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The First Age: Charity Event


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Jared laughed. "Not that I'm not shocked. I've never seen a dreykan before. It's all that soldier and police training though. Experience too - I just learned how to react faster. And I agree. The power helps a lot."


Nox and Dorian. Jared and Emily. They were alike in many ways. "I never expected to be married to a multibillinoaire either. It's strange, the people we fall in love with. But I wouldn't change it for the world. She means that much to me."


Jared clapped Nox on the back. "I was glad to walk with you. To be honest I always thought if I met you, it would have been awkward, but I didn't feel that at all. I hope this is the start of a good friendship, and sometime we have to play with fire."


Jared grinned knowing Nox would catch his drift. They went their separate ways after arriving - both to talk with their beloveds. At the offer of a drink later, Jared requested a scotch old enough to order its own scotch and arrived in the sitting room. Emily was there and he could feel in his head that she had been drinking, but was in a good mood. At least she wasn't trashed, she didn't drink that much anyways.


Others were in the room - the most notable being a woman with a baby. Jared only has eyes for his wife though.




Jared arrived and Emily stood to greet him. She was feeling the effects of the alcohol - the champagne at the event and the wine she had at Dorian's place. Emily gave Jared a hug and kisses him.


"What did I say?" Jared said with a smile.


"Our last kiss wouldn't be the last." Emily smiled at him and they both sat down.


Jared took her hand and they interlaced fingers as Jared took her not yet empty wineglass. "You've had enough." He said and she pouted with a hint of a smile.


"Okay." Jared smiled at her and gave her hand a squeeze and finished off her wine.


Jared turned to the woman. "Your daughter?"


The woman laughed. "No, your wife asked the same question though."


Emily just held onto Jared and rested her head on his shoulder. She was glad he was okay.

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Slade listened intently as Dorian answered his question "His stability?  You mean is he gone mad with power?"  Dorian shook his head and smoothed the losened hairs back down with both hands with a grin.  "Nox is stable.  He may seem like he's got illusions of granduer, but he knows his limits, and he knows his power well.  He studies his capabilities like you or I would study the sword.  He studies that too, and various other things."  So far so good.  Now all that was needed was to meet the man himself and then Slade was get a full view of the picture.


"That's very good to hear Dorian, thank you."  Slade replied.


Dorian asked Slade, "Anything to drink? Might be a while, Nox is walking home and he could take the long way home."


"Most certainly after tonights events I could sure use one, scotch straight up please." Slade answered


As Slade recieved his drink and took a mouthful...now all that was to do was wait and see what would happen when he encountered Nox...

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**** Dorian ****


Dorian poured Slade a drink and was about to sit down when Jared walked in. Dorian excused himself.  "I'll be back in a moment, I need Nox to sign some papers for me.  We'll be back in a moment."


Cruz watched Dorian walk out of the room, he was nearly bouncing with excitment.  They both were.


Once in the foray before he made it to the study, there was a knock on the door.  Normally Dorian would let Pavlo answer the door, but he was like two feet away.  Dorian sighed, he could hear Nox make fun of him.  Dorian shook his head and opened the door.  Barry looked like he'd seen a ghost.  Dorian smiled, "Do come in.  Everyone is in the sitting room."  Dorian pointed the way.  "I will be with you all in a moment, I have something to take care of real quick."


This study was not nearly as impressive as his own personal study, the one Nox had built specially for him.  But this was were all the books were stored, legal and technical, he was pretty sure that there was even a few smutty novels mixed in from Anastasia's collection of books.  They hadn't really bothered with sorting persay, she hardly used the study anyway.  On the table in the middle of the room lay Nox's current pet projects - mostly science books he was trying to understand the way something or other worked so he could recreate the phenomenon in a weave.  Nox himself half leaned half sat against the edge of the table in the tux pants and the red t-shirt that really should be gone now, it wasn't that it was old, it barely fit his once too skinny frame.  But it had sentimental value and Dorian did like the way it fit him now, probably a bit too much, he thought to himself.


Nox watched him as he walked over to him.  Simon stood up from the desk in the corner, "Dorian.  Good to see you.  I was just telling Nox, how this was just a matter of formalities.  He didn't seem to understand anything I said."


Dorian laughed, "That's because he doesn't know anything about this.  It was a surprise."  Dorian threw his hands up in the air in mock surprise, "Surprise!"


Nox chuckled at him and moved to sit down at the desk, he knew Dorian well.  "I have already signed everything.  Do you trust me?"


**** Nox ****


Jared had thought meeting him would be awkward, his only thought was it was awkward, but not nearly so bad.  He had slept with the man's wife after all.  And from what he remembered of the bitching out he'd gotten from Ayden Emily hadn't taken his walking out on her well.  Such was life and such was the game he had played back then.  It was funny thinking that Emily had been the last woman he was with.  How his life had changed.  Fell in love, and that wasn't the weirdest thing for Nox, falling in love with a man pretty much topped that cake.


Once inside Dorian wanted to see him in the study, he walked in to find their lawyer, well Dorian's lawyer, sitting behind the desk with a pile of papers sitting in front of him.  Simon was a good man, Nox didn't remember his last name, he was sure it was some weird name, which is why he didn't remember it.  


"Nox! This is just a formality, everything has already been taken care of by Dorian and we will see that these matters are handled timely.  It is afterall what we are paid for."


