saw Nox do his thing for the first time, something truly unbelievable and tried to explain it away with logic.  


Watching Nox and his power was still astonishing to Dorian, and he'd been with the man for four years, watching him practice and train nearly everyday.  He did remember the first time he'd shown him what he could do, it was a bad day all around, he not only could have lost the man he loved, he would have also lost his son.  Thankfully that didn't happen.


But this was not the home coming he had wanted to have with Nox.  Fear lanced through his love's body, he could see it in his eyes, his skin was ash white, his fist tightly clenched, Nox was backed against a wall and there was always the fear that Nox would lose control of his power, fear was powerful, and this particular fear was one Nox had had his whole life.  Nox had more than enough scars on his otherwise perfect body to show for the untended wounds he'd received.  Atharim always did, but Nox's were more ragged, done in a rush because he was afraid of needles.  Nox told stories of his father hitting him over the head so he could stitch him up, or how his dad would hold him down while Aurora or his mother would tend to the wounds.  Nothing pleasant ever would come from his fear.  How he ever managed to get his oroborous tattoo was beyond Dorian.  Though the man did do it again willingly for him, Nox's own suggestion.  He had faced his fear to show Dorian how much he loved him.


Dorian's voice was soft and tender, "It's not any easier for me.  I wish your sister were here."


Nox growled, "Well she's not!"


Dorian took a step back, wrong thing to say.  He knew that, knew his sister was a touchy subject.  The loss was years ago but it grated at Nox everyday.  He was alone, hopefully Dorian's surprise would help.  If he could get him stitched up.   "Love, please let me do this." 


Nox had opened his eyes and was watching Dorian as he took a slow step forward.  When he was finally close enough to touch Nox again, Dorian traced his finger over the words scrawled across Nox's collar bone, "Always & Forever" with a small DV hanging off the y in Always.  Dorian had an identical tattoo in the same location, the only differences is Nox's initials hung from the y. Nox's eyes closed and he relaxed but only slightly.


This wasn't Dorian's strong suit, public displays of affection, but he kissed Nox and he felt the trembling in his lover's body as he eased him to the ground.  At least sitting he wasn't going to fall over.  Nox's breathing was erratic and Dorian sat on one of his legs as he ran his fingers over the edge of the wound before he took the needle from Jared.


"Nox, let go of the power, love.  I don't want to hurt you more than I already am."  Dorian had no idea if he let it go, but he waited, kissed Nox softly as he made the first pin prick beneath his fingers.  Nox's breathe caught and Dorian watched as he fought back everything he was feeling.  Dorian couldn't watch anymore he turned to look at the wounds he was stiching up.


"Why don't you tell Martin the real story about how you met the little song?"  Dorian asked.  Nox did better if he was focusing on something else.


A smirk crossed Nox's face but quickly turned to a frown as he sat against the wall trying to sit still.  Dorian worked as quickly as the burnt skin would let him.  What did you do my love?


Nox started with a quavering voice, "I hadn't been out of the hospital long, found out what I could do since amnesia sapped all memory of my ability.  I went down into the tunnels to practice what I knew, to see what I could do.  I didn't remember any of it, but it was coming back slowly."


The story wound on and Nox's voice only quavered through it, he never yelped, never more than paused as he regaled them of the fight with unknown monsters.  How this little slip of a girl had saved his bacon more than once in one night.  There was still awe in Nox's voice throughout the whole story of the little hunter girl who showed him the right path.  When he spoke of the visions he had Dorian's heart sank, those were nightmares that still haunted Nox to this day.  If Dorian had been gone for longer than a few days he'd start having them again.  There was no telling how much sleep Nox had gotten in the past two weeks.


Nox never mentioned his friends who were there with him.  Both were dead and gone now.  Victims of the world Nox lived in.  Nox never did find out what had happened to Pyotr, Sebastain he knew all too well.  Martin had been in on the kill.  But it was Martin's job, as it was Dorian's.  It never ceased to amaze Dorian how much Nox looked past to be with him.


By the time the story was done Dorian was finishing up the last of the stiches on Nox's shoulder.  Nox knew it was necessary, it wasn't the first time, and it would not be the last time Nox would be asked to face his fear.  Dorian tied the last stich and held the needle out behind him and someone took it from his hands, Dorian hadn't seen who, he hadn't cared.  He wrapped both his hands against Nox's face and leaned his forehead against him.  Nox's skin was clamy, his breathing was ragged, he was still strung out on the fear.  Dorian whispred, "It's all over."  Nox's body physically relaxed, every muscle in his body softened, the tension fled as Dorian laid a kiss softly on his lips.  Nox tried to wrap both his arms around Dorian, but his shoulder hurt, Dorian felt him twinge in pain and he stopped moving his left arm the moment he felt the pain, his right arm pulled Dorian close.  


It was the welcome Dorian had expected and he wanted, but there were too many eyes and Dorian pulled away.  "Let's get you home."


Dorian stood up and offered Nox a hand, which Nox took.  "Since this party has been ruined.  I'm sure Cruz took Emily to our house, you are all welcome to come wind down and we can explain what's going on."


Martin turned to them, "I'll stay and clean this up.  And make sure Eliot gets the care he needs and explain the situation.  I'm sure he'll understand."


Nox grinned, but it was so weak and unNoxlike, "I'm sure he will."


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Barry was Still in awe about everything that happened, with four atharim standing in front of him he wondered how he seemed to get in messes like this. A thought then occurred to him. Nox could channel, yet martin and the others have let him live. It was to Barry's understanding that they killed them on site as well as the so called monster that he was. It was amusing to him, he was as kind heated as the next human, he understood it though. He had never seen another wolfkin besides himself. That was most likely due to them going mad. If not controlled Jeffrey told him the beast would take over and he would no long be Barry Gordon. What Jeffrey put him through was unimaginable, but it had to be done. The man had saved his life more than once and for that he was grateful. 


