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The First Age: Charity Event

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The premise for this story is an offshoot of The First Age.  Game world assumptions differing from the First Age is as follows:


* Nick Trano (a PC character) is President of the USA

* The USA, Mexico and China are at War with the CCD

* Gods (aka Channelers) have become well known in the world and being one usually sees you hunted by the Atharim (a group of people who have been trained to hunt and kill Gods and various other monsters)

* A small faction of Atharim are seeking to save Gods, but it is very small and very underwraps



Notes for people wishing to play (anyone is welcome!)

* Channelers are ONLY wilders - meaning you cannot be taught to channel.  And if you suvived the sickness then by learning control on your own you more than likely have some sort of block or another.  

* Wolfkin are present 

* See the first age website for various other creatures and sub classes that are available





2050 Moscow, Russia, DI  (this is 5 years after the start of the first age cannon.  Nothing here affects game there, this is our own little world.  If you want to do more in this world check out the First Age.


This thread will be taking place at the Bacarrat Mansion for a charity event.  This charity helps to fund the Atharim, but is under the guise of a medical technology fundraiser hosted by Jivana a leading medical technology company.


(RP to start in another post)


Characters Playing:


Nox Durante - Atharim/Channeler (played by Matalina)

Emily Shale-Vanders - Channeler (played by WolfBrotherKronos)

Jared Vanders - Channeler(played by WolfBrotherKronos)

Barry Silas Gordan - Wolfkin (played by seph)

Dorian Vega - Atharim (played by Matalina)


(PM me character names - bios not required)

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Dorian had been gone two weeks hunting gods.  Not that it was a surprise job really just was surprising how long it was actually taking him and his team to get the job done.  Nox could have joined Dorian's team, but then Aria would have been left high and dry without a partner.  Not that he wasn't hunting alone for the past 3 months anyway.  As if Lucas would let her out of his sight or out on a hunt while she carried child number 2.  But they were happy, and children really mellowed out the Sentient.  Thank god, Nox thought.


But without Dorian in town, and Aria on leave he was hunting alone, which meant the nest of Dreyken Borovsky had sent him after was a solo job.  Not that he couldn't handle it.  He should have just torched the place with a few well placed fireballs, but no he had to be the jerk that he was and go toe to toe with one.  Dorian was going to kill him.


All but one of the four dreyken got away.  But the one that had stayed to play with Nox, well he was dead.  Though Nox almost followed if it hadn't been for his own quick thinking of caterizing the three large gashes across his chest.  Nox stood standing in front of the full length mirror staring at the rather angry looking burns/slashes across his chest.  Dorian was really going to kill him.  He could here his lover now.  "I go out for  minuites and you burn yourself."  Nox grinned at the thought, Dorian getting all uppty at him for doing his job.  But he loved that Dorian cared.  


Nox sighed as he pulled the white button up shirt Dorian had picked out for him for this stupid charity event that HE was suppose to go to too, but he wasn't here, so now Nox had to make an appearane for the Vega name.  He wasn't officially Vega, but Emilio Vega had pretty much already called him son, so there it was.  Cruz would be there too, but little good it would do him, Nox would still know next to know one at this fundraiser.  And he had no money to donate, he lived off the charity that the fundraiser was for.  But Dorian had a check written that he was suppose to add to the coffers.  It was tucked neatly in the coat pocket that Dorian had picked out.


Nox couldn't be trusted to pick out a fancy suit, he'd have worn the tux t-shirt he loved to tease Dorian with if he had his way, and Dorian knew that.  It was Pavlo's job to ensure Nox dressed appropriately and was out of the small mansion to the Baccarat Mansion in the Enlightened Distrist ON Time.  Like he was ever late!  Well maybe he was late often, but that didn't mean he had to have a babysitter.  Well maybe he did.  Dorian knew him too well.


Pavlo didn't even tap his watch as Nox got in the car, he was running early, how sweet.


The room the charity diner was in was the largest in the Baccarat Mansion, every 6 feet a new nook was seen with some elaborate glass decoration that the Baccarat's Crystal company was known for.  But little did he world know that the Baccarats were one of the prime donators to the cause of the Atharim, their heir was usually Atharim, even if only in name, but some where hunters too.  


Nox hadn't been in this part of the mansion often, but underneath, underneath he went into nearly daily.  It housed the arsenal of the Atharim as well as a good portion of the knowledge the had over the course of time.  It was not their only collection but it was the newest and grew larger by the day as it had usurped the Vatican as being Head Quarters.


Nox walked in to the front doors, the guard at the door only causually glancing at him, he wasn't even asked if he was on the list, such as it was for being the sweetheart of the hosting companies son.  Jivana, Dorian's father's medical company was hosting a fundraise to help raise the awareness of the sickness, and technology that was supposed to detect it early.  Nox knew that was a farse, the sickness was not a disease to be thwarted it was a sideaffect of using an ability without actually knowing how. 


In Atharim terms you were classified a god if you survived the sickness.  A person who could weild an unseen power that was hunted down and killed just for living.  Nox was not a God fearing man, but he prayed everynight that the safe guards he, Aria and Dorian had in place would keep him safe, and Dorian too since his son was also a God.


Cruz was inside, he saw the man standing next to a glass sculpture with a blond on his arm and discussing the intracaies of the pattern.  Nox bumped Cruz' elbow with a grin and the younger man, not by much, mind you Cruz was 2 years younger than Nox, he turned with an angry face until he saw Nox grinning at him.  "Hey!  Dad still not back yet?"


Nox frowned, "No, I'm here alone.  I wonder how many women I can get to slap me tonight.  Too many know who I'm with so they tend to do it very often now."  Nox laughed, "But its still fun."


Nox glanced at the tray passing by, it was all champaign, he stopped a waiter, "Any beer?"  He shook his head, "Wine?"  He smiled and nodded.  Nox could only hope the Dorian's father was hosting the party to his usual standards.  The waiter came back with a bottle and showed Nox the label.  He had been with Dorian for 4 years and he still had no idea if a wine was good.  


Nox tapped Cruz's shoulder and he turned to look at the label. He didn't frown so that was good, "It's not the best but it'll do since it'll be the only glass you have all night long."


Nox refrained from sticking his tongue out at his friend choosing insteat to nod and the waitor poured a glass and left with the bottle to find more pleasing company he was sure.  Nox did his best to stand straight and tall and keep the Vega's happy, while he was not afraid of Emilio Vega, he was afraid of Dorian.  Not in the he'l hurt me kinda way but in the he'll exact revenge in unforseeable ways.  Though they usually ended up rather fun.  Nox watched the crowd, he was only here to be a pretty face.  He could manage that.




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((OoC: I write both Emily and Jared to forestall any confusion. I'll notate who's perspective I'm writing from.))



