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This will happen in A MEMORY OF LIGHT:

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There was also a vision dream of Mat holding a balance scale with his eye on one side and an Aes Sedai on the other. I think we will see pirate Matt with a foxy eye-patch AAARRRRRGH!


Also the Shaido have been dealt with. The Wise Ones are leashed and the fighters are either prisoners or slinking back to the waste. Those headed back to the waste will probably seek to avoid all attention and are effectively out of the story.



I'm almost positive it was his eye against the world on those scales but it might add up to the same thing. Moiraine is crucial to saving the world and Mat may have to give up an eye to save her. I'm thinking more along the lines of an exchange to get out of Finnland.


I don't think the eye on the scale should be taken quite literally. I see it as a representation of Mat weighing the decision of giving up his eye to save Moiraine. We know that Min had a viewing of Rand that led her to believe he can't win at TG without the help of a woman she "knows" to be dead (Moiraine)' date=' so giving up the eye to rescue Moiraine would be saving the world.


There is further foreshadowing in KoD. I don't have the book in front of me so I can't provide references, but perhaps someone can back me up. Mat is disturbed by his memories of dying. Moiraine said that the Finn sort of feed off of human experiences, but was not specific about how they got these experiences. If I remember correctly, Mat believes that the memories came from men who had visited the Finn, but how would the Finn collect the memories that included their deaths? They can't visit the Finn after they're dead. So Mat begins to worry that the Finn are collecting experiences as they occur because they can see through his eyes (or perhaps just 'eye'). This would pose quite a problem in playing a life-and-death game of snakes and foxes with the Finn if they can see everything he sees. I'm speculating here that the world of the Finn that Mat has walked through before becomes the board and Mat, Thom, Noal, and the Finn are the pieces. This is a game you can't win unless you cheat, so they'll need to take some iron and Thom's musical instruments with them.


This causes me to wonder, if this is the case, why he wouldn't just wear an eye-patch so the Finn couldn't see what he was up to or where he was going. The only answer I can think of is that they can still see through his eye after he plucks it and he must hand the eye off to Thom or Noal to lay a false trail. This, of course, is just speculation but I think it's plausible and within the character of the story. It seems that although Mat would rather be as far from Aes Sedai as he can get, he's constantly put in a position of risking his neck to save one.


By the way, if Rand gets his hand back, I'm going to have to insist that Mat gets his eye back. Somehow I doubt either will happen.[/quote']


If the Finn only see through one eye then all of the memories Mat recieved would be 2 dimensional and skewed. Him plucking out his eye wouldn't be of any use unless he wanted to pluck out both of them.



This causes me to wonder' date=' if this is the case, why he wouldn't just wear an eye-patch so the Finn couldn't see what he was up to or where he was going. [/quote']


Wearing an eyepatch doesn't cause your face to bleed, like Egwene saw.


Mat throwing dice with blood streaming down his face, the wide brim of his hat pulled low so she could not see his wound, while Thom Merrilin put his hand into a fire to draw out the small blue stone that now dangled on Moiraine's forehead.


(TFoH ch.15)


The eye thing has been foreshadowed by the Aelfinn, Min's viewings, and Egwene's Dreams. Not too many things have recieved that much reinforcement.


It seems clear that Mat will literally, and intentionally sacrifice his left eye in the course of rescuing Moiraine from the Tower of Ghenjei.



Definitely made the point. Also Mins viewing always happen like she see's them. Period. She see's an eye on a balance scale then theres gonna be an eye on a balance scale. Most likely with the Finn he's going to have to give his eye in order to be allowed to leave their realm once again. Personal opinion.



Dimmmu666' date=' as entertaining as your thread about the 4some was to read, I'd request that you don't go bringing it up in every thread you respond to, or even a large part of them... this is not so much because I don't like it, as that others definately won't.


Melaine, Lan is riding across the breadth of the borderlands (started in Saldea, headed towards Shienar) gathering an army around himself so that he might fight off the Trollocs Raving Horde at Tarwins Gap. He is doing this under the banner of the Golden Crane.


[i']"Oh, I have seen stark Tarwin's Gap,

and faced the Trollocs' raving horde.

I have stood 'fore the Halfman's charge,

and walked on death's cold borde.

Bu a winsome lass, she waits for me,

for a dance, and a kiss 'neath the apple tree...."[/i]


Man, I love that song, I hope once RJ finishes the series he writes the whole song, as well as the whole song for Jak'o'the shadows.


I wanna read the Jak'o'the Shadows song as well. I think the Band will sing it when they ride to Tarmon Gaidan .




I g2g for now I'll be back in a bit though to discuss more.

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I wonder what is the fate of Birgitte? When she dies what ends up happening to her?


Min's viewing on the subject:


Auras danced around her and images flickered, more than Min had ever seen around anyone, thousands it seemed, cascading over one another. Those multitude of images and auras flashed by too quickly for her to make out any clearly, but she was certain they indicated more adventures than a woman could have in one lifetime. Strangely, some were connected to an ugly man who was older that she, and others to an ugly man who was much younger, yet somehow Min knew they were the same man.