As if finally remembering he casually walked up to the group with a check in hand. it was a 3 million dollar contribution to the charity for the atharim. He knew what it was for thanks to Jeffrey. Donating seemed like a good way to keep them from your trail. "Dorian since your father is the host I will leave this with you". it looks as if everyone will survive." Sorry we had to meet under such circumstances, but I think I will go get cleaned up now" as Barry was walking away he whispered to Dorian "I'll meet up with you at the house if that's acceptable." he waited for a response before he turned his head and left the mansion.

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Jared watched as Dorian helped Nox. The man was afraid of needles.  How did he ever get his tattoos. The situation showed how much Dorian meant to him however - there was a lot of trust there. Jared understood that. You trusted the soldier at  your back.  They were both hunters - and that trust had been built already - not to mention that they were lovers too. But seeing Nox squirm had made Jared feel guilty.  He could have avoided this.  Jared could have healed him. But the image of Michael in the hands of the Atharim was enough to bring him back to reality.  Jared wasn't of use to Martin like Nox was, and it wasn't a secret that Emily Shale-Vanders had a child. Using magic in front of Martin would have been a risk Jared couldn't have afforded.


Thinking of his son made him think of Emily and he was again aware of her presence in the back of his head. She was very upset - upset enough that it was becoming hard for him to not cry himself.  He needed to call her, but her Wallet was in his pocket.  He heard someone mention that Emily was probably with Cruz.  That gave him an idea.


"Dorian, can I use your Wallet to call your son.  I need to speak to my wife." Jared couldn't keep the agitation out of his voice.


Dorian handed Jared his Wallet with Cruz's information ready to go.  Jared thanked him and called. When Cruz answered, Jared spoke. "Cruz, it's Jared Vanders - I need to speak with Emily if she is there."


Cruz handed the Wallet off to Emily.  "Jared.  Are you okay?"


"Yes, hon, I'm fine.  I need you to relax okay.  I'll be there soon."


Jared heard Emily start to take some deep breaths and felt her relax in the back of his head. "Okay, Jared.  Hurry.  I love you."


"I love you too."


Jared hung up and gave the Wallet back to Dorian who was chatting with Barry. "Barry, I'm sorry we didn't get to talk more.  Hopefully we'll get to see each other again soon." Jared nodded at him and shook his hand.


He turned to Dorian. "Could I ride with you and Nox back to your place? We don't make our driver wait around for these things."


Dorian nodded. "Our pleasure."


They all bid their farewells and went their separate ways.  Jared was glad for the chance to talk to Nox alone.  He trusted Dorian as well. Of course he had overheard Nox telling Dorian something to that effect.  He had to get this off of his chest.  As they drove, he worked up the courage. "Nox, I have a confession to make." Jared's voice was nervous.  He liked Nox, and really didn't want to upset him. "I have some talent with healing, but with Martin there...you see, despite the fact that he was okay with you, you are useful to him.  I am not.  I couldn't risk my son ending up on an Atharim hit list.  I'm sorry - I didn't know about...I just wanted to help." Jared's voice trailed off. "The offer is on the table though.  If you want healing I'll give it."


Nox gave Jared a weak grin, "I understand, though we could have waited for the whole needle thing till we were alone."  He glared at Dorian but there was little malice in it. Nox shook his head at the offer of healing. "It's fine now, damage done.  Ladies like scars right?"  He grinned at Dorian.


Jared chuckled a bit.  He still seemed to be on Nox's good side at least, and Jared had another question. "Nox, you might know something about this.  I have no idea what Emily did to me tonight, but I know where she is - like I could walk right to her and find her with no problem.  And there's a part of her in the back of my head.  I can sense how she's feeling. Thankfully she's not nearly as agitated now.  Have you heard of anything like that?"

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**** Dorian ****


Barry had said he'd meet them at his place, which was fine.  Dorian sent Barry his contact information which included his home address.  Dorian would explain and get what information he was curious about the man at home.  


Before he left Barry handed Dorian a check.  Dorian smiled at him, hide in plain sight, that was Nox's philosphy, right under their noses.  The check was large and Dorian reached in to the jacked Nox had been wearing and pulled out a blood covered check and shook his head.  


Right now his priority was Nox.  Nox was standing on his own two feet, he'd lost some blood, probably more than he'd like, definitely more than Dorian liked, but it wasn't anything they weren't used to.


Martin was staying to clean up the mess.  Dorian risked a glance at the burning bodies.  Nox was watching the flames diligently until there was nothing much left other than ash and bone.  Nothing else had caught fire, Nox had become proficient at burning bodies, it was his and Aria's preferred method of disposal for obvious reasons.  The police had very few gods in their employment and very few could actually tell that someone had used a weave of fire.  Nox barely understood it himself, Dorian wondered how much Ascendancy knew.  There were no teachers, everything was learning by chance.  And Dorian didn't like games of chance.


Jared asked to talk to Cruz, or rather his wife, he could understand that, he was glad to be able to help with that little predicament, he couldn't imagine the worry she must feel over him.  He felt similar, but like her he was used to it, though Jared was probably gone much longer than Nox or Dorian were ever separated.


Once inside the SUV, Jared made a confession, and surprisingly Nox was not upset, but then why would he be, the man knew what it meant to be on an Atharim list, and Dorian could hardly blame him.  His son was a god, he knew the risks, all too well.


But it was the final thing that really struck a cord.  Nox frowned, he didn't like talking about that.  It was four months of hell for both of them and major adjustments to both couples involved.  And four years later it was still an annoyance.


**** Nox ****


The worst thing in the world was the aftermath of the battle.  Without Aurora around getting fixed up was pure horror.  Aria couldn't touch him, hell she couldn't be near him for fear of falling down the rabbit hole, so it left Dorian.  Now if Cruz could heal, that would be a godsend.  But neither he nor Nox knew anyone who could preform that feat of magic, and it truly was magic.  The one time Nox had attempted it he'd screwed up so badly he had a permanant connection to Aria, and that was a fun trip all around.


Ironically, Jared asked about the very thing, Nox frowned, "I know of it.  No idea what it is, or why it happens.  In my case it was a pure F!@# up.  Spirit weave gone wrong."  Nox pointed out the window, "Aria is in that direction, she's hungry and tired but relaxing because Adriana is sleeping.  She's not in her little bubble of protection, I can feel Lucas in another room, and their neighbors are pretending they are bunny rabbits."  Nox grinned.