Nox was about to ask him a formaility for what when Dorian walked in.  He looked excited about something, and not exactly because Nox was standing in front of him.  Nox rarely wished for Aria's ability, but this was one of those times.


Dorian asked if he trusted him, that was usually a sign that something was about to happen Nox could get upset at.  He nodded, "With my life, you know this.  I will sign but I want to know what I'm signing.  I will pen my name, you tell me what each one is for?"


Dorian nodded, "I knew you'd do it that way."  Dorian placed a kiss on the top of Nox's head, his hands kneeding into Nox's shoulders.  He wanted to relax into Dorian's touch but there was a stack of papers to sign.


Nox could have read the page, even if they were only signature pages of larger documents, but he didn't.  Nox scrawled his name across the first line and then quickly flipped the paper over.  Dorian leaned down and whispered into his ear, "Application for a marriage certificate."


Nox knew what the next one would be, it had been a discussion they'd had many times.  Nox signed the paper.  "The actual marriage certificate."  He went back up to the top of the page and read the whole thing surprised that it was not a prenup or some other thing that Dorian's father would have made him sign.


He looked over his shoulder at Dorian, "Your father know about this?"


Dorian nodded, "He does.  We had a lengthy discussion about why you wouldn't sign that very peice of paper.  He conceded in favor of what follows next."


Nox grinned, "Oh really?"  He flipped the paper over and signed the next one.  


Dorian stood up and spoke normally, "Application to become foster parents."  Nox's heart skipped a beat.  


The next one was signed and flipped over as Dorian's voice rose in excitment, "Agreement for Fostering a child, a specific child."


Nox signed the next one, his hand writing becoming slightly less elegant and more chicken scratch as his father use to call it, this many signatures was boring.  Dorian's voice dropped slightly, "An addentum stating that with in the next six months if living relatives of said child claim the child, we are to give her up without legal fight."


Nox wasn't sure where this was going.  Dorian already had a child?  He looked up at his now husband with questioning eyes.  He responded, "Finish the paper work please and I will explain it all, I promise."


Nox signed the next to last page, "Application for adoption, " Dorian grinned down at Nox.  


Nox signed the last page, "Adoption finalization, the only thing we have to finalze then is her name."


Nox stood up, "Dorian.  You have a child picked out already?  I get no say in the matter?"


Dorian smiled, and pulled Nox close to him, "Love this was a spur of the moment, once in a life time thing."


Simon interrupted.  "Sirs, I will take my leave of you.  I will file the appropriate papers in the morning and in six months, the last paperwork to follow.  I do hope you enjoy that little one, she has been a real treasure."


Dorian nodded, "Thank you Simon."


Simon nodded his farewell, "I'll see myself out, as you've a few more things to discuss."


Dorian turned back to Nox and frowned, Nox wasn't exactly wearing his happy face, "Love, you have all the say in the world on this.  It is for you, you will understand, let me explain."


Nox sat on the edge of the desk he was willing to listen and Dorian started, "Her father was an American soldier stationed in China.  He died in a military exercise.  His wife got the Atharim radar shortly there after, leveled an entire city block the day she found out her husband was dead.  Martin sent my team in.  What I didn't tell the team was that she had a child.  We killed her mother, Nox.  I put a bullet in her head.  This baby girl can be a god, I did't want to, I couldn't kill her.  And I wouldn't let anyone else do it either.  So I didn't tell anyone.  You know enough people now, if she is a god, you can find someone to train her.  So I called my father and he happily set Simon to working out the details.  For all intensive purpose this child died in the explosion caused by her mother.  There is no living relatives to claim her.  She is ours.  If you want her."


Nox gave him a small laugh, "And you thought I'd enjoy this surprise, signing the marriage certificate?"


Dorian sighed, "Simon insisted it was the only way WE could legally adopt the child.  My father agreed to forgoing his usual pre-martial discussion and legal paper work with you in lieu of having more grand children.  Mother was estatic, my father more so than I expected.  The one reason you wouldn't sign is now a moot point, I didn't think you would mind overly much."


Nox nodded, "So he's not going to try anything now?"


Dorian laughed, "No love, he's not.  Are we good?"


Nox said, "No."  Dorian frowned and Nox's heart sank, he really didn't like that look on his face, he grinned, "I'd like to meet this "her" you keep speaking of."


Dorian smiled and Nox was much happier, "She's in the sitting room with everyone else."


Nox kissed Dorian and walked the short distance to  the sitting room, he wasn't sure if the butterflies were nerves or just excitement, he saw a woman holding a baby and he smiled as he walked over to her.  The woman was tiny she looked up to him, "You must be Nox."


"I am." Nox smiled as he looked down on the baby girl, "What's her name?"  She was so tiny, couldn't be more than a few months old.


She smiled up at him, "Dawn."


Nox's jaw dropped and he looked back at Dorian, "Seriously?"


Dorian nodded, "Seriously, I knew it was meant to be."  Dorian turned to the room as Ms. Lin handed Nox the little girl.  "Everyone, I'd like you to met our daughter, Dawn, at least that is the ultimate goal.  She's here temporarily for the next 6 months but hopefully permanentaly after that."  He grinned, "Not exactly the home coming I expected but it fits our life rather well."  


