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  1. I would go lanfear. If I were Rand at the height of my despair(when he climbed dragonmount) I would not deem the world worth saving. And if the creator made the world and left it then I would rule in with her. If I was not feeling the martyr I would go with Berelain. I like her character. She is beautiful, willing to do what it takes to support her country but also she really shows depth later on. Moirane is third, I would worry that She had love for Lan, and she has a little more baggage in that they have spent so much time together. I would RUN from Elayne and any of the two
  2. In my opinion Rand should never have picked up three chicks, but he's a swinger so who am I to criticize his lifestyle. But it did get me thinking, who would I choose? There are a lot of handsome men and women in the books so it's a toughy, but I would go with one of these, in order: Lanfear Berelain Moiraine
  3. Hi, I am excited about the release of the last book, but I haven't starred it yet. I know once I read it it will be done. And once it is done I don't know if I'll ever read the series again. Because its done I guess. I know the ending. I started the series 3 years ago and finished it 2 years ago. I love it, but in that time there are some things I have forgotten. Reading this forum today I read the name lanfear. I know that she was in love with the dragon, but became a dark friend. I remember she dIsguised herself as a different woman and led rad and Matt through the portals
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