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  1. YES! THIS is my one big problem with wot immature women who should be all grown up.
  2. I am fairly certain that somewhere in the books it is stated that any shorebound teacher (of channeling, or anything else) is treated as being equivalent to a deckhand. But they pay them well. They recognize the necessity, but view academics as an inferior way to learn something - you learn by doing and by training and by climbing the ranks. The shorebound are "weak" and have no concept of rank or influence (and the AS system of raw channeling strength as a measure of rank always felt wrong to me, somehow).
  3. Which, let's be honest, isn't a very realistic outlook. What kind of culture regards being a teacher as being just short of a deckhand, and actually seems to find it shaming? I always took the Sea Folk's position on the Aes Sedai teachers as a defense mechanism more than anything else. I mean, really, if you and your people had managed to avoid WT entanglements for pretty much ever and you got the opportunity to learn from them, knowing how they always march in and take over and turn everyone into obedient lapdogs (be it from bullying or manipulation), would you want to take any chanc
  4. Really? What is the Creator? Is he a god? Or is he a just a "creator"? (Gods have worshippers. He has not any worshippers at all, so what does that mean?) Duality is very important in the world of WoT. But the Creator is a male and the DO is male too. Why? (Or is it possible that the DO is a female who stands behind a curtain - a la Oz? Ok, Oz is not a female ) The DO's power then bigger than the Creator's? Not bigger, just different. They manifest in different ways. OP is a duality, of both calm and chaos working to/against each other - that is the Sou
  5. i don't think this was the longing, it was the trials of doing so much hard traveling (even with gateways, it's still a challenge!) as well as what he had to do - warn the Elders that Trollocs could come out of any gateway, and being considered a child by most - that took the sitzfleisch out of him.
  6. Which leads to the question, how could elayne copy the terangreal if it "melted" weaves?
  7. i would imagine that it would work, as the AS herself is not using the power as a weapon. she's merely a construct in this case.
  8. Sigh. Yes it's justified. But since when have justifications ever made me feel better about a villain being screwed over a chance to look awesome while the heroes get to be badass? Semhirage and Graendal did a fair job for themselves. Semi was a healer-turned sadistic torturer; and was as skilled a manipulator as anyone alive. Aginor's really the only one who has to start from scratch.
  9. None of them thought they would lose, or that the world would change so much if they did.
  10. The DO gave them those names. Their old names "died" when they did. You shouldn't be so flippant about disobeying a directive from the Great Lord of the Dark
  11. I don't remember the exact quote; but Logain said something along the lines that Taim would have held back the dragon pin [from Logain] if he dared. But Logain was too strong and too well trained, and too public for him to refuse raising him to Asha'man. I would theorize that it would take Logain about a month of hard riding to make it all the way to caemlyn. He would have to cross half of Altara and the entire Murandy, and half of Andor. Of course, he could have ran into one of the Black Towers recruiting parties and asked to be tested; or perhaps he went to his estates - being a lord of mura
  12. I just read an interesting piece. When Cadsuane goes to the Sun Palace in the winter, she confronts Alanna. Alanna embraces the source, and Cads feels one of her hair ornaments go slightly cold. (PoD) Mayhaps another weave-blocking terangreal, like Mat's medallion?
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