Emily took Jared's hand as they exited the limosine. She was in a light blue dress with sapphire earrings and a necklace to match. Jared hadn't grown up rich, but he knew how to be a gentleman, and that was mostly what she expected of her husband at the event.


Emily couldn't help but smile at him as she placed her arm in his offered arm. Her soldier was dressed in his dress uniform - all neat and pressed and his medals were polished to a mirror sheen. Despite having shaved, he still had the five O'clock shadow. But he was handsome, and she was here with him.


She was surprised that he had agreed to come. There were better ways they could have spent his leave, but as one of Moscow's richest, she had to be there. He understood and they asked Mara to watch over their baby boy, Michael.


They entered the mansion, and Emily got a flute of chanpagne and handed it to Jared before taking one of her own. Despite the fact she knew he was uncomfortable, he didn't show it. Jared still didn't know how he fit in with this crowd.


Emily scanned the crowd to see if she noticed anyone. And almost choked on her champagne when she saw Nox Durante. She hadn't seen him since they met. Despite his affiliation with the Atharim, Ayden had told her that she hadn't been added to their list, although she was sure Ayden didn't trust him.


"What is it?" Jared asked her, after she regained her breath.


"That's him, Nox Durante." She said and smiled a mischievous smile. "We must say hello." Despite their history, Emily held no grudge against Nox. The mistrust she had developed had led her to Jared. Whereas Ayden could vault over her defenses, Jared had torn them down. It was the reason she had hated him when they first met. And it was one of the many reasons she loved him so much now.





Jared didn't really get into these events, but he went with Emily. It wasn't that he was bored, but he didn't always feel like he fit in with them. He felt like he had no place amongst the rich and famous. He was just a simple soldier.


When Emily pointed out Nox, he tried to hold back a laugh. He knew Nox's history with Emily, even how much he had hurt her. But a butterfly flaps its wings in China...


That event had made her the person he fell in love with, and to be honest, hatred was wasted. The smile Emily gave Jared bespoke her intentions. Let's make Nox feel a little uncomfortable. Jared smiled and nodded, letting Emily take the lead.


Emily waited until Nox's back was to them and approached. "Mr. Durante," Emily said. "How wonderful it is to see you again. This is my husband, Jared."


Jared offered Nox his hand and a warm smile. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Durante."

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Cruz muttered something, that was only half intelligible, Nox turned to see what he was on about.  He looked over at Nox with a frown, "You forget your wallet?"


Nox patted his pockets, yep, he sure had, left it on the bathroom sink after shaving.  "That your Dad?"


Cruz nodded, and showed Nox the text his father sent him.  "Tell that no good boyfriend of mind he forgot his wallet and to call me when he gets a chance."  Cruz grinned, "You are in ..."


Cruz didn't get to finish his sentence as a syrupy voice he recognized called him out and introduce him to her husband.  Nox turned around with a grin, "Why, if it isn't Emily."  He winked at her and took her husband's hand and shook firmly but he wasn't going play games.  Mr. Vega would surely have him drawn and quartered if he made a scene.  Mr. Vega may have tolerated Nox and Dorian out in public, but a scene would surely seal the deal and ban him from all the uppety up gatherings.  And Dorian would be upset he had to attend alone, and that is what mattered to Nox.  


"Nox, please.  Mr. Durante sounds like I might actually have money, but I'm here on charity as it would be."  Nox looked over to Emily and gave her his best grin, "So glad to see you've found Mr. Right.  Soldier too, how impressive."  Nox turned to Jared, "Where have you served?"  He didn't really care but Emily was trying to make him uncomfortable, and she was going to have a hard time doing that.  And he had one card left to play if she really wanted to try too hard.  It really was too bad Dorian wasn't here.  


As if his name in his mind summoned him Cruz's wallet rang the soft melody that signaled "Your Dad is calling."


Cruz laughed, "Apparently he meant now, and not when you have a chance."  He handed Nox the phone and turned to Emily and Jared, "He'll only be a minute."


Nox turned his back and answered the phone, He wasn't trying to hide the call, all the more fun it could be, "Yes, D."


"Cariño, I'm sorry.  I won't be there, we are stuck at the airport in China.  Plane is having mechanical issues."  Dorian said over the line.


Nox laughed, "So much for flying Air Vega."


Nox could hear Dorian's grin from the other side, he could see it in his head, "You be alright tonight.  I know I promised to be there."


Nox smiled, "No worries, love, I have the ever lovely Emily Shale-Vanders to keep me company from Shale International."


Dorian choked on the something and Nox had to laugh, "You what?  Really?  Nox, now behave."


Nox grinned at turned around to look at the small crowd behind him, Cruz was being polite and entertaining them while his date was off somewhere.  "I will if she will.   I gotta go D.  Your father is giving me the hairy eye.  Love you."


Dorian sighed off with words that made Nox blush slightly as he handed Cruz back the phone.  "Sorry about that, family matters."

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Jared dismissed Nox with an understanding nod as he left to take a phone call.  Emily turned to Cruz and greeted him warmly with a hug. "Cruz, it's wonderful to see you again.  Give your father my regards, and tell him I miss your dinner parties, we'll have to plan one out again sometime."


Jared stood by quietly.  He wasn't the jealous sort, and this is a part of what Emily did.  When Nox returned, Jared nodded at him. "No need for apologies, Nox." Emily was still talking with Cruz about something, it didn't really matter what. "As a fellow not-rich person - do you ever get used to being at these things? I mean - it's not that I'm bored - I just feel so out of place." Jared gave a laugh.  He had never expected to not be the bread winner of his family. Not that Emily was really a bread winner - she just had money.  At twenty-nine, she could retire and not have to worry about anything.


Emily returned and took Jared's left arm again as Jared began to answer Nox's question. "I started off in the Marines - MARSOC to be specific.  After that, I was SWAT for the Roswell Police Department before joining the Legion Premiere.  I served in Sierra Leone, and now as a commissioned officer, I spend my time back and forth between Sierra Leone and Casablanca." Jared let loose a sigh. "We've managed to stay out of this war so far, but as an American and a CCD, I'm not looking forward to that changing."


He felt Emily's arm move to wrap around his waist and instinctively, his went around her shoulder as she rubbed his side.  She knew how he felt about the war.  He didn't want to pick a side, but someday soon he would have to.  He gave her an encouraging smile and a brief kiss.  He was fine - for now. He could see the worry in her eyes though.  She knew that sooner or later, he would be drawn into the war, and she worried about him and their son.  Emily said that Michael looked just like Jared, but whenever he looked at Michael, he just saw his mother.  Should the war come, Jared would have to come back.  Emily had already brought him back from the brink of death.  He wasn't sure she could do it again.






