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  1. I like your theory it appeals to me for some reason I can't think right now though. As for the warder thing Moiraine offers to release Lan's bond if he wishes it. Can't remember where or when but she makes the offer. May have been in the second book but not positive.
  2. It's not suprising considering almost any work of fiction will incorperate some aspects of a non Christian religion, not too fond of the word "Pagan" as it is usually used to demean people who aren't Christian, however I think RJ uses more Christian references than non in his books, as previously stated Rand being the representative of Christ. I'm tired I'll post more here when I wake up.
  3. You...yes, you!...can experience this phenomenon right from the comfort of your very own home. Go stare at a light bulb for a few seconds. (A light bulb, NOT the sun. Staring at the sun can blind you. You have been warned.) Most light bulbs have a yellow-ish hue, so once you look away from the bulb, you will see dark purple spots shimmering in your vision, which eventually fade to black before disappearing completely. Notice that purple and yellow are opposite one another on the color wheel. This phenomenon is called an afterimage. No, you have not started channeling the True Power. You do not have the saa. Now, consider how much brighter a fireball in your face would be than your average household bulb. The afterimage of an almost-white fireball will be almost black, and will last longer than that of a light bulb. That's all Rand saw. So, why would RJ even put that in there? The short answer is: for realism. Also, it is well known that bright light can damage the eyes. Semi's fireball was not only very bright, but exploded arm's length from Rand's face, produced a huge amount of explosive force, and must have been extremely hot. All of that together damaged his eyes. The fact that the afterimage lasts so long for Rand just emphasizes how bright, hot, and close that fireball was. I'm not gone I am just not up for arguing over this. Its pointless to argue with people who most likely won't agree with you no matter what you say so I am sitting back and reading. I have my thoughts, you have yours, I'm content to leave it at that.
  4. They write it down and tell their kids NEVER to say it out loud or bad things will happen to them. LOL its just a theory but it is a definite possibility.
  5. he let them escape because Min asked it of him and he didn't think Egwene would forgive him if he didn't. He let Siuan and Leane go because Min wouldn't go without them
  6. 19 started reading them when i was 13 a freshman in highschool
  7. I also dont see the point in describing the saa but I aint too attached to your theory.
  8. And then, at the end of the book (page 675)..as Rand is awakening from his second battle from with Baalzamon. Now, some could argue that the lie is on Moiraine's part. Purely out of a belief that Moiraine's actions have proven her loyolaties, I choose to think that it is on Verin's. So, seeing this clear contradiction, and assuming there is no error on Jordan's part, there are (at least) two possibilities: a) Verin is of the Black Ajah, and able to lie at will without regard to the three oaths. b) Verin, during her long years as an Aes Sedei, freed herself of the Oaths on the Oath Rod, but is not of the Black Ajah. The are probably hundred of points to support both theories, and I'm anxious for more nimble minds to argue them. A final point- if Verin is indeed black, where does this leave Cadsuane? Verin has thrown her support behind the woman. She has avoided trying to influence her as other sister, and also advised Rand to trust her and heed her advice. I dont think she's free of all of the oaths. She had to resort to poison if she was wanting to kill Cadsuane but she may be free of a few of the oaths.
  9. soldier in the band of the red hand i wanna hear the rest of Jak o the shadows
  10. A talent and a weave are different you may want to classify which you are talking about before you continue. Blossoms of Fire and Deathgates are weaves. Keeping the gateway open really is a talent I dont remember what it was called though. I dont think weather is considered a talent but it might be. Hurin I think, the sniffer. He's not a wolf brother just has a damn good nose.
  11. yeah i was talking about when Rand sent Mat to collect the three mules. :P
  12. LOL 10 was horrible. CoT absolutely sucked all it was was a filler. RJ could have squished almost everything from CoT into 9 or 11 easily. I feel bad saying it but its true.
  13. Rand sent Mat and the band through a gateway already so it doesn't stop him from traveling.
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