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  1. I really don't think they could channel... Nynaeve and Elayne would have sensed their ability and been a lot more careful! And i agree. The seanchan probably don't have enough foorkroot left for the white tower. I'm also guessing it would be a lot harder to access the aes sedai water supply, because they probably have more than one source...
  2. We should probably cut Elayne some slack in KoD for being pregnant, hormones and everything... But don't be fooled to thinking I like her!
  3. In KoD, Rand organized an encounter with "The Daughter of the Nine Moons" which in fact turned out to be Semi... Thank's to Cadsuane who probably had a ter'angreal to detect inverted weaves, they managed to capture her, with the cost of Rand's hand... :? She also told everybody that Rand has Lews Therin in his head.
  4. Maybe the weird thing about her kids are that they're siamese quadruplets... That would be fun! Or it could just be that they can channel...
  5. It sure is. And they bloody well deserved it!
  6. I'm on my first reread and i'm 17. Started reading two years ago...
  7. I seriously wonder when Rand is going to realize that the DO realy does bring back the dead forsaken.
  8. Dumai's Wells for me too. I had goose bumps the whole time... But Falme also kicked ass!
  9. Can't Elaida also see tav'eren? I think she commented on Rand being ta'veren when she first saw him in the royal palace in Andor... It might have been something else, though.
  10. Coultn't Mat have seen Min in Cairhien? Or maybe it was just Perrin who saw her, Mat might have left before she came. I don't have my books here, si I can't check...
  11. There's also Dreaming and Foretelling. We know Egwene's a dreamer and a whole lot of Aiel as well... Nicola can foretell, Elaida can too :? ... I'm thinking we know of someone else, but i can't think of it right now... Anyone?
  12. No offense everyone, but i hope none of you have too much influence with RJ... I'll probably commit suicide if the ending is like any one of these... no i probably won't, who's kidding who... and no, i don't have a suggestion for an ending myself, i prefer to wait and be totally and completely blown away. :D
  13. Well, not entirely true. Her viewings always come true, but not like she sees them, it's the interpretation that's important. She saw an eagle and a hawk on each of Perrin's shoulder's, but he didn't litterarily have an eagle and a hawk on his shoulders. And when she sees the halo with Logain, it means glory and not that he will have a halo circling around his head... So I think the scale is not to be taken by word, I agree that it's a metaphore. Sorry, just a little detail.
  14. I rest assured. And it's good i was right, because i pass my french exam in two weeks... Thank's!
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