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Madness and such: A welcome thread


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Another new Member. How wonderful :)


Welcome to the BT!


Our wonderful Lady Dragon will spot you soon and arrange for you to be added to our private boards. Once they appear you can join in the never ending Saidin Class and learn to fight using the One Power.


In the meantime feel free to mooch about our Main Board and join in anything you see. We like randomness so you pretty much can't go wrong.


We also have a Hunger Game and a Mafia Game due to start at some point. If you are interested and would like more info on how they work just let me know :)

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The name is completely accidental lol. I was right in the middle of getting dinner ready at the height of arsenic hour which is six a clock, and listening to whiny ppl, such fun, when I decided to join. The name was kinda apt. 


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Welcome to your new home! I think you will feel at home right away. Tell us a bit about yourself. Do you often consider yourself or the world mad? Do you use to hear voices that nobody else can hear? Do you like chocolate?


You will soon be added to our private boards. Until then just hang around here on the main board. Jump in wherever you feel like. We are a friendly bunch who loves to torture  meet new people.

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