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  1. I hate the fact that starting at least five years ago, all tv stations began syncronizing their commercial breaks. Now when you flip through the channels during commercial times you get 200 channel worth of commercials! Baztardz! Also now, since everyone has a DVR of some sort and no one watches commercials, we're forced to watch shameless plugs for products DURING the tv shows. The worst of which, during Treasure Hunters, a banking firm chose to use CG to place their company logo on floorboards, traffic signs, you name it. UGH! And finally, it suks that some tv shows start at 9:02pm or 8:29pm, invariably screwing me and my DVR(who I've named Precious) from recording either the preceding or upcoming shows. Whew! I'm done.
  2. Is there a WOT anywhere online? are there any plans to put one up?
  3. Yeah, Luckers! What would happen if Therin seizes Saidin initially. (vs wrestling it from Rand's control) Would Lews Therin and Moridin connect then? Would that even have an effect? Great, everytime I get back on these boards have to go and read the entire series again. oh well.
  4. Someone posted that maybe Taim slowed. I didn't know men could slow?! Is this pretty much common knowledge now? I think Sheriam is a DF. Ever since the gray man incident at the Tower. I used to think Verin was a DF too but now I think she's just not bound from the three oaths. And being Brown she might've stumbled across the information that the oath rod can unbind as well. They mentioned her age at one point... I think it might've been how long it had been since she'd made a mistake... it seemed pretty long. I mean, Cadsuane still makes mistakes although very few. She's got the ageless look though but I haven't figured that out yet.
  5. I thought Min was talking about Lews Therin though.
  6. When the movies finally get made, I'm sure the production company will need some WoT experts. Surely those lucky few will come from this site. So after aMoL study up!
  7. Hmmm.. i like it. Could Rand learn to use the True Power? Since the Choedan Kal, maybe it's clean as well. To be honest his difficulty with saidin urks me and i hope there's a good reason for the Moridin images.
  8. Is he actually writing now? If so, is Harriet helping him? I've pictured him laying back and using some sort of voice recognition software or something. But then again there are too many made up words aren't there? *sigh* if he is working then he's probably going very slow. understandably so..
  9. I've heard that WOT has been printed in Korean but I can't find it on the net. Anyone know where i can purchase it? (websites, mail order, etc..)
  10. Ruffio

    Tried to channel?

    I've channeled successfully in dreams. The first time was sort of an accident. I guess I'd been reading alot of WoT at the time. But in the dream i just remember feeling angry and everything i looked at would just burst into flames, including people I knew. but when i lucid dream i try to 'channel' and i never really works in the same way
  11. It's funny because RJ did that skipping around thing when Rand fought back the Seanchan (just before he used Callendor). IMO that should've been a dumai's wells-esque battle sequence. Yet in the same novel everytime a servant blew his nose he made sure we knew. These Wot books are the best things i've ever read though and i'm hoping we get details of everything important
  12. I liked the Saga of Seven Suns series by Kevin J. Anderson
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