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I love Nynaeve for doing that!

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I love that scene too.  Its probably one of my top 5 in the whole series.  There is just so much emotional impact - Nynaeve having to accept Lan's need/desire to leave her side because of his honour, their parting, thinking they may never see each other again, and of course the whole idea of raising the golden crane again and bringing the scattered Malkieri back together.  It really is superb, and so well written.


I'd got so fed up Nynaeve being a punching bag for the Seafolk, the Kin, and Cadsuane for the last three books that I was sick of reading her character POVs, and this scene just redeemed her completely.




The ensuing scenes with Lan trying (and failing) to stop people from following also brought some rare humor to Lan.

I agree.  Lan wasn't quite what I expected, but I think on the whole BS did a pretty good job of his POVs and plot arc from KoD onwards.  I just wish we had been able to know how RJ would have written those scenes, and whether he would have chosen to give Lan main series POVs (I don't think we have any of him prior to BS taking over, apart from NS when he was much younger?).

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