"It's convient, until it's not."  


Dorian laughed.  "Understatement of a lifetime!"  Nox would gladly share, but really it wouldn't be an issue for Jared and Emily, they shared the same bed, unlike Nox and Aria.  


The SUV screeched to a hault, there was red tail lights as far as the eye could see.  Nox hated driving, it was funny how that had changed.  He could get anywhere in Moscow on foot or by metro.  He preferred it to driving.  Nox reached behind the seat and grabbed a bag from the back.  It was hunting gear, but he always kept clean clothes handy just for such emergencies.  He pulled out a shirt and grinned at it.  He unfolded it and Dorian laughed.  It had been a shirt he'd leant Dorian when they'd first met.  Nox pulled it on and jumped out of the SUV.  "What the hell happened now!"


It hurt to move, his body ached.  But he didn't like waiting in the car either.  Nox started walking down the line of cars, it seemed several other people were getting out to see what was going on as well.  


(( We have someone hopefully popping in to the scenario so please hold off on forwarding past the situation. ))
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Slade had been on his way to the charity event he knew there would be contacts there.  As he was driving along he notcied the Dreykin stalking the man jogging along the side of the road.  Locking on the brakes he took off his suit jacket and grabbed his blade.  He began jogging after the Dreykin, he lived for this, the hunter stalking his prey.  As he got close the Dreykin spun on him whipping his blade out as the Dreykin turned to attack him.  Slade began the dance with the Dreykin.  He feinted with his sword slamming the dagger into the back of its neck then spun around full circle with the sword and cut off the Dreykins head...it was then that he heard multiple footsteps behind him...there was 3 more...this was not good...steadying his breath he pulled the dagger out of the fallen Dreykins neck...Slade wasnt going down without a fight...

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Barry headed out to the car that jeffrey had left for him.It was his favorite. A brand new Lamborghini, and the latest model at that. He sat there for a moment to recall what had just happened. To make sure that this wasn't a dream. He had jus ran into 4 hunters and he walked out alive with 1 knowing what he was. Well maybe Luck now on his side.

He pulled around to the front of the mansion just beyond the gate, there was a long line of vehicles. Apparently folks had been in such a rush after the alarm sounded that a few collided out of recklessness.


As he was waiting he found something quite strange. After tonight, after fireballs, hunters, and creatures of myth. The first thing to come into his mind was selena, he had always avoided women and relationships before. But there was something different with her, no matter how hard he tried he could not forget about her.


The vehicles in line were finally moving, he needed to get washed up, he may not of done the killing, but everything was a mess and his shirt had a gash in it.


On hia way home he saw something on the far side of the road, the lights were affecting his eyesight. If he was right it looked like there was more of those dreykin, he believed that's what the called them. Why were there more n out here?? Maybe they were after box as well and got caught up, but it looked as if they were trying to corner someone.

"Maybe its just a civilian who need a help" he chuckled to himself as he turned the car around. He turned the headlights off and rolled down the passenger window. When he was close enough he turned on the brights and slid his tail end around towards the creatures to avoid hitting the person they were fighting. He fired two shots the first hitting him in the chest and the second missed. The other two seemed to jump on each side to avoid the impact.

His car rolled over completely during the idiotic stunt crushing the dreykin he had hit earlier.Barry rushed out of the car with blood running down his face. He fell on hia butt and looked over hia shoulder at the fellow standing there. .. " well it wasn't my best ideas"


Barry slowly got up feeling a pain in his leg. Nothing was broken, it would just need time to heal.


Barry had his pistol ready looking for the other two." Im barry by the way". " i thought you coukd use some help.

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Slade could feel the tension in every muscle of his body, the blood flowing rampant in his veins, his heart thundering in his chest.  The rush of battle fillled him like a torrent of water flooding the world.  Ever since his sister Sara had died Slade erred less and less to the side of caution. Her memory was ever present to him.  Like a shadow that neither the brightest sun nor darkest night could ever fully remove.  He was boderlining on reckless but not crossing it...his instincts and training would never allow it.  Seeking the Void as his father had taught he started channeling all his emotions into it,  his hate, fear, love and sorrow fed the flame until it was an inferno. he prepared to kill the remaining Dreykin or die trying.  Retreat was never an option now, it wouldn't be even if it he could.  Then the Void shattered as he heard shots fired and the car flipping over....



Slade never took his eyes off his opponents as he heard the shots being fired but did when the Lambo rolled untop of the wounded Dreykin. The man said to him " well it wasn't my best idea".  " Im Barry by the way". " i thought you could use some help." the man stated as he slowly rose.  Darting his eyes back to the other two Dreykin Slade responded, "Thank you Barry, your help is most certainly appreciated, my name is Slade."  He turned to the Dreykin on his left raising his weapons.  The odds had now shifted he could feel the rush coming back again.  He'd thank the man for helping him after...now was the time unleash his rage..A smile crossed his lips but the Dreykin seen something entirely different entirely darker in his eyes. 


He lunged at the Dreykin, in the process whipping the dagger at it.  The blade hit the Dreykin in its chest as it was moving to avoid him.  As he stopped to pivot he was in range of it and recieved a tear on his arm.  It stung and was bleeding but far from fatal.  Crouching off the pivot he thrust the sword upwards into the Dreykin under the ribs and threw the back of the shoulder blades.  Ripping his dagger free he grabbed the Dreykins head and reefed it back and swung with all his might.  He finished this one and looked around to see how Barry was.

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Jared called her and she never felt so relieved.  She knew he was alive; she could feel him in the back of her head, a constant calm despite the situation he was in, but hearing his voice was what she had needed.  Their conversation was short.  Their words would be saved until they saw each other in person.  Emily started breathing and the tears stopped, catching a glance of herself in a mirror, she saw that her makeup had been smeared by crying.  Thankfully she was with Cruz - someone she knew and wouldn't judged her for how terrible she looked right now.