Since Min's visions are always of the future, we know that Birgitte will have future lives where her relationship with him, age-wise, will return to normal. That seems to be evidence that either she has not been fully ripped from her attachment to the Wheel, or that what she is doing now is heroic enough to get her immediately re-attached.

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grasping at straws here but creator=light=true source=two HALVES of the One Power. Its a long shot' date=' but I think that something mat may do could cause sadair to be tainted or both powers to be diminished[/quote']


I've had thoughts along those lines too. I used to think that the eye in those dreams/viewings had something to do with the Eye of the World (not the book, the well of pure saidin)Because alot of things still bother me about the ending of book one. Like while Rand was drawing from the Eye, a booming voice from the sky said something about "it is not yet time" or "it's too soon" and that's never been touched on again. I know, saidin is clean already but for Rand it might as well not be. I say the Eye is still important to the Last Battle somehow. Plus it has a nice full circle effect for a series called the wheel of time.


--Anyway, I thought maybe mat gives an eye for an Eye (sorry) while Thom uses one of Aludra's homemade "Bic lighters" that he'll sneak in to Finnland to remove Moiraine

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As regards Mat giving up the light of half the world. Does this perhaps mean giving up Tuon who to many in Seanchan (half the world), as their Empress, is their "light"?



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Definitely made the point. Also Mins viewing always happen like she see's them. Period. She see's an eye on a balance scale then theres gonna be an eye on a balance scale. Most likely with the Finn he's going to have to give his eye in order to be allowed to leave their realm once again. Personal opinion.



Well, not entirely true. Her viewings always come true, but not like she sees them, it's the interpretation that's important. She saw an eagle and a hawk on each of Perrin's shoulder's, but he didn't litterarily have an eagle and a hawk on his shoulders. And when she sees the halo with Logain, it means glory and not that he will have a halo circling around his head...


So I think the scale is not to be taken by word, I agree that it's a metaphore.


Sorry, just a little detail.

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remember in the first book when the group first meets Min and Min is talkin to Rand outside of the Stag and the Lion and Min says around Mat's head in her aura there is an eye on a scale. so i think he will lose is eye in some sort of bargain.



I agree about Berelain and Galad - it makes sense. However' date=' I disagree with Mat losing an eye. It doesn't say he'll give up half the light of HIS world, rather he'll give up half the light of THE world. Just my $.02.....


And I'd definitely like to see Fain have some sort of impact against the Shadow. I'm eager to see the extent of his power, and I'd like to see him redeem himself, sort of. And then get his head chopped off by Perrin. That would be ok with me.[/quote']

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Regarding the talisman of growing arguement..


The fact that it's only been mentioned in the singular is not proof enough to claim the ter`angreal in elayne's possession is not a duplicate.


In support of this, I offer THE Oath Rod. Always spoken of in the singular through the first 5,6,7(?) books in the series..then..voila! Sammeal shows up with another Oath Rod to give Sevanna, which shortly after gets used to bind Galina.


Personally,I think the idea of only having one Talisman of Growing is silly. Likely the elders in nearly every stedding had their own. After all, the ogiers were the ones continueing to grow the ways, and it'd be a lot more convenient for them to have several available.

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regarding the oath rod, i believe i read in the big white book that there are 7 rods i am not sure if they are all oath rods but I remmember reading that Lews Therin collected all of the rods. i dont know if it has anything to do with this but are there 7 oath rods or do they al have different functons?




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I didn't know Hurin would return until I read it here, and I have a small theory, or perhaps I'd better call it a possibility...


Hurin is a sniffer. What he sniffed in tGH was the band of darkfriends, trollocs and Fain that stole the Horn. In tGH, Hurin mentions a specific sent, worse than Trollocs, wich we can assume is Fain.

That makes Hurin one of the few men in Randland who can recognice (smell) Fain, beside some darkfriends who know about him, the forsaken and Isam/Luc who actively hunts him.


Let's assume Hurin is with his king and the armies of the borderlands in the Bream Wood. Hurin was a compagnion of the dragon himself, even a friend? As the borderland kings are there to find Rand, they would surely bring someone who knows him!

We also know Hurin as a man who follows his duty.

The armies in the Bream Wood harbour 13 Aes Sedai.


So, here's the possibiliy: Hurin smells Fain somewhere in or round the Braem Wood and as a man of duty, he warns his king and the Aes Sedai. These attack Fain...

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She was/is my favorite character in the books so when she was "killed" and virtually ignored in the rest of the books until the last one...I was one very disappointed reader!


I hope RJ decides to write a book about the trials and travails that Moraine endured while she was "dead"! That would make this reader very very happy.


I also like Siuan and Morgase(I think that's elayne's mother...). And Loial!

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I hope RJ decides to write a book about the trials and travails that Moraine endured while she was "dead"!


I think, unfortunately, that they could be summed up very shortly.


She was taken prisoner, after being burnt out by the melting ter'angreal doorway. After that she pretty much just had to wait around and hope Mat would be willing to come after her.


About the only thing she may have done of note during that period was bring about the execution of Lanfear, but then again, Lanfear is quite capable of doing that herself. In any case, I seriously doubt there's enough there for a whole book, even a slim one.

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