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  1. I don't think under a difference circumstance Balwer would have ended up the same as Mordeth. I think the reason why is because Balwer's personality is that he likes to be in the background doing his thing and does not care about gaining power. When he was first introduced, no one even knew that he was the real spymaster for the Whitecloaks. He digs for information because it's what he's good at and it's what he enjoys. This differs from Mordeth and his later reincarnations in that he seems to have a rather grandiose view of himself, and being an adivsor was just a means to get more power and glory for himself.
  2. I actually think the opposite, and that the Green Ajah can take over as a "police Ajah." Reds have too much antipathy built up for male channelers that they can't be trusted to deal with a rogue one fairly.
  3. According to Fain, he was taken to SO where his mind was "distilled" and then the essence fed back to him, thereby increaseing his sensitivity to Rand.
  4. Moirane and Thom. Weird thing is, I think it kind of fits, so my disatisfaction is mostly because the reader couldn't witness any of it developiong. Even a few POV from either regarding this would have been cool.
  5. Thank you all for the welcome. Still working my way through the various groups (there're quite a few). Will definitely be taking a look at the social groups. I've been distracting myself by reading old threads on the general WoT discussion board.
  6. Lanfear is a great resource for truth in the series isn't she...... If the Dark One had removed her station, he would have removed her entirely by breaking her mind trap Lanfear's power and skill was still considerable and she had some skills in T'A'R', so it would have been foolish for the DO to completely get rid of her. She may not be a Chosen, but she still was a useful tool to the DO. If she was lying to Perrin, I think he would have been able to "smell" the lie.
  7. I am doing a re-read after aMoL. I wanted to experience the growth of all of my favorite characters throughout the series. And as some have mentioned, it's fun finding "easter eggs" and little bits of foreshadowing now that the tale has ended.
  8. So this has bothered me for a while. What happened to Bael? In the previous books, it seemed like you couldn't have a scene with Rhuarc without Bael.
  9. In the later books, once she learns how to accept responsability for herself (once she grows up a little) she becomes a very strong Aes Sedai. She learns how to become a uniter and how to see the greater good. Truthfully, she is later forced into a position of tremendous responsability, and her only options are to rise to the occasion, or become powerless to affect events surrounding her. She does choose to accept the responsability, and becomes a greater character for that. She also learns that humility and arrogance can both be effective tools in her arsenal. That's another part of her that grows as she becomes more Aes Sedai, too bad I don't see those pros outweighing the cons. Another thing that bothers me is her casual man-bashing that starts pretty much in EotW. Then again, I've noticed that in the other wondergirls, which makes them less enjoyable characters.
  10. First impression of Fain when he was introduced was that he was a douchebag. As the series progressed, I came to appreciate him as he served as a "wildcard" in the story. That being said, his demise was rather...ordinary. A couple of questions do pop up though as I am typing my response: - What would Fain's next move be assuming he managed to destroy the DO and Rand? Turn Randland into a giant Shadar Logoth? - Since he was already marked by the DO when Mordeth possessed him, wouldn't that have killed him and Mordeth both? Since these two forces are diametrically opposed to each other, they should have "canceled" each other out. I'm doing a re-read now, so maybe I'll come across a passage that explains it in more detail.
  11. Based on your reasons why you find her annoying, I think you will find her to be more insufferable as you continue. Primarily, as she grows in her role as an Aes Sedai, her underlying personality traits seem to highlight and augment all the flaws of how Aes Sedai are presented in the series. There could be some personal bias in my assessment as well since I really did not like the Aes Sedai at all (with only very few exceptions).
  12. Taking this idea further, an extremely thin weave of the other elements would also be deadly and have practical uses. An extremely thin weave of fire could possiby function as a laser. Earth could be used to produce extremely dense materials (form diamonds?) Not sure what an extremely thin weave of Spirit would do.
  13. If he were to commit suicide, the DO can just bring him back. Perhaps the other Forsaken were instructed not to balefire him.
  14. Greetings from Seattle, I was first introduced to WoT in 2005 through a friend. To be honest, I found it to be a slow start and I stopped after the first 60 pages or so. A few months later I decided to try it again and read the Winternight chapter. At that point, I was hooked. Looking back, I'm extremely thankful I discovered this series relatively late in the game. For those that started reading the series in the 90s, I can't imagine the waiting that some of you endured. Now that I've finished aMoL, I can't help but feel a little sad that the world RJ has created has effectively come to an end. To help mitigate, I've decided to re-read the series and of course, join DM. I'm looking forward to participating in many of the interesting discussions I've seen on the forums.
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