"I'm sorry for falling apart like that Cruz.  Thank you, you're a good friend." She gave him a hug.


"Anytime Emily.  You want something to drink now?  Water, wine, I'm sure Nox has a beer or three in the fridge too." Cruz said.


"Some wine would be welcome." Emily gave him a smile. "Where's your bathroom? I need to fix my face."


Cruz pointed it out to her, and Emily went in, noticing the people who were in the house. She hadn't noticed during her fit. She noticed a man in a suit walking about, gave him a nod, and entered the bathroom removing her makeup kit. She fixed her makeup and heard a sound as she did - a sound very familiar to her - a crying child. For a moment, Emily freaked out.  Her child was crying, but soon enough she realized that the cries were not Michael's, and well, Michael wouldn't be here right now.  She, however, followed the sound, arriving in a room with a small baby girl and a woman.  The woman was lifting the crying baby up, a bottle was on the table next to her.  When the woman spied Emily, Emily took a step back.


"I'm sorry, didn't mean to disturb.  I heard the baby cry, and...well mother's instinct I guess." And suddenly Emily missed Michael more than ever.


The woman smiled at her, beginning to feed the baby girl. "Let me guess - mother of one - first night away from your child." Something must of shown on Emily's face.


Emily nodded.  The woman stood and walked up to her. "I remember those days well."


Emily looked at the little girl.  "She's beautiful.  Is she your daughter?"


The woman shook her head no, and the two women stood in silence.


"Emily." Cruz's voice came from behind her.  He had a grin on his face and a glass of wine.  Emily took the glass and sipped at it.




The car stopped and Jared soon saw why.  More dreykan. One attacked a man, who killed it in turn.  Another was sideswiped by a vehicle and the next beheaded in the street.  Jared frowned at that.  There were onlookers - 99% of these people had no clue what a dreykan was (probably thought it was some Goth punk) - the 1% that did know was in the car with Jared. Growing up in Roswell, New Mexico, Jared heard some weird things, but 'Vampire beheaded in Moscow street' took the cake.


"Vampire looses head in the middle of a crowded Moscow street.  The tabloids will have fun with this one." Jared said, and despite his words being a joke, his tone conveyed the disapproval at how the situation was handled. Jared checked his firearm. "I have to admit, I'm at a loss for what to do.  I'll follow your lead on this one. Let me know what you need me to do."


((Cruz with Mat))

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**** Dorian ****


The SUV stopped and Nox got out, his dislike of cars was not new, but this was.  He hurt, Dorian could tell, his movements were strained, but he also knew that Nox held the power firmly in hand.  Dorian sighed, a fight in the middle of the busy streets of Moscow.  Great, Nox was not pleasant when he had people who screwed up his life.  And letting the world know about monsters and Atharim, yeah that screwed up his life.


Dorian turned to Jared, "Can you get these people back in their cars?"  The immediate area started to heat up, like a sauna except it was the entire area.  Dorian didn't question what Nox was doing, but he nodded when Jared holsteres his firearm and agreed. "You got it." Jared immediately got to work.


Dorian called after him, "It's going to get hot and hard to see."


With the heat, a small fog started to roll in.  Evaporating water pooling in clouds and rolling in on small currents of air.  It was the first time Dorian had seen it put to such good use, but Nox practiced the manueruver regularly, it hid his movements from monsters.  He couldn't do anything else at the same time he said, so he had to create the environment for it to sustain itself long enough.  He'd learned one thing from the life of his sister, science and magic could work together.  


Dorian followed Nox with his gun drawn, Nox was pissed, he probably had to protect the two would be protectors for his love more than anything right now.


Dorian's wallet beeped and Dorian clicked a button, the eletronic voice spouted out, "Message from Aria, do you wish to hear it?"  Dorian sighed, "Yes."


The eletronic voice read outload, "What the hell is going on?"


Dorian laughed, "Response."  The wallet beeped, "3 more in the streets, 2 idiots in public places.  He's furious."  Dorian paused, "Send."


Dorian followed on the heels of Nox, careful not to lose him in the thickening fog.


**** Nox ****


Four more dreyken.  Nox saw the first one die, and a second die from the car, and then a beheading, all out on the streets of Moscow, not far from the Baccarat Mansion.  Any good number of people could have witnessed the events.  Nox started the process of making fog.  The ground heated as he stretched out tendrals of fire and earth.  On top of that he added water and cooled the air, the two would become fog, it rolled in like some horror show.  It was the limit of his power, he could do nothing else.  It had to be self sustaining and it was by the time he reached the two idiots, he recognized them both, but only one he had actually met.  The other was a hunter and should have known better.  


Nox walked passed them and the dreyken and into the alleyway, he used a weave of air to drag the remains from the street to the alleyway.  Nox wove the familiar weave of the firey whip and it uncoiled in a flurry of sparks and sizzles as he wrapped around the dreyken's neck.  It struggled against the tug, and then Nox changed the weave, making it sharper than a knife and pulled one final time.  The dreyken's head tumbled to the ground.  He didn't really care right now that there was an unknown Atharim watching him.  He was in that foul a mood he'd burn the body with the dreyken and say he died fighting them.  


Dorian stepped up in front of him with a smile meant only for him, which turned Nox's attention from the men who had cause his ire.  He whispered, "I'll get that you tend the monsters bodies.  Then walk it off."  


Nox growled his answer, "Fine.  I'll meet you at home."  


Dorian put a hand on his chest and smiled, "Please."


Nox smiled, the heat of anger leaving but not gone, he nodded, "As you wish.  I will walk home."


Dorian turned to go talk to Barry and the other hunter under the cover of the fog.  Nox set to stacking and burning the bodies in the nearby dumpster.  Nox sent Martin a text, "2 Idiots, 4 dreyken to clean up, countless witnesses.  Cleaned to the best of my ability."  He'd let Martin deal with the rest.