Emily returned and Jared and Nox were talking about his service - and inevitably the war. Emily knew what his thoughts were about the war.  She knew he had nightmares about it.  He would probably have one tonight now. When Jared turned and gave her a brief kiss, she changed the subject.  She didn't want him talking about the war. "So Nox, you're with Dorian Vega now. I can't say I expected that, but I'm very happy for you." She smiled.  She had meant it. They were a cute couple.


"What my wife is trying to say," Jared said. "Is that she apologizes for trying to make you feel uncomfortable earlier.  She likes to do that sometimes.  Regardless of your past history, there are no hard feelings at all."


Emily squeezed Jared. "I can speak for myself Mr. Vanders!" She said, her tone humorous.  She had gotten him to change his thoughts, perhaps the nightmares would stay away. "Honey, do you have my Wallet? I want to show him the picture."


Jared produced her Wallet quickly, and she found the picture.  One of their little family.  Emily held a smiling Michael, and Jared stood behind her, his hand on her shoulder.  "Our son, Michael - 18 months." She trusted that Nox wouldn't speak of this to his Atharim buddies.  God help him if he did.

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Nox liked him.  "I've been going to these uppety up things for a good three years now can't say as I'll ever get used to them.  But when you are on the former heir to the Vega throne's arm you tend to get the look like your some gold digging shlep anyway.  Really is kinda fun to see how many women will slap me because they think I'm out looking for something more than a good dance.  Since my loving beau refuses to dance in public."  Nox laughed, Dorian really hated dancing, and dancing in front of people yeah that was one sure way to sleep in another room.  "Cruz's dates usually end up dancing with me, mostly because he's too busy being VP of RnD with his grandfather."


Nox didn't comment about the war, there was a far larger war going on around it all, and he'd been part of it his whole life, his chest stung as a painful reminder of what was at stake for it all.


Emily returned to the conversation and comment about his love life.  He laughed, "You and me both Duckling, did not expect you to be my last, and Dorian to be the last dance.  As for an apology there was none needed. I enjoy the game." He grinned.


Emily showed him a picture of her son, he quirked an eyebrow, "Closest I've got to kids is the VP of RnD. And Cruz is 2 years younger than I am, yeah so nothing so cute."  He laughed, "Though Adriana, Aria's little girl, spends a great deal of time at Dorian's since that's where all our gear is stored and stuff.  Your son watch out for signs, early.  If he shows signs, I can teach him.  Part and parcel to my whole gig."


Cruz laughed, He's a good teacher.  Though you'll have to set rules, like Dad did, he also likes fire."  Nox laughed, "We keep fire extinquishers handy downstairs, not that Nox lets them get out of hand, but just in case."


The dinner bell rang and Nox sighed, "Time for me to go be the pet for the Vega's since Dorian isn't here to be all charming I get to."  Cruz laughed and put his arm around Nox, "Let's go find Lyn first.  That could take a while.  Grandfather will understand."


Nox laughed, "Jared, we'll chat more, shelp to shelp when the mingling recomenses and Cruz and Emily go off and be rich and famous."


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The dinner bell rang and Nox excused himself with Cruz. Emily and Jared headed to their table with their arms still wrapped around each other. Upon arriving at their table, Jared let go to pull out Emily's chair. Emily smiled at her gentlemanly soldier thanks as he pushed the chair back in and took his own seat.


Jared began to arrange his stuff in his usual military fashion. "Don't scarf it down now, Jared." Emily told him. "Eat slowly."


Jared was a fast eater usually, but they had to fill out the time. Jared smiled at her and nodded before he cut into his chicken and took a bite. Emily did the same with their fish. Jared remained quiet while Emily chatted with their neighbors a little bit.The real mingling would begin later.


Emily turned to Jared about half-way through the meal. "You doing okay? You want to mingle with me afterwards or talk to Nox?" She knew the mingling would be boring for him


Jared kissed her. "I'm fine, Sweety. I think I'll hang out with my fellow shelp. Unless you need some arm candy?"


Emily smiled and squeezed his hand. "That will be fine. As long as i get a dance later. I'm going to call Mara and make sure Michael is okay."


Jared held her hand. "He's okay. She would have called if something happened."


"I...I still wanna check." Jared handed Emily her wallet and it buzzed. "I guess I don't have to. She just sent a message. Everything is fine and he's asleep."


Jared gave her that grin of his. "I told you. I know its your first time away from him for awhile. Try to relax. Mara will do fine." Emily had started working fromhome to take care of their son.


Emily squeezed his hand and kissed him on the cheek before returning to her food. Jared was right. She had to relax. It wasn't often that they got to go out together anymore. This was a night for fun.


((No Jared POV for now...please continue :happy:))

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Barry was headed to the charity event at the mansion and was late as usual. His sense of fashion never was any good so was trying on every suit until Jeffrey had to step in. A simple black suit, with his father's favorite tie. The tie itself looked as if you were staring into the midnight sky with just the stars to listen to your worries.

He still has never gotten use to these events since his parents had both passed. He was Informed last year while at Milton prep a military school that, he was now responsible for his familys fortune. If it wasn't for Jeffrey, his fathers right hand man he wouldn't even be here today to honor his family.


As he started in he could smell the food that was prepared. His stomach growled to remind him he still had not eaten today, he needed to remind himself to eat at a pace. He didn't want them to think he was a rabid animal after all, and began chuckling as his own joke.


He hurried into the hall were the feast was. Upon entering every eye turned to him... he hurried to sit at his assigned table, and in the back of his mind saying a apology to Jeffery. . I was never good at following rules.


Barry started up the steps to the mansion, Jeffery barely caught his attention with a contact case in hand. Ah yes Jeffery I don't think these folks would take to my yellow eyes as you do. Just hurry on sir, and remember don't draw any unnecessary attention. Of course jeffrey rule #1 how can I forget.

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Dinner started, food was exquisit per usual.  Mr. Vega's party planners always through one hell of a shindig.  Nox sat quietly at the table of the rich and famous, no kids table like the very first one he'd attended, but then again this time he wasn't so schmo from off the street that had to be there.  And Cruz was here, the seat next to Nox was empty, Dorian was suppose to be there and the empty chair was a painful reminder that he was stuck in an airport waiting for mechanical failures to be fixed.  Nox would have almost preferred that to sitting here alone.


Cruz was chatty as ever, he spoke to everyone at their table, everyone was fascinated by the research Cruz was doing.  He was legitimately doing some technology research with Aurora's holo programs.   After Aurora had died, the thought of her death always made Nox anxious.  How he could let it happen under his nose, why hadn't he seen the downward spiral.  He knew really he did that she'd been avoiding him after all, but he figured it was just because of Aria.  He'd never really know how far it had run, but now she was gone.  And the only thing left in her legacy was the software that Nox had given Dorian.  And Dorian in turn gave it to Cruz.


