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Should I retread the series before I read amol?

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Hi, I am excited about the release of the last book, but I haven't starred it yet.


I know once I read it it will be done. And once it is done I don't know if I'll ever read the series again. Because its done I guess. I know the ending.


I started the series 3 years ago and finished it 2 years ago. I love it, but in that time there are some things I have forgotten.


Reading this forum today I read the name lanfear. I know that she was in love with the dragon, but became a dark friend. I remember she dIsguised herself as a different woman and led rad and Matt through the portals. But beyond that I don't remember. There are lots of details I don't remember so I am afraid I won't fully experience the last novel.


At the same time, I didn't like the parts of the book about the girls, not most anyways, so I am thinking since I had I plod through parts the first time, the second time I won't make it through at all.


Have you had similar experiences? Did you like your reread or is it best just to move on

With my life, finish the series and start a new one.


What would I get from a reread? Will I is cover things I missed the first time? Or will my first mysteries stay mysteries(aeil and ellfinn)

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I didn't re-read it but still thoroughly enjoyed it. You don't have to remember every single thing to know what's going on in this book.


If you were going to do a re-read, do it AFTER AMOL. It's great to just enjoy the actual writing than to just focus on the story, and you'll pick up on a lot of the foreshadowing, it's pretty fun :)

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I would second doing a re-read after AMoL.  I really thought about doing a re-read before, and was sure I wouldn't want to re-read after AMoL.  However, I really felt an urge to start at the beginning and the read the whole thing through again.  You mention you have forgotten a lot of the details about Lanfear's role, and I am finding I have forgotten enough of the details from everyone's plots that I am still interested in the books even re-reading them for a 3rd time.  To be fair, it has probably been more than 3 years since I last read some of the middle books though.

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I would do a re-read before reading AMOL.  You will get a lot more out of the books the second time through and will see lots of foreshadowing.  The last book will also fit in context more and you will see things you would otherwise miss.

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im also doing my re read at the moment for a memory of light. i timed it very badly though as i preordered AMOL so i could read it right away, but work got in the way of my re-read. i think it will be worth it in the end but im also in the middle books and my reading pace has slowed down. previously iv done re reads when 'Crossroads in TWighlight' 'Knife of dreams' 'Gathering storm' and 'Towers of Midnight' came out. i must persevere with my tradition lol :P besides i find i pick out more each time a read the books.

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