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9 year old son on book 12

Guest canyonwaters

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Guest canyonwaters

Hello all,


In February I bet my son he could not read the first 10 (i thought there was only ten?) books the of the wheel of time. He was going through books so fast so i figured I would throw the Jordan series at him to slow him dow. Well, here we are at the end of May and he is on book 12. Sadly I only read up to book 5 or 6 and my son has out done me and continues to baffle me in his furious ready style. 


His favorite character is Mat.


He asks me to say: "May you find water and shade."


Just thought I'd share



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Another younger than I was when I started the series. 9 and at book 12? That's the youngest I know, except for a baby whose father reads it to her. Once your son is 13, he should join DM, we are geeks here.


I was supposed to say something...ah yes

Welcome to DM!


We have Discussions here which I guess you should avoid since they have all spoilers. Instead you can join Social Groups which are based on WoT where you can hang out, make friends and rise through ranks like in books. There are also RP Groups if you are interested in roleplaying.

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