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Runaway Bride: The Untold Story of Kivam's Wedding


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So, by now many of you have seen the pictures of me and Dalia on FB, smiling happily, dancing, and all around having a good time.  What you don't know - couldn't possibly tell from those pictures - is that with her flower girl making her way down the aisle, Dalia had her skirts hiked up and was in full flight away from the ceremony, dashing past astonished guests who had come late and were standing in the hall foyer.


Why?  Well, to answer that, we have to go back a few weeks, and to <shudder> Staten Island.  Dalia and I are in the Staten Island mall, continuing our search for a plain silver wedding band we can use at the ceremony (as a matter of Jewish tradition, the wedding band used at the ceremony must be plain, solid/smooth, and round).  We find one just before closing, and I ask Dalia to hold onto it and bring it to the hall come the big day, to make sure I don't lose it in the interim.


Come February 11, the day is going great.  I get there, and the photographer immediately yanks me in for pictures.  A few hours (and 5 year old tantrums) later, I'm standing under the chuppa, watching my soon to be brother and sister-in-law walk down, and I realize that I don't have the ring.  Calmly, I turn to my mother.  "Ima?"




"Dalia didn't happen to give you the ring, did she?"


My mom's eyes bug out.  "No.  You're joking, right?  Tell me you're joking!"


I shake my head.  "Not joking".  I turn to my brother, who is just off to the right as he'll be calling up the people given honors at the ceremony (the witnesses, reading the marriage document, etc.).  "Hey, Nate - would you mind making me a gift of your wedding ring?"  (Per Jewish law, I need to own the ring I give her).  "I may need it."  He laughs, slips his (large) wedding band off his finger and hands it to me. 


Looking around, I spy my cousin's boyfriend sitting in a front row and hiss his name to get him to come over.  "Steven!" I whisper.  "Can you go ask Dalia if she has the ring?"  He nods, and heads off to ask her, and I hold my breath until he returns just as the bridesmaids are starting to walk down.


He walks into my line of sight, smiles, and heads over to my sister, who hands him something.  He holds it up, pleased.


It's the engagement ring (see below).




"Not that one," I borderline growl through clenched teeth.  "The. Wedding. Ring."  


Steven's eyes widen and he heads back out to ask her.  Like something out of Benny Hill or Monty Python, he's blocked at every turn.  Here a musician.  There a latecomer heading into a seat.  He makes it out the door and I breathe a sigh of relief.  A small one, since Dalia's three-year-old niece is now starting down the aisle, flower-girling like nobody's business.


From my perspective, nothing happens until Steven comes back with the ring, just before Dalia starts walking down.  But here's what happened outside the synagogue, as described by Dalia, both times.


The first time Steven came up to Dalia, she thought he was asking about the engagement ring.  The Jewish tradition is not to wear jewelry when you walk down, and brides parcel out their jewels to single women - and she thought he wanted the ring for my cousin.  So she told him she gave it to my sister.


The second time, Dalia is standing there with her parents, getting ready to walk down, and Steven comes back and says "no, do you have the wedding ring".  Dalia looks at him and goes, completely deadpan, "yes.  Yes, I do.  It's in the bridal suite."  And, with her flower girl halfway down the aisle and realizing that nobody else will be able to find it, she hikes up her skirts and dashes out of the reception room, past the shocked guests, heading away from the ceremony.


And Steven, following her, stops to shout "don't worry!  It's not as bad as it looks!"


Of course, she found the ring, got it to Steven, and got back in line in time to walk down without anyone in the synagogue being the wiser.  And, other than my brother in law and his wife leaving to have a baby (a great story in its own right), and the catering manager being a schmuck (also a story), the rest of the wedding wet off without a hitch.  But I'd pay good money to know who those guests were and what, exactly, they were thinking, standing there in the hallway watching my runaway bride!

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<.< sure.. last wedding I went to. It was a beautiful ceremony... At the reception we all danced to the song Muskrat Love. It was great... 




Kiv... I'm happy nothing like that happened at my wedding lol.. I was SUPER paranoid about the rings... of course it didn't help that i had lost my engagement ring on 2 different occasions. lol 

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