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  1. I would go lanfear. If I were Rand at the height of my despair(when he climbed dragonmount) I would not deem the world worth saving. And if the creator made the world and left it then I would rule in with her. If I was not feeling the martyr I would go with Berelain. I like her character. She is beautiful, willing to do what it takes to support her country but also she really shows depth later on. Moirane is third, I would worry that She had love for Lan, and she has a little more baggage in that they have spent so much time together. I would RUN from Elayne and any of the two rivers' women
  2. In my opinion Rand should never have picked up three chicks, but he's a swinger so who am I to criticize his lifestyle. But it did get me thinking, who would I choose? There are a lot of handsome men and women in the books so it's a toughy, but I would go with one of these, in order: Lanfear Berelain Moiraine
  3. Gardens of the moon. I read up to halfway through the second part about thieves and it's just confusing with no like able characters for me. Too "evil" I guess. I'll also admit that if I hadn't read all the sword of truth books and fallen in love, I ok would have gotten bored with the formula. Hey kaylens been kidnapped, and capitalism rocks eh? But I wouldn't think chainfire would be the worst. Also insomnia by stephen king is my only king book and it has the stupidest premise I have ever read. There are like these good and evil space gnomes that walk around with scissors killing people. How he got famous I will never know.
  4. I wish I had spell checked i forgot i am sorry.
  5. I'm only moderately experienced with fantasy and I'm going I b and n tonight and I need a new series for after I read memory. Here is what I have learned I like. My favorite series is the sword of truth. I like the main characters and the whole, they almost lose many times, though they usually win. Also the narrower focus on a few characters I like more. I like long series I like WoT. I like most of the story arc and I mostly like the world created. It is my favorite world. The only reason it isn't my first is the women are in it too much, I don't like them, I don't really like Perrin because he can be a bitch, but I like the world and the fact that generally the good guys win. I like complex worlds, maybe especially if there are veiled References to them being ours but in the far future or mysterious past. I like LotR Here is my OK: Shannara. It's good but too trite, not creative enough and I KNOW the characters will win. No suspense. Also the way they are broken into different series is all over the place, I like chronology. Ice and fire: it's great when it's good but too much jumping around to different characters, if there is a character I like I may be just getting into him and they switch and it may be another book until he's back. Or they will probably kill them off. Too much: good guys losing and characters that are either bad or neutral(jaime) winning and....then losing lol. Hated: Malazon(?). What did I start, gardens of the moon? Hated it. Are there any good guys? And they just dropped tons of strange words like I'm supposed to know what they are talking about. I definitely won't mind weird, but didn't like that book. And lastly there was some series I read about a guy that grew up to be a professional torturer and while that bothers me the books were absolutely amazing and the world great. Just hard to root for a torturer as in my mind that is the worst thing you can do. Wish I could Remember the name. So I guess outside of LotR I don't want classic fantasy lie Shabbats erenits just a Tolkien ripoff with elves and dwarfs and such.
  6. Wow! I clicked the post and expected myself to be the lone post that found the books hard to get into. I figured everyone woul be a diehard Tolkien fan! I saw the movies first. Wish I hadn't. Fridco is better in the book. Sometimes it's like that iffy don't like the actor or the way the actor portrays the character. I don't like Sam that much either but once I got into the books and I had started and stopped twice previously I've got to say they are as famous as they are for a reason. You won't regret it. I think Sam and frodo's relationship strange, but I also don't like the way women are in WoT. But I like them anyways.
  7. Hi, I am excited about the release of the last book, but I haven't starred it yet. I know once I read it it will be done. And once it is done I don't know if I'll ever read the series again. Because its done I guess. I know the ending. I started the series 3 years ago and finished it 2 years ago. I love it, but in that time there are some things I have forgotten. Reading this forum today I read the name lanfear. I know that she was in love with the dragon, but became a dark friend. I remember she dIsguised herself as a different woman and led rad and Matt through the portals. But beyond that I don't remember. There are lots of details I don't remember so I am afraid I won't fully experience the last novel. At the same time, I didn't like the parts of the book about the girls, not most anyways, so I am thinking since I had I plod through parts the first time, the second time I won't make it through at all. Have you had similar experiences? Did you like your reread or is it best just to move on With my life, finish the series and start a new one. What would I get from a reread? Will I is cover things I missed the first time? Or will my first mysteries stay mysteries(aeil and ellfinn)
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