(( Dorian will introduce Nox to Slade, it would be a brief formal introduction, if you want exact dialog just shoot me a PM, Feel free to include that, Zander.  Barry welcome back to the party!  ))

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Barry Walked in as Dorian pointed him to the rest of the party "hope I didn't miss anything to exciting." As Barry walked into the room he was the last one here, "sorry I was running a bit late, had some things to take care of." There was a few people he didn't recognize. There was a young women holding a child, and a young kid, he thought he heard his name as was cruz. He walked over to Jared the man from the mansion. "Sorry I didn't get a chance to really meet you at the charity event, I take it this is your better half?" after a bit of conversation He apologized deeply to the two of them for the incidents that had transpired" I am sorry about the road scene, Anything like that will never happen again. I know my actions could not only hurt me but you as well Jared.


About this time Nox and Dorian came into the room were they announced the lovely baby girl was their daughter! Barry started a light clap as for congratulations.

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Jared smiled at Barry as he approached, still holding Emily's hand. "Yes, this is my wife Emily. Emily, this is Barry Gordon."


Emily offered her hand in a polite gesture. At the mention of his actions possibly hurting Jared, he could feel some discontent beginning to build in the Emily portion of his mind.  Jared squeezed his hand to tell her to calm down. "It's quite alright. We're all okay."


Dorian and Nox arrived and all was made clear.  The baby was to be Nox and Dorian's.  Wow.  Jared couldn't help but grin at that.




Emily wasn't terribly happy that someone had put her husband in danger. Jared would have to explain sometime. Not here though, and not tonight.  She knew he would explain when the time was right. Emily took comfort in her hand interlaced with Jared.  He was so special.


BABY!!!! The baby was going to be adopted by Nox.  That made Emily forget about the potential danger her husband was in, or maybe she was just easily distracted because she was a little tipsy.  It didn't matter, this was a happy time.  Emily approached Nox and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek.  "Congratulations Nox." She said and then moved to Dorian.  She repeated the hug and the kiss. "Congratulations Dorian."


Jared followed behind, letting go of her hand so she could hug and Jared shook their hands and offered congratulations before Emily once more grabbed his. "We should schedule a play date for Dawn and Michael sometime."


Jared spoke to the room. "Should we toast the new parents?"

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Slade clapped along with the others.  Well perhaps now wasn't the best time to talk with Nox.  It was time for him and Dorian to celebrate.  He'd wait till afterwards to speak with Nox.  When Jared mentioned a toast.  He grabbed his glass and waited.


Well Zander thought this will at least put Nox in a better mood before they spoke.  Slade wanted to apologize to the man.  And find out some more about him.

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**** Dorian ****


Dorian was surprised when Emily hugged him, Jared shook his hand.  There was a call for a toast but Nox was aborbed.


Nox was pretty oblivious to everyone but the baby.  He was completely enthralled, perhaps this was a bit more than everyone else needed to see.  Dorian grinned at his love and put his arm around Nox and whispered in his ear, "Love, we have company."  Nox looked up with a grin, "Yeah I know."


Dorian sighed, he hadn't forgotten.  "Nox love..."  


Nox grinned at Dorian and walked over with the baby cradled in one arm and went to the bottom of the bar and pulled out the oldest scotch in their stash, it had been opened once by his father.  Nox poured two glasses.  He brought one to Jared with a smile, "Oldest one we got."  Nox handed Dorian the second glass and left the sitting room.  Cruz followed him.  Dorian shook his head, "Does anyone else want a beer?  Before the boys get out of shouting distance."


But there was little time Nox and Cruz were back before anyone said anything.  Nox had three beers and Cruz a bottle of wine with a few glasses.  They were at least bringing more than enough for others if they wanted.


Nox showed off, he didn't ususally do that, he wove a small weave and the lid from his beer popped off.  It was one of the few he used to show off his powers, and it came in handy while his other hand was full of baby.  She was safely and softly sleeping in the crook of his arm.  Dorian watched and his heart soared, it was exactly what Nox needed.  He loved Adriana, and Aria loved bringing her here for him to play with.  It was amazing watching Nox with a child.  The loud obnoxious behavior softened to childlike glee, and now he was just something completely else.


Cruz poured a small glass of wine for Emily and himself. 


Nox turned to Barry, "What you want Barry?"


Nox served Barry his perfered drink and when everyone had a drink, Ms. Lin had slipped out the door without so much as a farewell, he didn't blame her, not really, this was family, not that anyone here was actually family except Cruz.    But it would do for now.  Nox was happily playing host, he was usually pretty good at it at his own house.


Nox raised his glass, "To family."


**** Nox ****


Nox was only slightly upset at Dorian.  The whole thing was overwhelming, he'd signed a marriage certificate because he'd promised, he'd not sighed anything else except for paper work to adopt a little girl named after his sister.  Dorian was right it was fate.  Nox was in heaven, the little girl tucked against him.  He own child, not his blood, but really that didn't matter.  The baby coo'd at him and he smiled.  There was nothing happier.  


Dorian interrupted his awe struck stare and Nox knew he was being a poor host.  His sister had taught him better.  Nox poured Jared the drink he asked for, it might not be as old as he had asked for but it was the best scotch they had.  


Nox got everyone a drink and they toasted.  Family was the reason everyone was here, whether they had their own or they were screwing up his life.  It didn't matter not really.  He could be nice.  


Dorian didn't have to push him towards he hunter he didn't know.  Nox craddled the little girl in his left arm against his body and sat down next to him.  "Nox Durante.  I'm assuming Dorian straightened things out?  Are we going to have any issues?"  