Nox glanced at Dorian and the two men who pissed him off and frowned, he didn't want to leave Dorian, but he couldn't talk to them.  Nox saw Jared as he left the edge of the fog.  He walked over to him as he crossed the road, "Gonna walk home.  D's staying to clean up some of the mess.  You can come with or wait, your choice.  D'll probably be home faster."


**** Dorian ****


Sirens could be heard in the distance, Nox had to go, they all had to go.


Dorian walked over to Barry and the other hunter, he'd seen him around, but Dorian's circle had slowly come to a small group, those he hunted gods with, and those Nox trusted implicitly, the two groups did not mix and so the number of people in t he Atharim that Dorian trusted was slowly getting smaller.


He frowned as he looked at the two men.  "On the streets of Moscow?  Really?  Shall we think about the headlines.  - Man with a sword decapitates a man in black.  Vampires sighted, yes, they are real..  Here's another that'll get you both dead.  Atharim, men with snakes biting their own tails tattoos, revealed - killing innocent men."


Dorian looked at the two men, "It is now in your best interests to come with me, Barry, your car take it and get it out of here, but DO NOT drive it to my house.  You can take the metro or something else."  Dorian looked at the other man, "You can come with me and we can sort this out, or you can wait on some with a bit more power to come out of hq to deal with you."

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Slade stood there motionless...his emotions a tumult of different feelings...thoughts of Sara filled his head, thoughts of bloodlust that had nearly consumed him.  He had been going to save the man but he knew that wasn't the only reason not even the main one.  This unyielding jumble of rage and pain had made him make a very bad mistake.  He wanted to unleash it on someone or something else or perhaps have it ended for him.  What had he become...what had he done....he wasn't the same man he was just a year ago.  After Sara's death he had been alone for the better part of a year hunting and travelling alone killing a god and monsters alike without a thought of stopping to mourn to try and deal with the tragic event.  He honestly didn't know how...when his mother died he had been but a boy, his father had been a hard man there was no bond there and when he died doing his duty, Slade just accepted it as fate.  But Sara she kept him balanced, kept him human really and he had always been close with her. It wasn't till the man channled that snapped him from his thoughts...


Slade then heard another man speak.."On the streets of Moscow?  Really?  Shall we think about the headlines.  - Man with a sword decapitates a man in black.  Vampires sighted, yes, they are real..  Here's another that'll get you both dead.  Atharim, men with snakes biting their own tails tattoos, revealed - killing innocent men."

Dorian looked at the two men, "It is now in your best interests to come with me, Barry, your car take it and get it out of here, but DO NOT drive it to my house.  You can take the metro or something else."  Dorian looked at the other man, "You can come with me and we can sort this out, or you can wait on some with a bit more power to come out of hq to deal with you."
Slade finally looked at the entire scene to realize what happened...what his carelessness had done.  There was fog rolling in...He was readily prepared to accept his punishment but the other man could channel and they were Atharim as best Slade could tell.  "The fault only lies with me this man," he said gesturing to Barry was only trying to help."
"Im sorry I know I made a very stupid mistake" he said. He was truly lost and he jepoardized everything..his order his lifes work..."My name is Slade Cross thank you for your help, please lead the way..."
He had to fix things he had to learn more about the God....he couldn't give up...
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Everything seemed to happen so fast. He hardly had any time to react, but what's done is done. He turned to look at his car.... it may manage to get home but he will now have to have it scrapped and melted.... his favorite car ruined. Maybe he should think a little more about his actions before he takes them. Jeffrey had always said he was the smartest dumb kid he knew.


All of a sudden it started to get foggy' but his worry faded as the last dreykin died. Until he saw what was causing it abd how passed dorian looked...


Barry saw Dorian walk in over " would you believe I lost control and just happened to end up here"

Dorrian was shaking his head...


Barry heard the sirens and knew he should get the car out of here and listen to Dorian. He's was goin to head home, then to Dorian's place.


"Sorry about the mess I didnt think about the aftermath"

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**** Dorian ****


Dorian was glad that the hunter apologized, but the mistake was still made.  He knew the man's name and was glad for the offering anyway.  Dorian nodded, "Dorian Vega.  That was Nox Durante.  He's not in a mood to converse, he'll be better when he gets where we are going."  Dorian could only hope, but he knew that he'd calm down once he had a few minutes to collect himself.  


Dorian lead Slade to the SUV.  "We are going to my residence here in Moscow.  Someone will be along here to hopefully spin a story.  But that's not our concern right now."


Once inside the SUV Dorian got in the back seat, the traffic was clearing up a little and he hoped that it wouldn't take too long to get home, there were things he wanted to get done.  Dorian nodded to the drive once Slade was inside.   "When we are all here we can go."


He turned to Slade, "So, you aren't an inexperienced hunter what happened?"


(( don't take us anywhere, waiting to see what Jared is doing then we can move towards the house. ))

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Slade made his way into the SUV on autopilot. He was lost in his thoughts and didnt need his conscience to tell him what he felt, he let his pain and anger guide him and had made a serious mistake.  He didn't need his weary eyes to see the evenings events as they stormed through his mind like a torrent.


The man introduced himself and the God, "Dorian Vega.  That was Nox Durante.  He's not in a mood to converse, he'll be better when he gets where we are going."  Dorian said to him.  He tried to recall the names and faces but his thoughts were still running rampant.  He took a deep breath to try and calm himself and failed miserably.  The scope of his actions shook him to his very core.  He endangered not only everything he stood for, his life's work but innocent people as well.  He could feel his rage trying to bubble to the surface...he shook with the effort to quell it.


Slade heard Dorian speak again, "So, you aren't an inexperienced hunter what happened?" Slade wanted to scream the truth of it all at the man.  The pain of Sara's death his longing to inflict death on those deserving or die trying it.  To let him now that saving the civillan wasn't even his primary purpose he wanted to unleash his fury upon the Dreykin till it consumed his very soul.  But he couldn't, he didn't even know how.  Seeking the void he forced everything into the flame.  He did have a mission to finish and he couldn't continue to carry Sara's memory dead he realized. Steeling his emotions behind the vale of depair rage and shame he began to speak.