Cruz used that holo software as his master thesis.  As Nox understood it, he deconstructed everything, rewrote it in a completely different language, and added some pretty awesome medical functionality to it.  Aria loved it.  But that was a girl who had disected monsters instead of frogs in school.  Cruz gave them up todate copies and were his guinea pigs more often than not on some of the new features.  Nox loved the new toys, and when Cruz implemented the medical scanning tech into the land warriors, Aria even started to wear them on and off.  To see exactly the most vulnerable place to kill a monster was exciting, and when you trolled the undergrounds of Moscow in the dark, anything was a great advantage.  There were monsters down there that even the Atharim hadn't recorded.  It was pretty common knowledge they were science experiments gone wrong, and no one had yet found the culprit or culprits, but someday someone would.  But that was the job of the CCPD, something Nox was not part of and could care less about.


The final course decended upon the crowd, some cheese filled crepe with some fruity sauce, it was rather good, but Nox could have cared less what it was called.  And thus the true boredom would begin.  Mr. Vega put his arm around Nox and leaned in to whisper, "My son is not here?"


Nox grinned, "He's here, he's wearing that invisible cloak Cruz is trying to perfect."


Mr. glared at him, and then shook his head, "You'll have to do.  Watch your mouth and you should be fine."


Nox stood up with Mr. Vega and they made the rounds.  Eventually they stopped at a young man who looked a few years younger than Cruz.  Mr. Vega smiled at the boy.  When did he start calling people boy, Nox growled under his breath, Dorian was rubbing off on him.  "This is Barry Gordan, a new up and comer here in Moscow.  Family built their empire in IT.  Seems to be a running theme with those you meet Mr. Durante."  Mr. Vega smiled at him, 0"Like Mrs Shale-Vanders who I saw you chatting with, he also has lost his parents and is head of the family business at such a young age."


Nox offered his hand, "Nox Durante, sadly I'm nothing special."


Mr. Vega laughed, "Don't let the humble attitide fool you Mr. Gordan, Mr. Durante's would be most interested in hearing about your companies work, since his side project relies heavily upon security of high risk information."


Now Nox understood.  This was the high and mighty company that ran the security of some of the top companies in the CCD, and more than likely the Ascendancy himself.  What little Mr. Vega knew of Nox's undertakings with the Atharim knew that secrets were money.


"I'll leave you two young men to chat.  And knowing Nox, it won't be about work." Mr. Vega joked as he departed.


Nox grinned, "Well, I guess it's good he knows me that well.   You don't look like you want to be here either."


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Barry sat down as the food was arriving, and it smelled marvelous. He tried to tune out the surrounding voices and just focus on his table and food but since he had changed. "jeffrey Had said transformed"jeffrey seemed to know more about this than he should, but thanks to him barry had control over it... well for the most part.


Barry sat through the idol chatter while eating the desert, it not that the desert wasn't to his liking. Then taste of the dinner masked it. While eating barry began to look around the room he found many faces he recognized, there were millionaires; there were techies; and then those faces he knew better than any the atharim. He only knew one or two but from what he learned from jeffrey. But he knew to proceed with caution around them. Many of them smelled eager I guess that was usual for them.


Barry jumped as Mr. Vega came over and rushed to shake the mans hand who Mr. Vega introduced( Barry really need to learn to use more than one sense at a time). Nox was it? Any man Mr Vega speaks highly of is surely something. But please Mr. Gordon was my father and the brains behind GIT (gordon-It)call me Barry, or silas if you prefer.


Barry laughed to hide his uneasiness. (He had never met anyone who he could not sense how the felt) well nox, if t out don't mind me calling you that. Whenever you come to an event like this alone. There's not much to do besides enjoy the food and smile. Barry nudged nox a little, you wouldn't happen to know if there are any singles here I'm 0-2 already.


Barry threw back his head and chuckled.

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Nox laughed, "I actually do know who's single.  Not a lot of good it does me."  It is potentially out of fear of Emilio Vega's wrath, and his disappointment that their wives or daughters would dance with his son's lover, but it could also have to do with the nasty rumor that seems to have spread through the nueve rich and beautiful that Nox was a player before he was with Dorian.  While it was true, and Nox knew the rumor, he'd silently spread it himself.  One of the things Dorian enjoyed was the scenes he could make, so Nox added to it so that it happened naturally, very few times did Dorian have to actually plan something to take the attention off of him.  A slap in the face always brought a few scoffs and dirty looks.


Nox nodded, "The woman in red over there, her name is Mila, but she's not single no matter what she says.  The ring on her right hand is turned around engagement ring.  She's playing games with her fiance."  Nox turned and saw Selena in an emerald green dress.  "The girl in the emerald green dress by the bar is Selena."  Nox looked around and caught the glipse of something out of place, something that made his breath catch, No, not here.  But as soon as he saw it, it was gone it had slipped past and lost in the mingling crowd.  What Nox had been looking for he hadn't found anyway and he smiled.  "Selena is by far single, her parents who don't seem to be in attendance are rather stifling she could use a few dances."


Nox panned around the room and saw to his surprise Borovsky - Martin Borovsky, technically his boss's boss, since Aria was his boss, and Borovsky her handler.  Why was he here?  He was wearing a tux and he looked like he belonged.  Nox saw another Atharim hunter he recognized, hunters rarely came to these, but the man was also Baccarat so he suppose it was natural, one of few Baccarat's who were hunters.  Eliot was a rare Baccarat gem, youngest son, a catch of the day to most of the woman in attendance in the room, but he was highly unavailable, or rather unattainable, he lived the solitary hunter life and he wasn't really a nice man to begin with.  Nox steered clear of him whenever he possibly could.


Nox pointed out a few more girls to Barry and in the door he saw someone who definately was not supposed to be here.  Nox smiled and watched the man walk in the door and was immediately stopped by some patron or another.  Dorian shook hands with the man and chatted for a few moments and then excused himself and when he looked up he saw Nox watching him.  Dorian gave him a lopsided smile as he took the hand of a woman who had stopped him short of his goal yet again.  


It took Dorian several minutes to walk over to them.  Nox grinned over at him and Dorian held his hand out to Barry, "Barry Gordan, I see you've met my better half."  Dorian was his usual self, every one of the hair's on his head was in it's proper place, he was neatly groomed, Nox new he'd just gotten out of the shower, the fresh sent of his shampoo was still strong.  Dorian did not look like he'd just gotten off a plane, and specifically one that had been in China less than an hour ago.


Nox grabbed a glass of campaign as it passed and handed it to Dorian with a smile.  He'd have words with him but for now, it was time to let Dorian play at being rich and famous, and the former heir to his father's throne.


Nox watched as Cruz mingled of his own doing, he was a natural.  Dorian asked Barry, "Running GIT, is it all you thought it would be?"  Out of the corner of his eye Nox caught that shadowy glimpse again.  He turned and it slipped away.  Nox grasped his power, a dangerous thing with Borovsky and Eliot in the room, but he needed to see better.  The would became brighter, Nox could smell Dorian's scent even more now, it was hard to keep his hands from the other man but he did as he turned in the room, looking and he saw them and froze as they sneered at him and slipped back into the crowd.  F@#!