Nox looked up and saw Dorian take Barry into the study, he wondered what was going on there.  


(( Dorian pulls Barry aside so they can discuss his wolfkinness etc in private Emily and Jared can join slade and nox in whatever they happen to talk about. ))

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When Nox picked up the baby for the first time, you could tell it was something special. Nox asked if Barry would like something to drink. "I'll have a glass of wine" and he raised his glass with everyone in the room "To family" as he muttered "to Jeffrey" under his breath.



Dorian came over and motioned for him to follow, they went into a separate room as Barry tried to find the calmness again. He knew when you get emotions mixed in, it makes everything that much more difficult. Plus he didn't want to show Dorian that he did not have full control. They went into the room and after the door shut Barry took a seat. He had hoped he did not seem impolite.. he was just anxious. Before the conversation started Barry said" I know you have many questions for me, but before I answer anything I need to know one thing from you Dorian. Am I going to die tonight" as he sighed. It was best to be straightforward at this point. He waited for the man's answer and then started his second.

"Why did you not kill me at the mansion. No one would have known, no one would have missed me. "

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Emily remembered that look. It was the same one Jared had when he held Michael shortly after the delivery. The look of a father, struck by awe at the love he felt for the tiny human being in his arms. Nox had that look now, and despite the child not being his by blood, Dawn was his child.


Emily smiled at Dorian's prodding at Nox to be a good host. That had been her flaw after having the baby. She forgot about everything else. All that mattered was the child. Emily knew in her heart by watching that Nox would be a good father. He already was in love with this little girl in his arms.


When the drinks were handed out, Emily took the offered glass of wine. "Is my drinking ban lifted?" She said,grinning at Jared.


Jared sighed. "Okay...one more." He smiled at her and squeezed her hand.


They all drank to family. Always an excellent toast. Emily moved and watched Nox with the baby some more. "She's beautiful, Nox."


She then turned tto the newcomer that she didn't recognize. "Emily Shale-Vanders, and this is my husband Jared. Its nice to meet you."


((Ooc: she's imtroducing herself to slade.))

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**** Dorian ****


Barry walked into he study and sat down.  Dorian grabbed one of the chairs at Nox's table and turned it around and sat down facing Barry.  "To be honest, Barry, if you'd met me 5 years ago you would be dead.  You would have had a bullet in the head, and I wouldn't have thought twice about it.  I didn't consider myself shoot first ask questions later type person - a monster was a monster."


Dorian got up and walked towards the book shelf behind the desk, "But the day I met Aria and Nox my life was directed a different direction.  Meeting the little song, a completely functional Sentient Atharim, made me see things differently, and then events turned a different direction and I had to force my reality into a different view or lose my son and whatever potential I might have had with Nox."  


Dorian ran his finger down a spine of a journal that had once been Aurora's, it was empty.  She never had a chance to fill it, but it sat on the shelf none-the-less.  Dorian turned to Barry and smiled.  "But now, today, in this moment you are safe.  No one will know your secret, though I will tell Nox, and he will tell Aria."  Dorian knew that it would cause Barry to speak he held a one finger and asked for him to wait, "And it is in your best interest if he and Aria know, they are the ones that keep the human 'monsters' safe."  Dorian wrapped air quote around monsters as he said it.  "I on the other hand will never mention your abilities again once we leave this room.  My job description is not quite so flexible.  Nox and Aria remain off of the high end radar, their main job is to clear the tunnels below Moscow of all vermin.  Which seems to be a never ending job.  But they save those like you they find.  They harbor gods, and they save them when they can from the Atharim.  And they hunt the occassional innocent to keep their cover intact.  I've seen them pull the trigger on men and women who could be beneficial to mankind just because it was an order." 


Dorian frowned, "They are Atharim, they beleive in most of that which the Atharim beleive, but they have questioned the shoot first mentality.  They themselves being monsters.  But do not doubt that if you go rogue, they will put a bullet in your head."  It was not a threat, but it came out that way, it always did when someone tells you they'll kill you.  "And the same goes for either Nox or Aria.  They both have their own orders to kill the other, should they go bad.  It's a hell of a deal they struck, but it is their failsafe."


"Your safety is our concern.  Your father had dealings with the Atharim.  I had not known he had passed such knowledge down the generational lines.  Why is it you know Atharim, and why you know Martin and Eliot were hunters.  They will not like it that people know what they do."
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Slade watched as Nox made his way to him holding his new baby. Well at least he was pretty sure if things went poorly it wouldn't happen with the baby in his arms. And Dorian didn't have to push him towards the hunter he didn't know.  Nox craddled the little girl in his left arm against his body and sat down next to him.  "Nox Durante.  I'm assuming Dorian straightened things out?  Are we going to have any issues?"   Nox asked


"Dorian did straighten things out mostly and from what I have observed from your actions here tonight you have put my worries at ease.  I'd like to apologize for tonight.  I made a foolish mistake it won't happen again." Slade replied. "As for what you are Nox, is what I've been looking for, I believe that the Gods could be the key to our salvation if they aren't mad and are willing. And thus far you fit the bill."  he said looking at the man.