"I seen a Dreykin stalking a man jogging, only the one at the time.  I pulled over thinking to end it quickly then the others sprung not giving me an option to be discret." he replied to Dorian. " And no I'm not an inexperienced Hunter. We," Slade quickly tried to correct himself, "I had been hunting for Gods and other Monsters for in the rural areas of Russia.  I had heard about the Charity event and came to see if I could collect any more intel there." 


Slade didn't believe the man foolish but he prayed it was enough for him..only time would tell....

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((OOC: Sorry about the delay - I may or may not have gotten distracted by Dragon Age.  Also thought I should explain - Jared refers to channeling as spells or magic and Saidin as mana.  The words channeling and saidin are unknown in FA, so he refers to them that way.))




Jared took to the assignment Dorian had given him with a practiced ease.  The police training came back to him quickly. He found several people that seemed to be holding it together and recruited them to assist. With their help, the crowd was disperse with only a few minor issues. However, seeing that the man asking them to leave was in a military uniform, even those listened with very little fuss.


The fog had rolled in and Jared made a mental not to practice that later.  That trick could come in nifty. Jared had seized his man to pierce through the veil that and at least have some idea what was going on.  Seeing Nox with a whip was pretty intense, and Jared thought that was a cool trick; much like his firesword, but Jared would leave the whips to Nox.  Jared knew his limits and he was more likely to hurt himself than any enemy with a whip of fire.


Nox approached Jared and looked a little worse for wear.  He wasn't injured or tired.  He looked like he was angry. Nox told him he was leaving - walking home - and he could go with Nox or Dorian. "If you need someone to talk to, I'll go with you.  If you need to be alone, I'll go with D."


Nox shrugged. "Don't need to talk, just need to cool down. Can do that with or without, totally based on how fast you want to get back to your wife."


Jared thought about that.  Emily was content right now, if a little buzzed.  Comparatively to before, she was ecstatic.  She could handle a few more minutes away from him. Nox looked like he could use some company right now. "I'll go with you."


Jared let Dorian know that he'd be walking with Nox and then the two headed off.

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**** Dorian ****


Jared was going with Nox, that may be for the best, it let this new hunter talk freely without letting Jared know too much more than he already did.  Knowing about he Atharim was one thing, being privy to the inside workings a completely nother story.


Dorian laughed, "You came looking for information at a benefactor event?  One where people think they are donating to Jivana to help develope tech for a cure for the sickness?  Granted most of our benefactors know exactly what they are donating to, the public does not."  Dorian shook his head, "Just walk down stairs ask your questions, hunt your gods."


Dorian sighed, "Now you are privy to knowledge that I can't let you tell anyone about.  What do you intend to do about that knowledge of Nox and his ability?"


They would be alone for another 10 minutes before they would pull up to the three year old Spanish Colonel three story mansion, that was the Vega headquarters, Dorian's home in Moscow, but his father and his son both took up residence in their own rooms when they were in Moscow.  The lights would be on under the wrap around porch lighting up any possible approach under the elegant arches.  It was the house Dorian had always wanted, and he finally had the opputunity to build it, something for him and Nox. Nox had done alot of work on the house during and after construction, it was a hobby for him.  Something he enjyoed doing and something Dorian actually enjoyed watching him do.  But now this Slade Cross could very well threaten the life they had so carefully protected, because he took out a dreyken in public and Nox let is anger reveal to a hunter what he truly was.


**** Nox ****


Jared had decided to walk with him.  It was probably a good idea not to be alone and not to brood over what he'd done.  This hunter could pose a problem.  And Nox truly would have killed the man had he tried to reveal him or kill him for that matter.  


They walked in silence for the first few blocks.  Nox knew his feet were going to be sore when he was done, dress shoes were not exactly meant for walking in at least not long distance.  Nox broke the silence, "Thanks for your help back there, all of it.  The dreyken slaying and the people hustling.  Greatly appreciated."


It really was, Jared was a good man.  He smiled, "Emily did well for herself.  Though I do have a favor to ask of you.  It shouldn't impose too much."  Nox didn't really wait to ask as he stopped at a cross walk to wait for the lights to change, he turned to Jared, "I need you to teach myself and Cruz how to heal.  I don't want to screw up again like I did with Aria, and having Cruz be able to heal me would truly be nice."  He grinned, "Not that I mind the extreme focus of Dorian directed completely on me, but I really could do without the needles."

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Slade was finally in control of his emotions. He stared out the window as the SUV was heading towards Dorian's house. He was trying to process all of the night's events through his mind.  He had made a bad mistake but it had lead him to the here and now.  He had found a God, a God who had Atharim protectors or maybe the better description would be friends.  An interesting puzzle to be sure.  One Slade had to figure out. 


Slade looked over as Dorian laughed, "You came looking for information at a benefactor event?  One where people think they are donating to Jivana to help develope tech for a cure for the sickness?  Granted most of our benefactors know exactly what they are donating to, the public does not."  Dorian shook his head, "Just walk down stairs ask your questions, hunt your gods."


Slade took a moment before answering, "I was fairly certain that I would find the right people to talk to.  I knew the Athraim would have members there and to someone who knows what there looking for would not be hard to find." Slade answered. He knew he had to make sure he chose his words carefully. "And as I proved here tonight its sometimes better to ask questions before drawing blades."


He hoped Dorian took the context from his words. He was about to go on when Dorian spoke again.  "Now you are privy to knowledge that I can't let you tell anyone about.  What do you intend to do about that knowledge of Nox and his ability?"  Slade was fairly sure that it wasn't a direct threat just a simple statement of fact.  The next few moments of this conversation would determine how the rest of this encounter played out.  "I certainly wont lie to you..I've killed my share of Gods but only the ones who tried to kill me or were beyond reason."  Sara's image flashed before his minds eye, she would have become one had she survived, painfully pushing the image back and continued. "I believe that we will need the Gods and their powers before too long, to help protect this planet and its people from death and destruction.  I've come to find the Gods that are willing to do this and are not bent on hurting innocents.  I would very much like to meet the man, to talk to you all and see what comes from it." Slade said but then added " Hopefully this is acceptable."