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Emily stood as dinner was finished, and Jared stood next to her. Dorian had arrived, but it was Jared her eyes quickly moved too.  His eyes were moving around the room, looking for something.


"What's wrong?" She asked.


"I'm not sure yet." Jared said calmly.


She turned him to face her. "You think they are after us."


Jared shook his head no. "I don't think so, but something is going to happen soon.  You do your duty, and I'll do mine." Emily frowned. She didn't want Jared to leave now.  She hugged him and grasped her magic.  Forming a weave of spirit, she hugged him with her power trying to keep him calm and the weave itself felt natural, but gasped at the result.




His sixth sense was tingling.  It was that feeling he felt when a mission was about to go wrong, and Jared had learned to trust it.  Emily had sensed it from him. She hugged him and suddenly Jared became aware of her. He knew she was standing there, but could sense it in his head. He could feel that she was sad. Jared looked into her eyes and could tell she could feel it too. "What did you do?"


"I don't know - it seems convenient though." Emily smiled a nervous smile.


"Okay - you'll know where I am.  I'll be fine.  I'm going to find Nox, see if he knows anything that is going on okay?"


She nodded, and Jared leaned over and kissed her. "I'll come back, Emily.  I promise."


She seemed to calm a bit. "I love you."


"I know." Jared said, a teasing smile on his face.  Emily laughed a little at the reminder of the first time they had told each other of their love.


Jared spied Nox, and he could tell the man was uneasy.  He could also feel the tell-tale menace that came from another man wielding the power, and as he turned, Emily stayed in his senses. She was right.  This was convenient. Jared patted his side, checking to make sure his side arm was there.  Just because he was a combat mage, didn't mean he traveled without a gun. He arrived at Nox's position.  Jared kept calm.  It was easier when he remembered Nox's offer to train Michael.  Nox was about to find out that it wasn't necessary.


Jared seized his magic after Nox had seen him. "What is it?" He whispered to the other man.

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Barry was shocked when nox pointed to Serena. She was one of the few who caught his eye. He had never been in any one relationship go to long. He wasn't bad with the ladies or to awkward for that matter. "She is gorgeous" slipped out without him even realizing. He would have to be careful women always seemed to have more power over him than they should. " I will have to make time for a dance it seems" if he could work up his courage that is.

He wasn't the most handsome man in the room, but maybe with his charm and a little bit of luck he could pulling off.

Barry reached and grabbed to grab a Champaign " a few more of these should do the trick" He put down the glass and reached to meet the man nox was introducing. "Ah yes, nox has been most pleasant, Mr. Vega didn't mention if you would be entertaining tonight. Im thankful for the chance to meet you"


If this was laying low, he wasn't sure how the rest of the night would unfold. " GIT..." just coming back from his thought. Barry really needed to stop spacing out when focusing on something. One of these days it was going to work against him.

"It's quite more. Getting thrown into the position was pretty hard at first. I have learned though, I don't need to just follow in his footsteps and build off his program. I can build my own legacy, besides filling those shoes is near impossible"

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Barry liked Selena, who wouldn't girl was pretty, though she was quiet and shy most of the time.  Nox grinned at Barry, "I'll introduce you.  She's quiet, you don't need any drinks, her parents aren't here, she'll dance with you, particularly if Cruz or I introduce you.  Family friend."



But Nox was still preoccupied, everything was falling to hell and back. Dorian was making conversation with Barry, "I can imagine.  And I'm sure it'll be a legacy your father would be proud of."  Dorian glanced in the direction of Cruz's location when Jared came up to them.


Nox smiled as Jared showed him his help wouldn't be needed afterall. "Don't use it unless you have to, people here will kill you for it."  Nox turned to Dorian and Barry, "D, Barry, this is Jared Vanders, husband to the lovely Emily Shale of Shale International.  D, we have company."


Dorian looked at him and frowned, "What did you bring in Nox?"


Nox laughed, "Why is it always MY fault?"  He smiled. "I don't think they liked me killing their brother."


Dorian took Nox's hand and and wrapped it around his waist, it was a public display of affection Nox hadn't expected, he'd been trying very hard to keep his hands off, but when Dorian pressed his hand to the small of his back Nox understood.  Dorian had two hand guns neatly belted below his coat.  "Do you know how much I love you?"  Dorian laughed as Nox drew a gun from his back and slide it to his pocket for now.  Nox whispered in Dorian's ear, "Three dreyken, two hunters who will kill the vanders and myself, you, me and jared, Cruz could probably be of use, should be able to get them out if we get the folks out."


Dorian nodded and unwrapped himself from Nox's arms, "Excuse me, I've something to discuss with my father."


Nox smiled at Jared, "Not sure what Emily told you about me, and what I do, but the company we have is not friendly.  Three slippery men hiding in the crowd.  Careful of their fingers and their teeth."  Nox turned to Barry.  "You might want to get that dance with Selena now?"


Nox turned to head in Selena's direction and ran smack dab into Eliot.  Eliot smiled at Nox and his skin crawled, "What's here?"


Nox grinned at the slimey man, "Three he's that do not belong."


Eliot nodded, "I'll tell Borovsky.  You managed one, alone yes?"  Nox nodded, "They are hunting you then?  You shall be bait."


Nox laughed, "Anything for you."  He gave a flourished bow and took Barry's elbow.  "Let's go see about a girl."

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Jared knew about what Nox did - certain creatures were here - and the warning didn't go without notice.  His Atharim buddies were here - the kind that weren't sympathetic.  Jared nodded and smiled as Nox introduced him to Barry and Dorian.


"Mr. Vega, a pleasure!" Jared shook his hand before turning to Barry. "Nice to meet you Barry!"


He had to warn Emily about not using her magic.  She didn't use it as often as he did, but if it was necessary, she would.  She should know the danger that would mean - both to herself and their son.  As Nox left, Jared patted his side, letting Nox know that he was armed in more than one way. A soldier never went into battle with just one weapon.


"Good luck with the girl Barry - sweep her off her feet." Jared said as they moved away.


Jared moved to warn Emily, thankful he didn't have to look for her in the crowd.  He just knew where she was.  She sensed him approach and looked up.  He took her hands.


"Trouble?" She said.


Jared nodded and spoke softly. "More than one kind.  Nox, Vega, and I should have it under control.  No special stuff though - unless needed.  There are unfriendlies."


Emily nodded in understanding. She knew what the Atharim would do if they found out, and Jared could see the anger flare through her eyes - besides feeling it in his head too. He also knew the anger was because they would dare threaten her child if this came out.