Slade had accepted another drink. Everyone's happiness and joy was overwhelming. It was definitely not something that he was used to.  Slade had errected barriers he knew in his line of work that getting close to people was dangerous, dangerous in the fact that that as his father had taught it was a weakness and Zakk brokered nothing of the sort.  But Slade viewed it not as weakness but as emotion that could lead to mistakes, caring for someone could make you make poor decisions especially in the heat of battle.  Sara had not only broken through the barrier but had torn it down as they grew up together.  He had rebuilt the walls of his emotionless prison except she only allowed to be 3 walls instead of four. And when she had died those walls became higher and thickee except that his anger and pain and put cracks through the stone.


Slade raised his glass to the toast that was made, and afterwards a man an woman made there way over to him and the woman spoke, "Emily Shale-Vanders, and this is my husband Jared. Its nice to meet you."


Slade extended his hand to both of them in turn.  "A pleasure to met you both my name is Slade Cross," he said to them. " Quite an exciting night for Nox and Dorian isn't it."


Well it had been quite a night for most of them but Slade didn't bring that up.  He was pretty sure He had briefly seen Jared at the scene and wasn't sure how well Emily would appreciate the fact that Slade had started the whole mess in the first place.

Edited by Zander
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**** Nox ****


Nox listened to Slade, the warmth of Dawn was a good distraction from the anger that he had previously at the man.  At least he knew he screwed up right outside of the Atharim headquarters - four dead dreyken.  Martin was not going to be happy, Nox would deal with Martin, the kid would be fine, when the hell did he get old enough to call people kid.  Despite his age, it didn't matter he was acting like a kid.  When did I grow up?  Nox thought to himself.  


"Mostly?"  Nox was glad he wasn't going to have to kill him yet, but 'mostly' wasn't exactly reassuring either.  And as he continued on with the save the world spiel, Nox wondered what he knew of things. 


Emily and Jared came over, Emily was looking at him like she understood something he couldn't exactly see.  Parenthood he was sure had something to do with it.  He never expected any of this, Nox never actually expected to live long enough to have children.  Such was his life.  And now there was a little girl in his arms to call his own.  Still very surreal.


Slade said something about an interesting night for him and Dorian, Nox laughed, "It's been an interesting night for all of us."


Nox couldn't let his curiosity go about what Slade wanted with gods, and there were three other so-called gods in this room.  Cruz sat on the arm of the couch next to Nox and was looking down at the baby in his arm.  Nox grinned up at him, Cruz leaned down and whispered, "I saw the baby and knew what Dad had done."  Cruz added happily, "I've got more good news, my mother is having a baby too."  Nox laughed, "Does your Dad know?"


Cruz shook his head, "Not yet, Christian is supposed to tell him.  Something about legal paperwork."  


Nox shook his head, "You are having all sorts of brothers and sisters added to your life now aren't you, just in time for you to make them yourself."    Cruz blushed, which was what Nox had intended, he grinned up at his friend, "Your father will be thrilled you know.  About both aspectes."


Cruz pushed Nox's shoulder and got up to leave, "I'll see you all later, I have an early morning, Grandfather has me running around all day tomorrow in the aftermath of the fire."  Cruz rolled his eyes at the obvious lie.


Nox turned to Slade, "So tell me, what use do you have for willing godlings?"

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Dorian sat down in front of Barry and began to answer his questions. "A completely functional Sentient" he said. Barry had not the slightest idea of what that entailed. Whenever the man said that Barry was safe, it felt as if a giant weight had been lifted.


Dorian said he would have to tell Nox and Aria, and before Barry could speak he continued on. Thankfully, he saved him from making a ass out of himself. This was seeming to go better than expected. Jeffrey always said prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. It was surprising to hear that Nox and Aria were both like him, well so to speak. They had abilities which others would look down upon, and kill them for. Light, how many have they saved Barry wondered. Dorian spoke as if it wasn't a threat" Barry if you go rogue, they will kill you." 

Barry" trust me that won't be a problem, I am tired of Hiding I want to help. I would like to be there when you tell Nox, so I can propose this to him." Dorian went on asking him the questions. I guess it was time to give hims ome answers.


Barry'" yes I can see how they would be quite upset" Well apparently they tested out some recent gear we had made, and the information leaked to me. So no one outside of Atharim, or that are not in their inner works knows.

Dorian"  Your father had dealings with the Atharim.  I had not known he had passed such knowledge down the generational lines." 


Barry" nor did I, I believe that is why he sent me away at a young age, to keep me from it. Look how that turned out." He let out a chuckle. Well Obviously from my father, but I learned about the atharim from a family friend, who as well has worked for them. He learned as much as he could, whenever I showed my first signs of being a wolfkin. If you find out his name that is fine, but I will not give that out, and I hope you understand. With his knowledge I was able to control the beast, while Atharim thought he was making something to hunt the beasts, and others. Which I am sure he had made. He was developing this for me." 

Barry pulled out something wrapped in a cloth, it looked like a flu shot, but the fluid in it had a orange tinge to it.

"This is how I was able to gain control. This does not tame the beast within by any means, but it gave me a chance of survival. I do not know if others will take to it like I did, but regardless they must have the will to fight. I am sure most, still won't make it. Dorian this is a start and if i can perfect this serum, to even effect others who have this struggle like gods, It could change everything. I want to help... I am tired of doing nothing. Even if I save one life, that is something I can be proud of. but.. my goal is to show people we are not all monsters, that we are people as well. I fear that time will not come for quite some time."

"that is why I must ask you to let be be present when you tell nox and aria."