Slade didn't know how this was gonna play out.  But he would find out..for better or worse he needed answers..

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**** Dorian ****


Dorian smiled, "Asking questions first can be a good thing.  It has been an adjustment I can tell you for sure.  Though downstairs of the Baccarrat is our headquarters, you can find unfathomable information, the benefit was not necessry is all I was getting at.  The only reason I was there, was because my father is a benefactor."  His father had been donating to the cause since before Dorian was an actual Atharim, it was something he had been doing and was probably because his father before him had been doing it.  It would have been something Dorian would have known had he actually taken the time to understand his father and his business, but that was no Cruz's job to do.


"Talking to Nox you can do, I do suggest though that you lose all weapons so you don't seem a threat.  Which knowing what Nox could do I can understand is a bit hard, but I guarnatee your safety from him.  He will not harm you.  Nox was born Atharim, in America, he has roamed his entire life, until the last four years, you distrubted his happy home, as it may be by your public executions.  Nox is a reborn god, or so that's what the Atharim would call him, but he is just a man with a gift, one that he uses to do the Atharim's work.  He hunts monsters with his partner, and I hunt his kind with my own team.  It is how we keep him safe."  And Cruz, but he wasn't about to admin to this hunter than his own son was a godling.  Cruz was not nearly as powerful as Nox, nor did he train exclusively in combat, Cruz was not a violent man, and he rarely used his talent, though he has helped Nox understand a great many things that Nox's sister used to help with.  Except this time Cruz can see and help and show much easier, it is a pairing he had not anticipaed when their secrets came out to him.  


They pulled up to the mansion, the lights were on, and Dorian got out of the car.  Dorian didn't even have to wait as Pavlo opened the door to the foray to let them in.  Pavlo stated, "Welcome home, Master Dorian, your guests are in the study with Master Cruz and Mrs. Vanders."  Dorian nodded.  "Pavlo please have everyone seen to the sitting room except Simon, he can wait in the study until Nox arrives."


Pavlo smiled, "And Master Nox to the study." Dorian nodded and Pavlo continued, "I will let you know when Master Nox arrives."  Pavlo turned and went to the study to get the rest of the group.  Dorian lead Slade into the sitting room around the corner.  It was the only room that Anastasia had decorated.  It was roomie and had plenty of sun light during the day time from the large oversized windows and the skylight.  The light blues let you think you were floating in the sky, the soft white couches and the white rug on the floor added to the airy nature.   "Slade, are there any questions you want to ask before Nox gets here.  He may or may not be very forth coming but I can answer most anything."

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Barry was almost home, he called Jeffrey to have him jam any cameras near the house. If it wasn't a system that GIT invented it would not take to long to hack into. The last thing the needed was the cops tracing the car back to him. Though not to many people drove a green lambo... Jeffrey did not look happy, maybe it was the cursing or the shaking of a fist that tipped Barry off.


Jeffrey" So this is what happens when I trust you... What happened to laying low????"


Barry   "Well it started off well, the dinner was astonishing. You should definitely take some lessons there!"


Jeffrey   "enough fooling around this is serious boy, on with it"


Barry   "Then these things called dreykin showed up"  Barry was watching how Jeffrey reacted to that word, after the few secrets he had kept he would not be surprised if there were more.


Barry   "The event was ruined for almost everyone. I met this sweetie named selena, Jeffrey she is the one! I swear it !!" ooh that is right you gave her a ride home, did she say anything about me!"

She had a wonderful evening, oh and she handed me this." AHAHAHA a number"


Jeffrey thumped him on his head " your hopeless... you know if you get involved you are only putting her at danger." If you don't mind I need to know what mess I need to get you out of."


Barry " Well Mr. vega introduced me to this fellow named nox, quite charming some would say HAHA. But he is a good guy even though he is a hunter. Martin and Elliot were there like you said."

Long story short I ended up watching 4 hunters kill these beasts, and while I was helping someone of great importance, I used my powers to try to help.... Jeffrey there were 5 hunters there" his voice dropped off to a low whisper. " I didn't know... what were the chances that there was a 5th. He knows what I am Jeffrey, and he let me live." Barry thought it was wise to leave out certain aspects of the night. The scariest part was actually meeting a god, knowing that they actually exist.... light his skin was crawling just thinking about it. The last thing Barry wanted to do was to put someone in jeopardy. Then it hit him... Nox risked his life, his family's to do what he did at the mansion... Here he was doing reckless things that could not only get him killed, but possibly a entire family. He had a pretty big apology he would have to muster up. " Jeffrey I am supposed to go meet them. I don't have a choice in this matter."


Jeffrey " I see, honestly I cannot believe you are still alive from stories that I have heard. You are your father's son, always leaping before you look.


Barry" Jeffrey I need to know, How do you know of the atharim. It is a secret society nobody except atharim should know of its existence, or those helping them. The hunterI was with looked shocked at that, and that alone. It may be the only reason he did not kill me , but... You knew what the contribution was for, yet you LIED TO ME! WHY!"


Jeffrey sighed " I guess since this is what it has come to." Your father Barry worked with the atharim for many years, creating gadgets, and anything else they may need to make this world a better place. It was only after did he develop the security systems that he became known for Barry. When he became ill it fell to me. I hid this because I wanted to keep you away from them, I wanted to keep you safe Barry that has always been my goal." Barry if you don't tell them what they want, they may kill you. If you tell them what they want, they may kill you."


"I must tell you one last thing, I developed a tranquilizer so to speak. You have trained to keep control of the beast inside, but it will always fight. You must always be aware of it, and always keep control. however often it may be, it seems you still lose control every once in a while. most of which is during a nightmare, or at the extreme raise in your heartbeat. This shot is a failsafe, If you feel you are losing control take it immediately, or if around people take a small dose before you sleep." Barry the life of a wolfkin is a lonely one, for those that make friends will hurt them, or die from exposure, remember that"


Barry" That's right I am a monster Jeffrey, just come out and say it! I will never hurt those I love including you Jeffrey. I am not a animal, I am just as human as you. whether I do this alone or not, I will help not only my loved ones. I will prove to people that being a wolkin does not make them a monster, that we aren't evil. With this shot alone we could save hundreds of lives, but first I have to convince the world!" after landing from his sporadic jump, he lowered his voice " maybe I should start with just these few hunters."


