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Who Won the last Generations Console War?


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From that.. going bypurely sales...

It was none other than the Wii, with 360 & Ps3 basically Tied. (Ps3 slight lead, but to close to call.  360 dominated Ps3 in North America though, nearly 2 to 1.)

However, Sony will probably keep selling Ps3's for the next 2-4 years or so before finally stopping. Where Microsoft probably won't give Xbox 360 another year. (So. that'll help Sony pull ahead in totals.) 


Nintendo, basically won the console war from the get-go. And its now almost officially crowned the winner....

The winner generally leads the following generation in the direction of gaming... I wonder if this means we'll see  more and more casual games over anything else?

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I'm an Xbox guy but I think it's PS3.  Xbox and 360 used to have a lot of really good exclusives, but these days, a lot of good titles end up on both platforms.  PS3's Blu-Ray makes it more likely to sell going forward imo.


Wii was on a totally different battlefield, going for another market.


And we're already seeing a ton of casual games.  That will probably increase, and Nintendo's going to be competing with a whole bunch of web/mobile games.



The hardcore gamer demographic is just not really catered to right now.  The video game industry has gone mainstream, so the average quality of games is dropping.  Huge publishers have been gobbling up any developer that makes a popular game and then pumping out substandard sequels or new games.  EA ruining BioWare was the last straw for me.  Eventually, the industry may swing back a bit towards the hardcore, as hardcore gamers are much more likely to be brand loyal imo, but that will probably be a decade from now.

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well, if your talking  money...

Consider this.

Nintendo moved the most units, but which unit sold for the highest price? And which had the largest profit margin?

If we want to get technical, the PS3 launched at the highest price point. (lowest profit margin) 360, launched cheaper, and wii cheapest.

Wii probably hit profit sooner, followed by 360, and last by ps3.


From a non profit point of view, Ps3 probably turned around the most cash. But had the least amount of profit out of it.

360, was just behind the Ps3 in the $$ involved. with an okay amount of profit (better than Ps3's) Nintendo, had probably the most profit, at least, as a percentage...

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Nintendo won. These are businesses and it's about making the most money.

It's also about market share to a degree. But yeah, you're technically right. I guess I just don't really think the idea of a 3-way "Console War" fits when the "combatants" aren't all aiming at the same market segment. Nintendo was smarter in going for casual gamers, but it also meant they weren't playing the same game as Microsoft and Sony.

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