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Greetings from MiddleEarth (New Zealand)


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I read the series up to about Book 8 in the '90's while I was living in Australia.  Back in Enzed, it turns out that my sister is a real Wheel of Time Geek. ( Ok, ok, my sister is a geek. period - so I'm not necessarily suggesting you are all a bunch of geeks, even though that may be true.  Or not.)


Anyway, my sisters has lent me the first four books and will lend me the rest when I have read those.  I'm on Book 2, about to start chapter 20....


I'll continue this intro later... I gotta get back to my book...

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Welcome to Dragonmount! It's nice to see new users around. 


Have you checked out the Social Groups? There you can meet awesome people and participate in a variety of topics-activities. Don't forget to have a look at the RP Community if you're interested in RPing!

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Welcome to dragonmount! I'd normally suggest you begin with the discussion forums but since you haven't finished the series yet you should be aware that some of the threads there may contain spoilers. I'd highly reccomend taking a few moments to check out the Social Groups and see which one(s) work best for you. Each group has something different to offer such as the Black Tower's tainted brownies & spam or the Band of the Red Hand's taverns & discussions on music/arts. The social groups can be a little silly at times but are almost always a lot of fun and a great way for you to get to know and interact with a number of other DM members. If you enjoy Role Play you can also check out the RP forums, also broken down into groups, which can allow you to enter the WoT world and live out the story yourself.

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Thankyou Dors Maherally, Brid Morgan, Panchi, and Nikon - you make me feel welcome.  For WOT Geeks, you seem to have very good social skills.  I  remember in the 80's going to a fantasy gaming club in North Sydney: Some guy there remarks "who's the hippie idiot?"  Made me feel like an imposter and I never went back.  Just because I had long hair down to my shoulders doesn't make me a hippy.  If I hung out with hippies it was to smoke their ... not to share in their ideology.


I reckon the Wheel of Time series is the best fantasy series ever.  Better even than the Lord of the Rings.  I attempted to read Lord of the the Rings three times, but could never finish it because the story was too depressing.  Not that I want to knock the movies, which were fantastic and I finally got to the end of the story!


When I was reading the Wheel of Time series in the 90's, up to book 7 or 8, I was noticing the series was developing so many story threads I was wondering if Robert Jordan could actually finish the series into a decisive conclusion, which he has done through his notes.  So, as I continue to read book 2 (Chapter 37 What might be), I am looking forward to how the story progresses in this way.  And I am taking my time reading so that I can savor it.


Brid Morgan and Nikon, you are both absolutely right.  I have had a quick scan of the stuff that you are discussing and my brain goes "Duuuhhh!!" :huh:

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Welcome!  I'm envious that you live in Middle Earth! I'd love to visit there some day and ride through many of the same areas (yes, on horseback!).  The scenery in the LotR movies was absolutely breathtaking.


I'll add to the cautions about the book discussion board since you are so early in the series.  However, you should be safe in the social groups! In addition to others mentioned, please also check out the White Tower & Warders group; we'd love to see you there!


Again, welcome!  We look forward to seeing you in other areas of DM!

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Hey there Daruya!  I'm envious of your empathy with horses.  I love horses.  Let's make an exchange: you come over to New Zealand and teach me how to ride a horse and you can ride a horse in New Zealand and it's the best way to get empathy with New Zealand.  Imagine it!


Until then, I'm going to try and figger these social groups...

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Sounds good, Zaahuqaanaah!  Now to come up with the air fare . . . LOL!


Hmmm . . . we need to come up with a  nickname for you.  Your handle is quite long to type out (and I have to keep checking to make sure I'm spellling it correctly)!








Maybe something else will pop up as we all get to know you better.  We've had some creative nicknames develop lately . . . Lolguy became Chuckles, Gayden became Pinkie, blank became Space . . .


Anyway, I hope we see you wander into the White Tower on the social group side!

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