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Well things had gone better then Slade had expected.  He trusted in his instincts of the man. This was the first time he had met a God and didn't have to kill them, an though it was a little unsettling this was the path Slade had chosen een though for the first time in his life he wasnt sure how to proceed.  He was at a crossroads and though he knew which path to take he didn't know what the road held.


Slade's thoughts were broken when Nox turned to Slade, "So tell me, what use do you have for willing godlings?" it was as if Nox had read his thoughgts. Slade took a moment before answering.  He wasn't sure what to say.  Then almost without thinking he spoke.


"The use I have Nox for willing Gods is to help preserve them.  That was the path I chose and I intend to follow it."  Slade's voice picked up conviction as he spoke. "You can see where humanity is heading, I don't see how things are gonna change I only see things getting worse.  Were gonna need to be prepared for the worse cause I truly believe thats what coming.  Those who are willing and able to keep sane I will protect and help to the best of my abilites and those who aren't orcan't I will kill as is my job no my duty." Slade answered. "As for the here and now I would like to accompany you and your friends and offer my services such as they are.  Please don't let tonight's events diminsh me too much.  I do have alot to offer and since you are the first I've met I'd like to see if we can work together for the common good."


There it was all on the table.  Slade waited for his answer...

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**** Dorian ****


Martin and Eliot testing new gear, that was plausible.  Martin did a lot of testing, and Eliot's family being major funds for the Athaim, it was likely he was watching where they put their money.  But that wasn't a good thing either.  The fact that others in GIT knew about the Atharim.  He would have to tell Martin, not specifically Barry's involvement but that GIT may not be a reliable source of tech anymore.  Leaks were handled very seriously within the Atharim, usually resulting in death.  


Barry wanted to help.  To let the world know that monsters weren't a threat, they already knew that, they didn't beleive in monsters.  But the fact that they were developing a serum that helped the best that could be useful, though not likely in the way Barry intended.  Dorian told him as such, "You put that in the hands of the Atharim, and you are giving them a weapon against your kind.  They will use it to capture and then kill your kind.  Nox and Aria could use it to help, but they would have to keep it secret.  I will have to leave that in their hands, I can't under good conscious know more than I already do."


Dorian glanced at the watch on his wrist, "The little song is likely up, but her family is down, so she won't be able to come today.  We will have to arrange a better time to meet.  But you can discuss anything with Nox without her, but she will know everything you say.  There are no secrets between those two."  Dorain frowned, "Absolutely none."  There were things he wished Aria didn't know, it wasn't that it was personal, it was personal but it was something Dorian would  rather she didn't know certain truths.  But where there was absolute truth, there was no hidden lies either, and Nox was a two way street, Dorian knew things about Aria she would rather he not know.  Nox had no secrets, he refused to play that game with either of them.  For which Dorian was grateful.


"I don't think the serum will work for others with different gifts though.  Tranq's and Nox don't mix.  He loses all ability to touch his power.  While it might work for a Sentient I would think that their empathy is not going to be affected by a drug, it would make them worse.  Wolfkin can manage it, I've seen it.  The beast only takes over if you lose control, or you give in to it.  At least that is my understanding of it.  Nox may no someone that you can discuss it with.  You'll have to ask him."  Dorian stood up, "Barry, be careful.  The Atharim do not like when their are monsters in their realm of comfort.  Your life is in danger if Martin or Eliot find out what you are.  If Eliot finds out you are as good as dead, Martin might see reason, he's slowly softening.  Nox is a good influence."  Dorian headed for the door, "Come we are missing whatever is happening in the other room.   You can speak with Nox after everyone leaves."


**** Nox ****


Slade had an inkling of what he and Aria were doing.  He wondered where he'd come to such an understanding.  He laughed at the fact that he'd questioned sanity, "Most godlings I've met are not insane.  Only one that I can think of, and I didn't truly meet the man.  Otherise he'd likely be dead now."  Nox pushed the memories of Dane Gregory from his mind, the feelings were not his and he did not want to think on that man.  Nox felt Aria push the world away, she'd felt his feelings from the distance.  Nox pushed her away, a dull throb in the back of his head to be dealt with later.  


"As long as you don't do what you did today, I'll gladly speak with Aria about having you assist in our endeavors, but Aria and I hunt the underground of Moscow cleaning the vermin from the tunnels.  Unless you like mass battles and crawling around in the depths of dirt and sludge I do not recomend it."  But that was a lie really, Nox loved the tunnels, loved using the land warriors, enjoyed the fact that he could weild his power without worry of cameras catching odd things.  It was almsot his second home - almost.


Dorian walked in, and behind the couch Nox was sitting in.  Nox leaned back and Dorian whispered in his ear, "Barry has something he needs to discuss with you when everyone is gone."  


Nox grinned and nodded.  "Then you and I need to have a sit down."   Dorian shook his head at Nox with a grin.


Nox smiled at Emily and Jared, "Jared if you are ever looking for a good fight, I know where to find them.  They make very good target practice."  He grinned at the other man, he knew Jared would understand what he meant, hopefully the others didn't catch it, Jared was a good shot none-the-less and that was all that anyone had really seen.  "You and I do still need to discuss your needle work though."


