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Daes Dae'mar: April and May 2013

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As you all know, April is the month of JordanCon, the convention dedicated to Robert Jordan and the Wheel of Time series.  I was fortunate enough to attend this year and can honestly say there's nothing better than spending time with other people who are just as obsessed with WoT as I am. 


One aspect of JordanCon is the annual costume contest.  As you can image, there's plenty of people and cultures to mimic for a great costume.  There were a ton of beautiful entries.  Unfortunatly, I sat too far in the back to get any good pictures.  But Leigh Butler—Tor.com's WoT reread expert—has wonderful pics on her blog.





High Lord of Tear:



Shadar Haran:



Lady Ta'veren from a mirror world:



An Eelfinn:


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Name the Aes Sedai


This Aes Sedai is the only member of the Tower in the Wheel of Time series to ever switch to a different Ajah. Who is it?


PM me with your answer. Any guess is worth 1 point. A correct guess is worth 2!



This concludes DAES DAE'MAR. Join us next month for another edition!

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