Jared leaned down to kiss her and whisper in her ear. "If this goes bad, I want you to help keep the crowd calm and get them out of here.  Understand?" Emily nodded.  It wasn't often that Jared told her what to do, but it was natural for him in a crisis situation and she trusted his judgement. "I'll get you another glass of champagne. Then we dance." Jared said.  He knew she recognized what he was doing.  It was a move to wander inconspicuously.  The situation would have to be dealt with before he could feel at ease.

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Nox was taking Barry over to meet selena he nodded to jared, and he could sense something had changed, as he could now smell bloodlust from somewere in the room. " best to be careful with whatever the situation is nox".


After nox introduced barry to selena he greeted her warmly. He didn't think he could be this nervous. "Its a pleasure to make your aquantiance." Barry talked with selena for a few minutes asking about her, trying not screw this up. He had never been exactly smooth. "I noticed I haven't seen you on the dance floor yet. May I have the honor" barry asked with a slight bow and hand extended

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**** Dorian ****


Dorian called Nox from the Moscow airport, he lied to him, he was going to be late, he might not even make it.  Nox would forgive him once he found out why he was late, but that needed to remain the surprise that it was.


Once everything was handled Dorian was able to make it to the fundraiser without hesitation, it arrived as the meal finished and he had to stop and talk to more than enough people before he reached the one singular person he had come to see.  Nox was chatting with a young Gordan, a man who was new to his position, but seemed to making high strides in the right direction.  


Nox became overly alert, he could feel his muscles tense as he looked around.  It was just a brush of the arm here or there, he was keeping his hands to himself, Dorian was surprised, they hadn't seen each other for over two weeks and Nox was hardly shy when it came to public displays of affection.  But Dorian was proud the man had come a very long way.


Dorian made idle chit chat with Barry until Nox told him what was going on.  Drekyen, the stories from which vampires emerged.  Deadly creatures, once upon a time they'd been men, but not any longer.  They were creatures of the night, their eyesight like a falcon, their fingernails sharp as any knife.  Their tongues, Dorian didn't even want to think about it.  They licked the blood from the wounds their claws created.  Disgusting and horrifying to watch.


Nox laid out the plan and Dorian left to find his father to tell him what was going on, he saw Nox speaking with Eliot, he was not heir to the Baccarat throne, but Eliot was high and might with in the Atharim because of who he was and Nox dispised him.  But when nothing happened Dorian relaxed finding his father, "We've a situtation."  Dorian didn't tell him everything only that they needed access to more private rooms and that things will break.  Dorian's father gave a nod and the guards would let Nox and anyone who followed him through the doors in the back.  


Dorian would probably end up throwing the fire alarm beyond the doors sending everyone else out the front doors to safety.  He was very happy  he had decided not to bring his little package directly to the fundraiser.  Foresight for once working to his advantage.


Martin stopped Dorian as he was headed back to Nox.  "Your boy brings adventure to the our doorstep, Dorian."


Dorian chuckled, "You expected anything less from him."


Martin shook his head.  "No, not really.  He seems more than capable of handling his own problems.  But with this many people he could use some help."


Dorian nodded, "Through the doors, my father will let us pass and any who follow, if they are truly after Nox, they'll follow.  I've yet to see them."


Martin laughed softly, "I haven't either, but Eliot noticed too, and I see a few others on seem to sense something else wrong."


Dorian nodded.  "See you on the other side."



**** Nox ****


Nox took Barry over to meet Selena.  It was a quick introduction, but he was more surprised by the man telling him to be careful.  He would have to find him later and ask him what he knew, what he'd understood of things he'd said earlier.  But right now, he had three dreyken hunting him.  The gash on his chest twinged and Nox sighed.  This shirt and coat would likely be ruined by the nights end.  He wished for his sisters healing ability, not that he could have healed himself, but it wouldn't have caused him so much trouble in the past.


A small knot inside his head was hungry and tired and completely annoyed at him.  She felt his anxiety and he sighed.  He flipped open his wallet and sent Aria a text. "About to get rough, hold on.  3 from last night found me."


He's screwed up trying to heal Aria years ago, and the bond it created between the two made his life hell.  Thankfully being apart lessened the effect she had on him.  Nox pushed the thoughts away, dwelling on them always made it harder.  He stuffed a sock, as he liked to call it, into the place where Aria lived inside his head.  She was still there but muffled, and he focused on the world around him.


Dorian found him and informed him of the safest place to let this go down.  Now he got to be bait.  Nox found Barry on the dance floor, "Something is about to go down, get her out safely.  But don't go to far, I want to talk to you."


It was as quick as it was going to get.  Nox caught Jared's arm, "Double doors in the back, stand back don't follow me until the rest go in."  Nox nodded in Martin's direction, and Eliot's.  "Those two are just as much your enemy as the three we hunt today.  So be careful, but we are all on the same side right now."  Nox smiled at Emily and kissed her on the check.  "He'll be safe, I promise."


Dorian left Nox's side and made his rounds through the crowd.  Nox headed for the double doors in the back.  He could feel the crowd shifting and muleing around like currents on the water.  He wished Aria was closer, he could use her to his advantage, but she was well out of range of the Baccarat mansion.  


Nox entered the double doors and knew that the three shadows of men were hot on his tail.  He pulled the gun from his pocket and checked the barrel and the safety and walked farther inside, he would be alone with three dreyken for god knows how long and he was just as about useless without his power.


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Emily didn't like this. She could tell Jared could feel her conflict. It was weird knowing how he felt - feeling how he felt. She could sense the comfort he was trying to be for her, but he was going to fight with the Atharim.


When Nox came to give him instructions she almost felt like she was going to cry. The memory came of Jared's broken body, eyes staring into the sky. Nox gave her an encouraging smile and when he kissed her on the cheek, she whispered to him, unable to keep her voice from trembling. "I almost lost him once. Please bring him back."




Emily was worried and rightly so. She had almost lost him before when she was on her way to tell him that she was pregnant with their son. Jared nodded in understanding at what Nox had told him.


It was a waiting game, but with a plan he felt more at ease. He grabbed a champagne flute and handed it to Emily. Emily was strong. He could tell she was anxious, but only because he could feel her emotions. On the outside, she was a rock. She sipped at her champagne. He remebered a time when she used to gulp her drinks when this anxious. She was growing.


They walked around, saying hello to those they passed and when Jared saw Dorian and the two Atharim he had pointed out exit through the double doors, he pulled Emily around a corner so they could have a moment of privacy. He tilted her chin up so her green eyes met his and kissed her passionately.


"That is not our last kiss. I'll be back I promise."


Emily wrapped her arms around his neck. "I love you."


"I love you too." He said and kissed her again before he turned to head through the double doors. Things were about to get intense.

