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Yellow Ajah Back to School: Summer Stories


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Hello, the Yellow Ajah is hosting an event called Back to School. This part of the event is for Summer Stories. What you do is you submit a story of what you did over the summer to me through PM by September 6th. When I get them all, I'll then post them on here along with some fake ones that I made up, and your job is to figure out which stories are real and which are fake. 

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Story 1:


I was hanging out with my friends Michael, Samuel, and James one evening, and we decide that we want to watch a movie. While Michael had a good selection of movies on his computer, we decided we wanted to go to the Family Video in town to pick out some. It's downtown, but it was a nice night, so we decided to walk there.

We left around 9 pm and finally got to the video store around 9:35. We then proceeded to wander aimlessly around the isles as we looked for something that all of us wanted to watch. It took about an hour for us to narrow down what movies we wanted to grab for the next couple of nights, but we finally settled on a few action movies and a couple of kid movies.

Now I was housesitting at the time, and the chickens at the house needed to be put away for the night, so when we got back at 11 pm I had to leave to go take care of the chickens. I drove the 15 minutes to the house, locked up the chickens, and came back. The guys had decided to watch Home Alone because James had never seen it.

We started it around 11:40 and got done with it around ...1 am? James had to leave after that. Michael, Samuel and I were in the mood to watch another movie and decided it was a kid movie kind of night, so we started Brave around 1:20 (we needed to make more popcorn and such).

It was nearly 3 am when we finished that, and I had gotten up at 7am, so I was VERY tired at this point. Michael asked me if I was going to be ok driving home, and swallowing my pride for a moment, I said that I probably wasn't. So, Michael drove his car, Samuel drove my car, and we all drove back to the house I was staying at. Then Michael drove Samuel home.

It all made for a rather fun and memorable night, though nothing unusually exciting happened. It's a night I'll look back on with fondness for years to come.


Story 2:


I spent the summer relaxing mostly. I took the time to re-read the WoT series, Eragon, and Song of Ice and Fire series. To me nothing beats curling up with a good book.


Story 3:


The time goes so fast! I spent the summer taking the kids to sports, dance and swimming. I find it's harder to get things done around the house when they're home, so housework hasn't been done to my standards. I'm happy for them to be back in school so I have time to clean properly and have time to myself, though I do love them dearly. :wink:


Story 4:


This summer I went to Disneyland a couple of times, camping at the beach, and of course just relaxing at the beach!


Story 5:


I spent the summer mostly at home. I was able to go the beach and play mafia! It was fun and relaxing.


Story 6:


I took the time to be with family. We laughed, played games, and had a few birthday parties. It was nice not having to schedule the time with them like during the school year. After all, summers are made for relaxing!

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