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  1. Yeah, that scene is very funny too.
  2. I don't remember that the killer of Janduin was ever named (not to say that he wasn't' date=' just that I don't remember). Where did it say this?[/quote'] I found it here http://www.encyclopaedia-wot.org/(character list, Luc) I must say I was surprised about it too. The timeline of all these events confused me a bit, it still does now I think of it.
  3. Rand's mother was Tigraine, Tigraine's brother is Luc. So the Luc part of slayer is an uncle of Rand, and the Isam part of Luc is a cousin of Lan. And Luc/Isam killed Rand's dad Janduin. Wow, Rand really has a soap opera family!
  4. This has never been explained, got me very curious too. This is about all we know of this (from http://www.encyclopaedia-wot.org/)
  5. I think RJ said somewhere that he'll do this so his readers will get the impression that tWOT is still going on Oh, as for the last line There and Back again as seen by Bela
  6. I think the dragon being reborn around that time was something most AS expected, they probably didn't say it outloud though,... (all the false dragons popping up and so) So Cadsuane probably suspected it too and kept an eye open for saidin-related rumours. So she decides at a certain point to go and try to stand by the side of the dragon, a guy who channels tainted saidin and gathers other male channelers around him. Obviously she doesn't go alone. I don't think she cares much for the White Tower now the Dragon's running round. Her only goal is to enable him to win TG at a price the w
  7. Tuon does it in KoD with Joline and the other one, forgot name, Teslyn?
  8. That's not conclusive Luckers. In tGH Bayle Domon is telling this story, he said they were standing in a circle around her, not that they were in a saidar circle.
  9. No, they have Aludra's fire sticks Snake people are Aelfinn
  10. I was thinking about making a fade, based on a (famous) actor using photoshop. Has anybody got some ideas who to use for this? I've been thinking about it but I can't directly think of anybody. Oh, can't use it if there are no big (or at least medium) size photographs available.
  11. You ask a lot off questions that cannot be answered I think, mègon. The portal stone question. I could be although I doubt it now I'm thinking about it. Only one argument: Finnland isn't something that might be, it's something that is. So, perhaps if you go the a parallel world, there might be a Finnland there too. I would be inclined to say that some AoL AS discovered Finnland by studying the Portal Stones. This is a fact we also know about Finnland. At some point in time, it was discovered by AS. These made the treaty wich, as do all treaties, are mutually beneficial. Both sides gain
  12. I don't want to give away a spoiler, don't know where everybody is in reading tWoT. If you're on book 7 or 8 I think it should be allright. I'm not sure where this is mentionned first * * * * * * * spoiler * * * * * * * the secret about the bond is that AS can draw strength from their warder, even to the point where it kills him (or her, let's be correct) although it's not clear why anybody would want to do this
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