(( not sure where else this particular line can go... if anyone has ideas shoot me a pm, or something you'd like to do, other wise I'll get something brewing shortly, but we can continue with the chatting ))

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Jared didn't add to the conversation that Slade and Nox were having, and Emily remained quiet too.  It appeared Slade was Atharim and at least he didn't want to kill their kind. There conversation was Atharim business and Jared didn't feel like he should offer his input, and quite frankly, despite his words Jared hadn't built up a trust with Slade enough to reveal his and Emily's abilities.  They called them gods though - godlings anyway.  Jared wasn't sure he liked that title.  He was no god. He was a man with a special gift, but he wasn't a god.  It was the reason why few knew of his near death.  He didn't want people thinking he was Jesus reborn or anything.


Nox's offer to fight was met with disapproval from Emily in his head.  Despite her concern, he knew the disapproval wasn't because of the danger.  "That's a good offer Nox, and I'd be willing to help out of course, but I'm stationed in Sierra Leone and what little time I do get in Moscow, I spend with my family.  Should circumstances change, I will take you up on your offer." Jared felt Emily simmer down as he said the words, and he looked at her while continuing. "However, I'm sure I can make time to discuss stitching with you for a bit." Emily gave a nod.  Jared had a week of leave time instead of just a few days.


Nox grinned, "Just keep the damn thing away from me and we'll be good.  Whenever ya'll aren't busy.  I'll have to get with Cruz see when he's free, VP of RnD doesn't get much time, for all I know he's flying home tomorrow."


Jared nodded.  "I have a week - ASAP is better."  Emily squeezed his hand.  It was time for them to go.  "We better take our leave of you. Nice meeting you Nox, Slade." Jared shook their hands.


Emily gave Nox a hug and whispered to him. "Sorry about staring earlier.  You looked just like Jared the first time he held his son. You'll do well, Dad." Emily smiled and stepped back, taking Jared's hand.  "Good night everyone."


Jared looked at Nox. "Good luck, Dad. Good night." The good night was directed to everyone in the room.  "Give Dorian and Barry our regards, sorry we cannot stay longer."  When farewells were given, they left.


The duo were met outside by their driver and they drove home.  They needed sometime to theirselves and thankfully Emily's sister Rachel was out of town on some sort of psychiatry convention, so Mara had Michael at Rachel's house.  Jared and Emily didn't get to be alone much anymore, but her sisters had made it possible at least for a night.  They entered the house and Matt, their butler approached.  "Master Vanders, I have a message for you."


Jared saw the Legion's seal on the envelope and Emily did too.  Her heart sank at that.  That meant orders, and orders meant a cancelled leave. A few seconds later, her voice echoed the sentiment. "You're leaving aren't you?"


Jared read the note - there were two actually.  One was official orders, and the other more personal.  Emily's thoughts shifted to confusion as Jared's own emotions changed and he handed her the notes.  As she read, her emotions changed to joy and she jumped into Jared's arms.




Emily's heart hurt when she saw the seal on the envelope and she felt the tears beginning to well up in her eyes.  She couldn't ask Jared to leave - it was his life - it was who he was, but she missed him so much.  He just got back - it wasn't fair of them to ask him to go back to Sierra Leone already. She was starting to get angry when Jared's emotions shifted.  He was - happy??


Jared didn't speak - he just handed her the two pieces of paper.


The first one read, typed in a typical military fashion:


"Captain Vanders,


You are being reassigned to be the Legion Premiere's Liason to the CCD.  Effective immediately after your current leave, you will be assigned to Moscow.  Please contact the quartermaster at your earliest convenience to facilitate the shipping of your personal effects.


Jacques Danjou

CEO Legion Premiere"


The second was handwritten:


"Capt. Vanders,


I know being stationed here has been hard on you and your family.  Make the most of this and give my regards to your wife and son.




Emily couldn't help herself.  She jumped into Jared's arms and kissed him. Tears had begun to fall, but they were tears of joy.  Her Jared was home for good.


((OOC: The likelihood  of that actually happening is slim to none, but I did it so that Jared is available for RP.  Nox done by Mat))

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Barry had laid everything out on the table, maybe yo quickly. He was worried about so much and it seemed he had so little time. He was sure that this wasn't was of high priority, and he didn't want Dorian to think he was daydreaming.


Barry told Dorian about the serum he had helped create. It was to be used to help wolfkind, and eventually anyone who had trouble controlling their troubles. But when Dorian said it could be used against him, his mouth fell open in disbelief.. how had he not thought of that. If the atharim got a hold of this serum.. oh light, it would ruin everything the had worked so hard to achieve.


Barry spoke confidently, "I won't let that happen, I can't let that happen Dorian!" His voice was booming. He did not even realize it, and hoped the shouting didn't reach the other room. " I am sorry about that Dorian my emotions get the best of me sometimes." Dorian nodded.


Dorian told him about his thoughts on the serum and how it would effect or would not effect other's who had gifts. It was interesting to learn that the tranq could actually block his powers, it could help him in a right situation, or stop someone that was out of control.


As dorian stood up he told Barry to be careful, especially of Martin, and elliot. " trust me I have seen enough of the two of them to last a lifetime." As they went into the other room, it had seemed jared and Emily had already left. He had talked with the him only briefly but him and his wife seemed lovely. He was sure jared was someone he could have a beer, or three with.


Barry poured himself another glass of wine, going over and over again what he would say to nox. It was getting late so he didn't, want to keep them to long. Especially with the brand new edition.