He loaded the silver briefcase with the shot's and vials. Before Barry bolted our of the garage in his red Porsche Jeffrey threw his sword to him " you may need this to survive the night" Barry threw it in the trunk and headed for Dorian's house. He prayed tonight will not be his last.

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Jared walked with Nox, not aware of if it was helping the younger man or not.  Jared wasn't worried though.  He'd be there if Nox wanted to talk, and if he didn't, well, he was content with silence. Nox broke the silence with a statement of gratitude and a favor.  The comment about Emily having done well made him really smile though.  She had hated him so much when they first met.  Sometimes Jared thought he could still feel the slap on his left cheek.


Jared addressed the gratitude for his service first. "It really was a pleasure Nox." He meant it too.  Jared was a protector of people. "As far as Emily doing well for herself, believe it or not, she actually hated my guts when we first met, but as for your favor." Jared paused. He could show Nox and Cruz the spell for healing, but they might not be able to do it.  Jared had tried to teach all of his students in the Legion the spell and it had never worked.  It was a talent few possessed. "I can show you how to do it, but amongst my own students I've yet found anyone who can.  I believe it is something you have to have a knack for doing. I will do it, but there may be a chance it won't accomplish much."  As the light changed, the two men began to cross the street.

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There was a few moments were Slade wasn't sure how Dorian was gonna react to what he had said. He had been sincere and as honest as he could be, they only thing he had held back was what happened to his sister and to that he longed to be able to lie about it to himself.  Dorian then spoke.  "Talking to Nox you can do, I do suggest though that you lose all weapons so you don't seem a threat.  Which knowing what Nox could do I can understand is a bit hard, but I guarnatee your safety from him.  He will not harm you.  Nox was born Atharim, in America, he has roamed his entire life, until the last four years, you distrubted his happy home, as it may be by your public executions.  Nox is a reborn god, or so that's what the Atharim would call him, but he is just a man with a gift, one that he uses to do the Atharim's work.  He hunts monsters with his partner, and I hunt his kind with my own team.  It is how we keep him safe."


So there it was he believed him.  Good, that was a good start.  Slade took in the information.  He had to know as much as possible.  They seemed like good people. He'd find out for sure soon enough. They had saved him from his foolish mistake.  He owed them a debt, he would indeed pay back.  How would depend on tonight.  "Of course I'll go unarmed Dorian.  I look forward to meeting him and apologizing to him as well." Slade answered.



"Slade, are there any questions you want to ask before Nox gets here.  He may or may not be very forth coming but I can answer most anything." Dorian asked.  He had many questions but some of those would wait, "Just one for now, you speak well for Nox, you trust the man I can tell.  I just wanna know that you have no doubts or concerns about his...stability," Slade tried to choose the word carefully without causing offense which was not his intent. "You know how few of us share the thought of saving or working with the Gods, I just want your thoughts on it.  I'm not trying to offend but I just want reassurance, I hope you can understand. " Slade asked


It was out there he waited for the response...

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**** Dorian ****


Dorian walked over to the secret bar hiding in the book case.  It was filled with high end scotch and rum, but it had a few other liquors.  Dorian laughed at the question, "His stability?  You mean is he gone mad with power?"  Dorian shook his head and smoothed the losened hairs back down with both hands with a grin.  "Nox is stable.  He may seem like he's got illusions of granduer, but he knows his limits, and he knows his power well.  He studies his capabilities like you or I would study the sword.  He studies that too, and various other things."


Dorian poured a scotch on the rocks, "Anything to drink? Might be a while, Nox is walking home and he could take the long way home."


Cruz walked into the sitting room and smiled.  "I've met Ms. Lin."  


Dorian nodded, "All will be revealed when Nox comes home."  


Cruz lit up but he didn't say anything.   He would wait for Nox.  Dorian was greatful.



**** Nox **** 


The light changed and they crossed.  Nox laughed, "Ain't that the way of it.  Cruz isn't alwas adept at what I show him.  But he is more passivist than I am so hopefully he will take to it." 


It wasn't not very far home, but the Enlightened District was a bit of a walk from home.  They could hop the metro and get there in half the time, if they caught a train at the right time.   "None of this shocks a soldier does it?  I remember the first time my dad took me on a hunt.  Weilding a crossbow and daggers, I missed my first shot."  Nox grinned, "I don't miss anymore.  I practiced everyday to make sure I'd never miss again.  The power helps with that feat too."


It was a nice evening, the stars were out, what little you could see of them in the city.  He missed the woods, maybe they could take a trip again soon.  Though Dorian didn't particularly like the woods.  Dorian was a city boy, born and breed to survive in a completely different world.  "I always wondered how the rich and famous lived.  Didn't expect to actually see for myself.  Seeing all those hollywood movies, the movie stars and their tabloid lives.  Knew it wasn't for me, now there's Dorian.  Didn't expect that either."  Nox ran his fingers through his hair.  "Thanks for walking with me."


It was now the last block to the house, and Nox could see a few extra cars in the driveway.  "Seems Dorian is throwing a party."  


Nox walked up to the front door, he was about to use his key when Pavlo opened the door.  Pavlo nodded, "Welcome home, Master Nox.  Master Dorian wishes to see you in the study.  Mr. Vanders your wife is in the sitting room.  This way please."


Nox smiled, "I'll buy you a drink when I'm done with whatever Dorian wants."  

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Barry Pulled up to the house. Double checking that he had the right address. This place seemed to be a lot bigger than his own. There may have been a hint of jealousy there. Barry loaded a shot of the medicine and stuck it in his side pocket. Before he got to the door he nervously backed away... Light he had to say all the right things tonight. He finally worked up the nerve and knocked. When he did it seemed he had jumped back 5 feet as if expecting a trap. He tried to find the calmness before he entered.

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