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  1. on the note of ogier, i was dissapointed they we did not hear from the Seanchen "Ogier Gardeners" from the deathwatch guard. we saw how ferocious the peacful randland ogiers were, how they dominated the trollocs. i would have been interested then to hear of the warrior trained ogier, the elite company, of the elite deathwatch guards. Also, i would likewise be interested in seeing them meeting the randland ogier, how would the respond to their differing ways? what is the pact between the empress and the ogier in seanchen etc. i would like to hear or no more.
  2. So on my most recent read through i have begun wondering about a particular aspect of the way the source works and its implications into the plot. It is fairly significant that the rebel Aes Sedai try to keep the weave for gateways from the seanchen and from those in white tower so much so that after using bowl of winds elayne risks unweaving a gateway, and rescuing Egwene from the tower is deemed as an awful idea because someone might be able to read the residues and learn the weave. my thoughts then went to how residues work, can they only be read after the weave is completed or has been col
  3. im also doing my re read at the moment for a memory of light. i timed it very badly though as i preordered AMOL so i could read it right away, but work got in the way of my re-read. i think it will be worth it in the end but im also in the middle books and my reading pace has slowed down. previously iv done re reads when 'Crossroads in TWighlight' 'Knife of dreams' 'Gathering storm' and 'Towers of Midnight' came out. i must persevere with my tradition lol :P besides i find i pick out more each time a read the books.
  4. Niall was an insightful and interesting and inteligent character. I always found it amusing and interesting the way he interpreted rumours and the worlds events. what i found disappointing, is that it almost seemed that not one of his plans came to fruition. fair enough, the whitecloaks are generally disliked in randland, but Niall was attributed as one of the Great captains, he has years of experience, not to mention that the whitecloaks essentially own a nation and thus a relatively relevant and cohesive political power. i too think it was a shame that as an antagonist he did not acomplish m
  5. nothing i have seen suggests that 'need' can find a specific individual in TAR. Wonder if anyone asked BS? There is no other instance of need finding a person, i agree, but if what they needed most was something to stop the rebels returning to Elaida, and notice later on that when Egwene takes charge there is basically no chance of that happening, is there any reason they would not be taken to her?
  6. I just feel like this subject is something that should have been adressed in the book. I mean, when using the acess keys one is essentially using a ter'angreal and sa'angreal in combination so it would seem that perhaps using those together is possible? this whole scene seems to say that multiple use is possible. as far as the lack of destruction in Rhudien, i assumed (that as you menioned above Whizbang) each could only draw on half power. yes half of the CK is still a huge amount of power, in my mind the minimal destruction (comparative to what it could have been) was due to the battle
  7. I agree with your assessment of how two people could acess the same Sa'angreal, but i still think there are far more serious ramifications based on the fact that Rand is reaching through two Power ampllifying devices.
  8. Hmm i fiind the idea of it being Egwene very interesting, it suggests that had Egwene jumped anywhere outside of Tar Valon yet still in Tel'aran'rhiod that they would have 'jumped' to her positioning again. but because she stepped out of Tel'aran'rhiod into the paralell dream space Nynaeve and Egwene could not 'need jump' to her again. Thank you Rhienne for that interesting avenue of thought
  9. I was wondering if anyone had given any thought to the differences in the use of the a'dam that might be present when the bracelet is on the arm of someone other than a trained sul'dam. Specifically, a sul'dam as we know is someone who can learn to channel, but because of seanchan beliefs and practice is not taught and remains ignorant. The a'dam creates a link between two women who can channel by which one gains control over the other and their contol of the One Power. What i am interested in is if the person on the bracelet end of the a'dam can channel fully can she link with the wo
  10. When Rand battles Asmodean for control of the CK access key in Rhudien he reaches through the 'fat-man' angreal, and the access key simultainiously. The (comparatively) small amount of additional power he gained from this allowed him to best Asmodean and gain control of the CK. From this it seems that it is possible to reach through multiple angreal and Sa'angreal and add their power yet i dont recall this being used by Rand or any other user of the One Power at any other point. Does anyone know anything about this? is there a limit (similar to circles and linking) to the number one can acce
  11. CHAPTER 13: In the process of discovering the 'bowl of the winds' (in Tel'aran'rhiod) Elayne and Nynaeve use need in order to find something that will convince the hall not to go back to Elaida. On their first attempt they end up in an unused storeroom in Tar Valon. They dismiss Tar Valon and continue searching. Does anyone know, or have any theories as to what it was in the storeroom that could have convinced the hall not to go back to Elaida?
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