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Barry was having a wonderful time with selena. Honestly he could not remember the last time he had this much fun. "Nox didn't tell me that you danced this well".

selena"speaking of nox" barry turned around to meet him nox and nodded with worried eyes.


Walking back to selena he spoke under the music to where only she could hear him. " I do not want this night to end, but unfortunately the banquet will end sooner than expected. I will be your escort tonight." As he held out his hand waiting for her to grab hold.


Barry saw nox head out the back so he headed for the nearest exit away from the danger. As he was headed out a signal was sent from his watch and jeffrey was out in front of the exit waiting " I trust this man with my life, and he will take you anywhere you would go, but it had to be away from here'. He was hoping she understood since the directions had come from someone she knew.

Barry spoke softly.. "i would hate for this night to end" he started the other way before pausing and turning back around. Selena rolled down the window and barry presented her a rose he had tucked away. " the night only ends when we let it, for there is always another"


Barry started to the trunk of the limo that opened where he grabbed a pistol and headed back. He wasn't the best or the worse whe it came to shooting. Honestly he preferred to fight at closen range with a weapon of his own invention. He started back towards nox and the others, using his senses to find them and to not walk in the plan and spoil it. That wasn't the best way to go about making friends.

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**** Dorian ****


Nox walked through the double doors and Dorian's heart sank, it wasn't the first time he'd watched Nox walk into the heart of danger.  It was his job after all, and Nox was pretty good at his job if you let him use his power.  Without it he had little confidence in himself, and with Martin and Eliot following him in Nox was going to be feeling rather useless, even with the gun Dorian had given him.


Jared Vanders had followed and Dorian walked in just after the young IT leader walked in with a gun in hand.  Dorian shook his head, "Nox sure knows how to pick them today."   Dorian put a hand on Barry's shoulder, "Stay back here with me, you parents will haunt me if you get killed because of this.  I won't send you away, but stay with me."


Dorian didn't wait for Barry to acknowledge him, but he went forward instead and made his way into one of the side rooms.  Every room through these halls were not ideal for monster hunting, and something was going to break.  But it was his father's idea, and through the back hall if they could make it there was another ball room, one that was added when the events overflowed.


Dorian walked a parallel path to the others, he didn't see any of the dreyken, they had to be on Nox.  Dorian was not looking forward to watching this.


**** Nox ****


Nox could feel them hunting him, it had to be his nerves.  The final steps to the ballroom were in sight and Nox's heart sank, in front of him stood a man, with dead black eyes and blood dripping from the corner of his mouth, a server lay tossed into the alcove to the side, sliced from neck to groin with the three distinct gashes from a dreyken kill.  Nox didn't know where they were or where the others of his motle crew were.  It didn't matter, the dreyken smiled at Nox with teeth that looked completely human, it's tongue flicked out like a snake and Nox tried not to squirm in his skin as it gravely voice spoke to him.  "You killed my brother."


Nox laughed, "Really?  I thought he was your sister.  Fought like a girl."


The dreyken lunnged at Nox and Nox was quick on his feet and moved but not fast enough as the dreyken's claw skimmed across his shoulder.  Nox fought the lancing pain that coursed through him.  He saw the other two down crossing sections.  They were sliding towards him and their brother from opposite sides. 


OOC:  Nox is at set of crossing hallways, the way he came being south... north is the entrance to the next ballroom, east and west there is a dreyken approaching him from either direction plus the one he's fighting in the middle.  Dorian and Barry (if he sticks with Dorian) would be to the west, and Eliot is on the east side.  Martin is still in the south cooridor.  Jared you can be where you want makes no difference to me (and Barry doesn't have to follow Dorian)

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Emily watched as Jared left. Her eyes didn't leave that spot.  She barely heard the alarms start to go off as Cruz pulled the alarm.  She kept staring as Cruz approached.


"Emily - we need to go." Cruz said to her, trying to turn her away from the door. "Dad and Nox are with him.  He'll be fine. I need you to be strong now and help me get these people out of here."


Emily looked at him, and nodded. "I can do that."


Emily and Cruz took the lead - directing people to the nearest exits.  After which she got into the car with him. "I'll take you to my home.  They'll be meeting there afterwards."


Emily didn't say anything, just kept her eyes on the mansion.  She could feel Jared in there. She could find him, but no, she had to trust him.  If Cruz said much on the ride back she didn't hear him. When they arrived she followed Cruz inside. Then it all hit.  She couldn't be strong anymore.  All she could see was her husband dead again - having to raise Michael alone.  She trusted Jared and she trusted his ability, even without magic. She latched onto Cruz and started crying into his shoulder.


Cruz took her to the couch and sat her down. "Do you want a drink or something?" Emily shook her head no, and Cruz sat down next to her. "He'll be okay, Emily." Emily just leaned her head on him and cried.




Jared found himself next to one of the men that Nox had pointed out.  It was a nice reminder not to use his magic.  Jared approached him.


Martin looked him up and down and frowned, "That boy is going to get everyone he knows killed."


Jared gave the man a grin - one he had learned from Nox - and pulled out his firearm and the silencer from his breast pocket.  No need to worry the party goers with gun fire.  As he started screwing on the silencer, the alarm went off.  So much for that, but he was committed to using it now. "I don't plan to die today."


Martin nodded, "Good.  Didn't expect you would, don't make it where you are by sheer good looks."


Jared started to move forward, getting back to business. "Let's get to work before more are hurt or killed. I have a friend in there and would rather not bring back a corpse."


Martin smiled, "Nox'll be fine, he's taken one down already this week."  Martin held his gun at the ready and motioned Jared to go on ahead he'd watch his back.


Jared chuckled a bit. "I'm sure he will."  He pulled out his combat knife and held it in his left had next to the butt of the pistol.  The side of the pistol had been modified to accommodate it.  Jared like to be able to switch instantly between a gun or knife fight.


Jared took point, not sure how he felt about having an Atharim at his back.  Nox had told him right now that they were allies as long as magic wasn't involved.  As a combat mage, he'd rather use all of his advantages, but he had hidden his abilities before.  He could do so again.  The hardest part was not focusing on the portion of Emily he could feel in the back of his head.  She was extremely upset.


Jared moved with speed, but check the alcoves along the hall as he passed. "You've got my six right? Keep an eye on those doors for surprises, with three targets, I'd rather get to Nox sooner than later, but don't want to dismiss the possibility of their hiding.  Whistle for any threats."


Martin nodded, "They want Nox, they won't hide.  They tasted him already, they don't let prey go."


"Understood." Jared said.  He hadn't commonly fought monsters - except for some ghuls he came across in a Casablanca tavern. Martin knew his stuff and he would utilize his knowledge on the subject.  They were after Nox - so they probably would already be set to ambush.  With that information at hand he picked up the pace a bit.  The remaining dreykan could be in this corridor.  The hall was dark limiting vision, and although Jared could have used his magic to pierce through, Nox's warning stayed with him.  He wasn't holding his magic.  He had the sight of a normal man.  Soon enough he could see the fight between Nox and one of the creatures, it was a hideous thing, but Jared kept his cool.