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The night was coming to a end, Barry said his good-byes as everyone else left, hopefully Dorian had spoken to nox at some point otherwise this was going to begin awkwardly. Barry took a seat across from Nox and the baby. "So Nox I know you had some question for me back at the charity event, and I am sure you saw today Dorian did as well. "Dorian had told me no secrets were kept between you two as well as Aria" Nox replied, "secrets are toxic." Barry nodded and went on." I was told that my safety is guaranteed," as Barry looked to Dorian for confirmation Dorian nodded, and Nox gave his confirmation, "If Dorian says you are safe, you should be inclined to believe him."  Barry let out a sigh of relief, he had believed Dorian, but with the baby now here... there was no telling what Nox might have done.


Barry wished he could use his senses to feel out Nox, but his nerves were getting the best of him. He had never in his life been in a situation like this, and it seemed to be messing with his senses."There is a lot to explain and little time", as Barry reached up to take his contacts out. When he opened his eyes, they were Golden yellow, like the color of the golden sun. Barry could not remember the last time he had those contacts out, although since Jeffrey adjusted them they no longer irritated his eyes. Maybe it was just the weight of hiding who he was to everyone being lifted. Barry wasn't sure the response he would get, and Nox grinned at him. LIght, maybe the man already had a hunch. He had been a hunter for awhile, and to stay alive instincts were necessary. Maybe this would go well, he thought to himself.


Barry began to smile, and started to discuss the matter at hand. " I am sure this explains a lot, It had started when I was around 18 or so around the time my father passed. It was hard to control, and I had almost killed my best friend at military school. When I got home, I worked in many different ways to fight this beast. I was lucky enough to have some information regarding wolkin," as he looked to Dorian "I will let him explain any details I leave out"

"The information helped me tremendously but the fight against myself.... I cannot even describe the Hell I went through. It took me 2 years to even have some control over it Nox. I cannot imagine what other's have gone through, and the one's who have lost control all together." 


"Nox do you know of any wolfkin who have not gone crazy, or is it just a anomaly that I am around?" " I want to help, I want to show this world that we are people as well. So I developed something, it stated as a remedy for me. Even though I have control now, when I can Remember them, it feels real. However there are nights I wake up and the place is destroyed. I didn't want to hurt anyone so this is my solution" Barry pulled out the serum. This controls the beast so to speak,and will prevent me from having dreams. I can't use to much or all my senses go out of whack."  "I want to not just help the Wolfkin but all like us Nox. If we could develop it to help other's control it, imagine the amount of lives that would be saved."


Barry began to sigh...." However after talking with Dorian, I never thought about what happens if the atharim get a hold of this, the damage it would do. Nox I believe I can help, I want to help change this world, or even get it started in a different direction."

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Everyone else had gone.  Dorian slipped out of the room living him and Barry alone. He had wanted to talk to him before the night was out, but for the life of him he couldn't remember exactly why he'd wanted the chat. 


Dawn was still curled in his arm when Barry spoke of secrets.  Secrets killed things particularly in a relationship.  He'd watched it tear Aria and Lucas apart until Lucas finally was told the whole truth.  It was like a flash flood at first, and then everything went back to normal.  Or as normal as it could be.  There were still secrets between Aria and Lucas.  Only one really.  The fact that Nox had pledged to kill Aria if she ever started killing innocent lives again - Dane or otherwise influenced.  Neither he nor Aria beleived Lucas would accept Nox anywhere near Aria if he knew that fact.  But it wasn't likely to happen anytime soon, Aria was more mother than hunter these days.


And as it turned out Barry had a secret of his own.  The whole removing of contacts was awkward, but Nox grinned at the sight of golden eyes.  Wolfkin, he should have know.  And at an Atharim party, reminded him of himself actually, hiding in plain sight.


Barry spoke about control and Nox was all too familiar with that problem.  He'd have died if he'd not learned to control his ability.  He could have died if he hadn't learned how to control Aria's passed abilitiy.  Feelings were a bitch when they weren't yours.  Four years he'd been dealing with it.  Aria had been deeling with it for almost 35 years.  He did not envy her.  But control was always at the center of it all.


He asked Nox about the sanity of other's like him.  Nox grinned, "Other's survive and live very productive lives.  I know one who is a CCDPD, and nother who makes her living as nature photographer - specialzing specifically in capture very candid shots of wolves in their homes.  I wonder how she does that."  Nox grinned playfully.  "I beleive I know of another who works with Ascendancy himself.  So you are not unique, just rare.  Most that the Atharim find are rogue, they've succumbed to their wolves completely.  There is nothing to do but put them down.  Unless you wear your golden eyes in public or do strangely wolf like things openly chances of an Atharim finding you is slim."


Nox took the vial of serum between two fingers and held it up.  "I assume it's traquilizers and the like?"  Nox handed it back to Barry.  It can help those with trouble.  I'm sure we could use it, but it won't bring one gone back.  They are unreachable.  Lost.  My photographer friend.  Her brother was put down by one of us because he was uncontrolable.  She found him in the dream once.  He was all wolf.  There was nothing left of her brother, he preceived himself as a wolf, he was a wolf.  He lives on in the dream, she visits him regularly or did the last time I spoke to her.  She helps up move those we save from the Atharim."


Nox smiled down at the sleeping baby and then up at Barry.  "I have thoughts on how you can help.  But it's not exactly as you intended.  Give me a few days to get things situated.  I have to contact a friend for his assistance since my go to gal is stuck at home.  Leave me your contact information and I'll send you the insturctions."


(( OOC:  Sorry ya'll got sided tracked.  I do have the next phase.  I'll start a new thread.  Should be interesting. ))

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