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So I started watching this thinking "Doctor Who spin off, it must be good".  Is it just me or does anyone else find this show to be poorly written and acted? To have spun off from such an awesome show this one is really falling short on quality.  When did super awesome Captain Jack become such wimpy sap?


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Season one was quite weak, with a few good episodes, especially towards the end. Season two was better. Season three, Children of Earth, was great. And Season four, Miracle Day, was rubbish.

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In Torchwood, every time a character swears, its almost as if they look into the cammera and say


"i just said a bad world, becaue I am a grown up, and I talk about sex as well, because thats what adults do". 


Then the plots are silly.  Also one of our heros uses alien Technology to commit date rape, and its played for laughts!!!!


But worst of all is a top secret orginisation that has its name on the side of the van.  But as long as there is sex and swaering that makes it adult right?

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Which series did you watch? 


As Cindy and Mr Ares said, Children of Earth is genuinely great!  Seasons 1 and 2 were ok and Miracle Day was awful (at least I assume it didn't pick up, I stopped watching after Ep2) 

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Which is why Doctor Who will never go to America. Especially after the disastrous Doctor Who movie they did.


All I can say on this is that there are Whovians out there whom use the DVD's for frisbee games during add breaks and as cup holders :D

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