He reported back to Martin calmly. "Visual on Nox and one target - no visual on the other two yet.  This hall is clear though - you think they would flank?"


Martin nodded, "Affirmative.  Standard tactic."


"Alright - you go right - I'll free up Nox and then go left." Jared was in position to do so.  It just made sense.  He kept his senses on Martin as he took aim at Nox's dreykan.  Martin followed his lead though. The shot presented itself and Jared fired, Nox was far enough away that he wasn't worried about hitting him instead. The shot hit his target in the right shoulder and the creature stumbled back, giving Jared a chance to adjust his aim.  The second got the creature in the head.  Jared had to trust Nox to do his best as he turned to the left and saw target number two coming down the hall.


((Cruz and Martin done with Mat))

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Barry finally found them as the sirens went off. It suited him better as he could almost see just as good in this light as the he main ballroom." Looks like i didn't miss the party" as soon as barry entered his expression changed.


"Dorian, im not exactly sure what is going on but I can tell you this much. We need to head over there and we should hurry." Pointing towards the western corridor."ill follow... this time"


Barry was going to be Dorian eyes pointing to the creature once he saw it. "Over there he whispered" he had hoped th creature hadn't noticed them yet. Barry would of took a shot but probably would of missed, and just alerted the monster. He would wait until he was in range.


Barry could not believe his eyes, he had heard of these monsters from jeffrey. He never told barry that they actually existed..

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**** Dorian ****


Dorian listened to what Barry said, he'd had insight, Dorian grinned, "So, you either Sentient like the little song, or you are wolfkin, I'm going with wolf since you know where Nox is."  Dorian saw a dreyken in front of them. "You and me need to talk."


Dorian didn't know where anyone else was.  "Barry, can you tell where anyone else is?"


He wished for Aria's talent, he wished for it more and more then more he wondered why they didn't have more of her kind in the Atharim.  Or Nox for that matter, they were very useful, Barry was actually kinda useful too.


Dorian could shoot the dreyken but they didn't particularly like it.  And Dorian didn't want to make things worse or shoot someone else, so he'd wait.


**** Nox ****


The world spun out of control, the pain in his shoulder he had to push aside, the trick Dorian had taught him, which was the initial catalyst to their life together, came in handy.  He called upon the emptiness and nothing bothered him, it was different than being with the power, but yet they both worked together easily.  


The first dreyken was shot from behind, it reeled and spun towards the shooter, the second shot was in the head and it spun towards Nox and crashed into him. Knocking Nox against the wall. The flailing creature was far more dangerous than the living on.  Nox saw Eliot round a corner just as a dreyken cleared the opening.  Jared was turning down the same hall but he wouldn't have a clean shot.  


It was a split second decision.  He could let Eliot take the blow and Jared kill him, or Nox could do it, the shot wasn't clean but Eliot would survive.  The first scenario Eliot's survival was not likely.  But there really was no choice in the matter, no matter even if Nox dispised Eliot he couldn't let him die like that.  Nox fired his gun into Eliot's knee and as the man dropped Nox fired again, his shot was true because of the power, it went through and through the second dreyken's head, it started flailing too.  


Nox spun two weaves of air that tripped the flailing creatures to the ground.  Eliot was whimpering on the ground, he looked up at Nox with fury.  "You shot me!  F#!@ing Bastard!"


Nox grinned but a howl from behind him caught his attention...


(Martin, Dorian and Barry can take out the third)

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Barry was thrown back for a second, he hadn't ment for them to find out. He had been using his powers but he felt they were needed here. " I can give you a general vicinity of them, I know nox and Elliot are here. Martin is the closest" he knew there smells from the dining hall.", Jared Wil be some were opposite us." The smells were blending together. And he was having a harder time separating one from another.

" I would prefer it if what i am stays between you and me. That includes nox for now. "Trusting someone is quite hard, especially when they know atharim agents..."


Before Dorian could say anything barry said " lets go"

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**** Dorian ****


Know Atharim agents, Dorian laughed.  "Know?  I am one, so is Nox."  The fact that he knew of the Atharim was disquieting, being wolfkin was dangerous to be around, he seemed in control of his beast.  Dorian had been with Nox too long to feel the need to kill every monster on sight, it had taken getting used to.  But human monsters - sentient, gods and wolfkin were all just that human, and they could live productive lives.  Dorian had even seen a mostly functional rougarou, though they had to put him down.  Eating people, even ones who had recently died was wrong.  


"There are no secrets between Nox and I, I can't do that, but he won't be a bother, I promise."  Dorian moved forward his pistol drawn and aimed at the dreyken.  Dorian heard two shots fired, he knew the sound of his own gun and he heard Eliot scream.  Dorian stifled a chuckle as he rounded the last corner where the dreyken had moved past.


Dorian saw only one shadowy man sliding towards Nox, it was enraged his two brothers writhing on the ground with broken legs.  Nox's handywork he was sure.  Eliot was crumpled on the ground glaring at Nox.  Then he fell silently forward.  Nox used the wailing creature as means to knock Eliot out as he turned with a fireball in his hand as the third dreyken pounced on him.  


The fireball caught the creature in the chest and it flew backwards.  Dorian pulled Barry back into the room they'd just exited as it slide past them.


Martin was staring at the firey mess as Nox walked up beside him, watching Martin with care.  Martin watched the creature as Nox moved the other two to the fire buring in the hallway with a weave of air.  Dorian still stood in awe.  Eliot lay crumpled on the floor, Dorian could see his chest rise and fall.


"I suppose Dorian told you," Martin said.


Nox looked at him with confusion.  "Tell me what?"


"You didn't know I knew, yet you did that."  Martin gestured to the pile of burning bodies Nox was keeping contained, somehow.


Nox shook his head.  "Eliot would have shot me in the head the moment I did it.  At least you'd think about it before you shot me."


Martin laughed, "You think you mean that much to me?"


Nox grinned at Martin, "No, but Dorian does.  You shoot the man he loves and I'm pretty sure that would strain your friendship."


Martin shook his head.  "He can't keep secrets from me for long, though he didn't tell me, I figured it out and confronted him."


Nox nodded, "So I'm not going to die today?"  He grinned.


Martin smiled, "Not today, not as long as you keep hunting monsters.   Though you and I and the little song need to sit down and have a little chat about your activities."


Nox frowned, "As you wish."  


Dorian looked at Nox and saw that his shirt was soaked with blood and sighed, the shoulder of his coat and shirt were wripped and he could see the gapping wound, but the front of his chest was soaked in blood too much to be from his shoulder.  "Nox?"


(( Will let everyone respond before I use Nox ))


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