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  1. Oh wow! I'm actually in London from the 18th onwards for a trip with friends, but I may pop down two days earlier for this!
  2. I quite liked this at first, but I think there was one important thing missing when this was written up. Yes, they may be seen as "heralds" and I can certainly see how this was put together and how these conclusions were reached, but Heroes of the Horn are born into the world, not just come back as someone else. The only instance where a HotH wasn't born into the world was when Birgitte was forcefully removed from tel'aran'rhiod. Now, Mat remembers seeing Calian and Shivan at Falme after blowing the Horn when he is speaking with Birgitte in A Crown of Swords. So this implies that they had not been spun out by the wheel yet which means that they could not physically be Tigraine/Nakomi and Slayer/Luc. Calian and Shivan would not have appeared at Falme when Mat blew the Horn if they were indeed Tigraine and Luc as they would have had to be born many years prior for this to be the case. Another thing I thought was that maybe Tigraine/Calian became a HotH by dying on Dragonmount after giving birth to the potential saviour of the world and this is why she appeared at Falme, but then this wouldn't apply to Luc as he is (I am presuming) alive and well (sort of) while the whole Falme thing is going on where both Calian and Shivan appeared together. I may be WAY off with this so feel free to let me know if there's any massive holes in what I'm saying, just offering my thoughts! :)
  3. It's nice to see that TSR, FoH and LoC are a lot of people's top 3, as they're definitely mine!
  4. This was a really tough call, I do like all three of the books and I think Brandon did an amazing job with what seemed more like a burden than a blessing, but I had to go with Towers of Midnight. All three books have their strengths and weaknesses, 'Veins of Gold' and 'The Last Battle' being the two main stand-out high points for me, but ToM got my vote mainly due to the events in the Tower of Ghenjei. Absolutely incredible! I know that one particular section is RJ, but it's still my favourite part of the three books.
  5. So is naming your band something like Myrddraal or Aes Sedai not copyright infringement? Because if not, I would LOVE to call my project Karaethon
  6. I totally agree with everything you've said in this post. I first started reading the books when I was 16 and I could relate to the three boys more than anyone else, but after subsequent re-reads I've found that Nynaeve is my favourite character of the entire series! Also, "a godmode faction of evil douchebags" made me laugh out loud
  7. I'm gonna have a field day with this thread! Don't worry, I'll include a tl:dr :P
  8. If you enjoy Jordan's prose as much as I do then you will like this book as much as the others :)
  9. Do we have a quote on that that I'm unaware of? I don't think it is, either. The Dark One is surprised by Rand's appearance due to the ter'angreal he was carrying. And this is AFTER the voice says "IT IS TIME. LET THE TASK BE UNDERTAKEN." I'd just find it a little odd if he was surprised even though he'd just spoken to Rand directly.
  10. I don't believe it is the Dark One. In AMOL, the voice speaks before Rand goes into Shayol Ghul, so why would he be surprised that Rand is there when he enters the cave? Although I wouldn't mind seeing these quotes that you speak of :)
  11. Everyone knew about Callandor, but practically nobody knew about its flaw. Min was set the task of researching it.
  12. I'm sure that in AMoL the Turning is described as somebodies will being 'broken', so surely it can be fixed, right?
  13. He heard that voice in EotW too, and I also thought it may have been Creator, but RJ's own words leads me to believe that it's not. Also, I'm not sure if Moiraine heard the voice in AMoL too? I seem to remember Moiraine being surprised when Rand heard the voice.
  14. Robert Jordan has explained time and time again that the Creator does not interfere with the Pattern. I don't think he'd ever go back on that. Nor would he lie about it just to throw us off.
  15. Thanks for clearing that up, Suttree! It's been a while since I read the first few posts so I totally forgot about that. So when you say that RJ didn't plot her for the book, does that mean that it wasn't RJ who incorporated her into Rand's 'exiting the mountain' scene? Because I was under the impression that RJ wrote the whole epilogue apart from Cadsuane's POV.
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